Minga Guazu 1 - Week 1

14 March 2016

Ahhhh I'm living the dream!!!! But really, I just went to PIZZA HUT and ate all you can eat for $25mil, whic is $5 dollars...I've literally waited my whole mission for this. kidding...but not really, it was spectacular...

Okay...to serious business now. Overall this week was fantastic but definitely had both the highs and lows, of which I will now share with youu!
Ranging from the CATASTROPHIC to the MARVELOUS:

catastrophic: Last Monday when we were in Posadas at the doctor for hna santana, I was taking advantage of the time by catching up on the journal writing that MISSIONARIES NEVER HAVE TIME FOR and well...I didnt put it away, and well, now someone has part of my autobiography and a picture of my mommy :(

Its crazy but I have never cried so hard over an object in my entire life. That night when I realized it was gone, and that I was not going to get it back, what immediatley came to my mind was Joseph Smith. On a very small scale, I know I felt a portion or the agony that he felt when he realized that they weren't going toget the pages back. I lost my personal scripture. Every detailed experience, thought, feeling, change, that I had made for 40 days of my mission. On the bright side (because there is always a bright side) I only lost 78 pages, instead 116 :)

Also, I bought a new journal that has the Disney princesses on it. Woo
Oh the other really lame thing that happened is that my memory card caught a virus, sooooo this week I wont be sending pictures...because there arent any he he heh.

hard: Saying goodbye to Hermana Santana was BRUTAL! Lots and lots of tears were shed for that one. What a crazy 6 weeks we had. I love that girl so much.

not that great: we have a weird schedule here in Minga because before it was a little...dangerous...so we enter the pension at 730 and has studies at night...which is hard, because after a long day, I just want to sleep, not study...and having the refrigerator literally connected to my desk is not the kindest temptation haha

My new comp, Hermana Alvarez is super cool. Shes a convert of 4 years, already LOVES the mission, and has so much ANIMO!!!! I'm super grateful to be here with her; we've got lots of work to do.

good: these members know how to cook. and we have lunch EVERY DAY! I havent had to cook once since I've been here, unless you count putting milk in my oatmeal. I feel like a princess. what else is good is the JILLIAN MICHAELS RIPPED IN 30 CD that Hermana Albach traded me. While I had difficulty moving for the first few days, its seriously the best set of workouts I've had since...I was home. how sad is that? haha

better: THE MEMBERS!!!! First off, we have a LIDER MISIONAL (ward mission leader) and he does his job. I'm stoked because...its a new experience haha :) But all of the members are so awesome, are willing to work with us. Their goal is to become a barrio (ward) and are more than willing to work for it. I just hope that I can be the missionary that they need me to be, because these humble disciples of the Lord, deserve it.

best: while I'm still washing my clothes, this time around instead of in the sink, it is a...WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH after 4 1/2 months of washing by clothes by hand, my clothes are actually going to be clean :) maybe more people will let us into their houses now lol

marvelous: This area, me being here, after everywhere and everything I've been through, is a TENDER MERCY of the Lord. I love everything about it, and am so blessed to labor among these people. I feel it, there are people ready. And I have never been so excited or happy to go to work.

This work is marvelous. this gospel is real. Our Father in Heaven really listens and answers our prayers. Daily repentance draws us closer unto him. and we have all of these things, because Jesus Christ, came to the earth and sacrificed Him life for each and every one one us. Blessed to be here. Blessed to know the truth. Blessed to be a sister missionary and representative of Christ.

Bueno...as you can tell, I'm doing good haha
love you all, thanks for the emails and love!
hermana cannon

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