Minga Guazu 1 - Week 5

11 April 2016

I swear, with each passing week, I have less and less time to write...
and I have a ton of people that I haven`t responded to so sorry...but I love youuu and am so grateful!!!

Right...so today we took a field trip to Pte. Franco, a super dangerous place!!!! (thats what Fernando, a member was telling us as he drove us out there) so we could see SALTOS DE MONDAY (pronounced muhn-duh-ugh). Which was gorgeous!!!! and there were a million

butterflies!!! I think I spent a good 15 minutes trying to wheedle butterflies into hopping onto my finger so I could capture the moment...hah so hopefully, I'm able to attach pictures this week, so you can have a general idea of how beautiful it was.

This week was hard, emotionally and physically, and spiritually...so like normal :)
physically: because the climate changed back to SUMMER, and we just about fried everyday also because we finished JILLIAN WEEK 4!!! Booyah !!!! emotionally and spiritually: because...well...I honestly have zero time to talk about the "battles" that went down in the inner chambers of my heart lol, but it was a good week of spiritual growth, of prayer, of fasts, and...I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers...
I know that it doesnt matter how many baptisms or conversions I`ve seen but my dedication to His work. I know he sees me, and knows me, and is here with me....
if I have more time next week, I`ll try to go into more detail...but I know I probably wont, because I never do, but then again....all of these moments and experiences are..."you just had to be there" moments. That is the mission. You will never really understand, unless you were there.

love you.
hermana cannon

ps we found a man named Ricardo, who owns a soft served icecream store...he`s super catholic but is kinds and fills our icecreams up extra high :)

Minga Guazu 1- Week 3 & 4

4 April 2016

Okay...basically, I`m just all over the place...I have only but a few minutes, but I`ll try and get out as much as possible, especially since I was lazy last week and didn`t have/want to make time to write an email...

First off...Aspen Hassell came home this week...her mom sent out a video of her coming out airport doors, hugging her little sister, crying...i just got super trunky...what was i thinking watching that ?...*cough 4 1/2 months cough*

Sencond off all, the worlds best ice cream flavor is LEMON PIE. Just picture it in your mind...it tastes EXACTLY like how you imagine it, but better...and thats why I`ve gained 2 pounds from last week haha...but I have also successfully made it through 3 full weeks of Jillian Michaels`s "ripped in 30" workout program, so it could totally be muscle, right??? yeah, we`ll go with that :)

Today was marvelous because after 3 weeks of perusing centro shopping tecniques and bartering, I have finally bought....A HAMMOCK! yes...that was a very proud buy...
And naturally since I dont look like an American I actually got a killer price for it. The same vendors recognized me, so as Hna Alvarez and I came strolling down the passage, people were already coming up to try and to sell me their hammocks haha...one lady even quietly whispered and held up 6 fingers to explain she`d give it to me for 60mil haha aweee
I wish I could`ve taken out my camera and shot a video of our adventures in centro today...we couldn't make it 5 seconds without someone shoving some product and yelling prices in our faces. We couldn`t help but laugh at their desperation to sell us a pair of socks..."I`m sorry, but I really don't need socks", they continue to lower the price. yep, still don't need socks.

 The current dilema here at home, is that we dont have a fridge...and havent had one for 2 weeks now...we were sick and tired of the over-accumulated ice in the freezer, and decided to let it thaw out, so we could actually use the space. Impatience got the better of us, and we began hacking at the ice with knives...yeah bad idea...now we dont have a fridge.  Luckily, there`s a fixer-upper member her in Minga who is working on it, but in the meantime...it is a rather terrible exisistence...for future freezer dethawers: LET THE ICE MELT

General Conference was obviously the highlight of my weekend, week, LIFE! Elder Hollands and President Monsons talks were my favorites, and the entire conference just gave me a lot to reflect on overall...the overall theme was "press forward with faith" and I know thats exactly what we have to do, everyday. Whether on the mission or off, that`s what we promised when we made our baptismal covenant...as we continue to press forward, and block out all of the distractions and dangers in our surroundings that are just constantly trying to pull us down, in the end, I know we`ll make it our okay.

I`m just doing super good, you know? With the people, the area, my companion, I`m just super happy. Time has been flying, I cant believe we`re coming to a close with this transfer and that after this I`m only going to have 3 more!

Reality gave me a nice slap in the face this week, when my BYU buddy Elder Preece informed me that we had to sign up for fall classes. Jaw dropping, throat closing, EMERGENCY talk with president haha. Yeah, but now I`m fine, because president always knows what to say, prayer is THE REAL DEAL, and I have THE WORLD GREATEST MOTHER who still saves my skin when I procrastinate :)  

This week I`m going to focus on meditating more...I aways pray, studyt, and pray, but skip the meditating step because its weird and I`m impatient...but what I`ve already come to realize with some tests is that the meditaing step IS THE STEP, because its in THESE moments when the spirit really can work within us.

On the colectivo ride home from centro, I was sitting next to a woman named Anna. I was in my own little world for most of the 40 minute ride, when the thought popped into my head that I should talk to her. Turns out she`s a single mom of 2, isnt happy with her job, wants more out of her life, and happily wrote down her contact information when I asked if we could visit her. When I bore my testimony about the strength of single mothers and the blessing the gospel pour out to our families, I felt the spirit testify so stronly. It didnt matter that we were flying through the city on a noisy colectivo or that it was so crowded I could barely turn myself to face her, I know the spirit worked in that moment. Super cool.
alrighty, have a good week!!!!! I`m super grateful to all the people who still write me; such dedicated fans lol. you are the best!!!!

jajotopata (nos vamos encontrar)(see you later?)

Hermana Cannon

Minga Guazu 1 - Week 2

21 March 2016

Right. So I forgot my agenda at home so I'm struggling to remember exactly what happened this week. I currently have a cold and a nasal infection, which are just a joy...It still doesn't make too much sense to me how I can be sick when its 90 degrees outside, but...
This morning had another panic attack with sights of my new memory having a virus...
its just not a good idea...just about everything is whether questionable, and its better to be safe than sorry.....lucky for me, I ran into Elder Balcaza, who naturally had a few tricks up his sleeve and was able to take all of the viruses off of my stuff...bad news is that I probably wont be sending any pictures home for a while or...for the rest of the mission, just to be safe...
this week I learned the difference between a gallo, a pollo, and a gallina...
gallos are roosters
pollos are the fat chickens
and gallinas are skinny chickens...
and we eat all of them...who knew?
the biggest conversation starter out here is to find out whether I'm Chinese, Japanese, or Korean...neither. and when I inform them that I'm Filipina they start talking about Asian foreign films like I would totally know what their talking about...I'm Asian but still .... not THAT Asian ! ha ha 
I realized that I know 15 words in Guarani...trying to remember English, studying Spanish & Portuguese, and "trying" to remember simple phrases in Guarani, my hea is one big ZARAMBI (disaster) he he hehe :)
After 10 days of getting a good feel for the area, I really do LOVEEEE it :) And I love my compie!!! And I'm just doing super good.  The people are so humble and have so much to teach me. A lot of people are receptive, and even if they aren't ready to make covenants with the Lord, most are willing to hear our message.
My favorite experience was one I had with Yanice and her family. They are a humble family and don't have the money to travel to church in the colectivo. But we took an old Pringles can, decorated it, slit the top and made it a piggy bank. When they saw it they got all excited and began looking all over for coins...by the end of the lesson they had collected 2 mil. 2 mil is worth about 40 cents??? but their efforts and sacrifices are seen by God, and I know that when they are finally able to get to church, they will feel that overwhelming spirit of the Lord.
The miracle of the week goes to: lunch with familia Vera. They never turn us down for Friday lunch...we ate very well, and when all the boys had cleared out of the kitchen and were just sitting quietly with hna vera, she looked at us, smiled, and shared how they only had 15 mil (3 dollars) in the entire house, but the Lord made it work. They were able to STUFF 6 people with food! And then looking at our shocked faces proudly showed off the 1.5 mil she still had left over. The Lord will always bless us in overabundance.

I'm sorry I don't have much to say this week, but just know I'm doing good. And I hope everyone there at home is doing good too
don't be shy to give me a life update :)
have good week
hermana cannon

Minga Guazu 1 - Week 1

14 March 2016

Ahhhh I'm living the dream!!!! But really, I just went to PIZZA HUT and ate all you can eat for $25mil, whic is $5 dollars...I've literally waited my whole mission for this. kidding...but not really, it was spectacular...

Okay...to serious business now. Overall this week was fantastic but definitely had both the highs and lows, of which I will now share with youu!
Ranging from the CATASTROPHIC to the MARVELOUS:

catastrophic: Last Monday when we were in Posadas at the doctor for hna santana, I was taking advantage of the time by catching up on the journal writing that MISSIONARIES NEVER HAVE TIME FOR and well...I didnt put it away, and well, now someone has part of my autobiography and a picture of my mommy :(

Its crazy but I have never cried so hard over an object in my entire life. That night when I realized it was gone, and that I was not going to get it back, what immediatley came to my mind was Joseph Smith. On a very small scale, I know I felt a portion or the agony that he felt when he realized that they weren't going toget the pages back. I lost my personal scripture. Every detailed experience, thought, feeling, change, that I had made for 40 days of my mission. On the bright side (because there is always a bright side) I only lost 78 pages, instead 116 :)

Also, I bought a new journal that has the Disney princesses on it. Woo
Oh the other really lame thing that happened is that my memory card caught a virus, sooooo this week I wont be sending pictures...because there arent any he he heh.

hard: Saying goodbye to Hermana Santana was BRUTAL! Lots and lots of tears were shed for that one. What a crazy 6 weeks we had. I love that girl so much.

not that great: we have a weird schedule here in Minga because before it was a little...dangerous...so we enter the pension at 730 and has studies at night...which is hard, because after a long day, I just want to sleep, not study...and having the refrigerator literally connected to my desk is not the kindest temptation haha

My new comp, Hermana Alvarez is super cool. Shes a convert of 4 years, already LOVES the mission, and has so much ANIMO!!!! I'm super grateful to be here with her; we've got lots of work to do.

good: these members know how to cook. and we have lunch EVERY DAY! I havent had to cook once since I've been here, unless you count putting milk in my oatmeal. I feel like a princess. what else is good is the JILLIAN MICHAELS RIPPED IN 30 CD that Hermana Albach traded me. While I had difficulty moving for the first few days, its seriously the best set of workouts I've had since...I was home. how sad is that? haha

better: THE MEMBERS!!!! First off, we have a LIDER MISIONAL (ward mission leader) and he does his job. I'm stoked because...its a new experience haha :) But all of the members are so awesome, are willing to work with us. Their goal is to become a barrio (ward) and are more than willing to work for it. I just hope that I can be the missionary that they need me to be, because these humble disciples of the Lord, deserve it.

best: while I'm still washing my clothes, this time around instead of in the sink, it is a...WASHING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH after 4 1/2 months of washing by clothes by hand, my clothes are actually going to be clean :) maybe more people will let us into their houses now lol

marvelous: This area, me being here, after everywhere and everything I've been through, is a TENDER MERCY of the Lord. I love everything about it, and am so blessed to labor among these people. I feel it, there are people ready. And I have never been so excited or happy to go to work.

This work is marvelous. this gospel is real. Our Father in Heaven really listens and answers our prayers. Daily repentance draws us closer unto him. and we have all of these things, because Jesus Christ, came to the earth and sacrificed Him life for each and every one one us. Blessed to be here. Blessed to know the truth. Blessed to be a sister missionary and representative of Christ.

Bueno...as you can tell, I'm doing good haha
love you all, thanks for the emails and love!
hermana cannon

Encarnacion to Minga Guazu !

March 7
Semana 48

I`m off to MINGA GUAZÙ in CIUDAD DEL ESTE!!!!!!!!!! The dream has been realized :) ahhhhhhhh I`m so excited!!!!!!! But wait wait it gets better...I get to finish the training of Hermana Alvarez! All I know is the she is from Peru, super prepared, and...currently has dengue. But that`s okay, because really good mom`s take care of their children while they`re ill right?? Awe I`m so so so excited for this new adventure.  What`s insane is that I finally had a premonition about cambios!!! I predicted my change 100% woahhhh yeah haha I am always superrrr off, so that was pretty interesting that my plans were the same as His for a change :)

Right. But backing up to all of last week....this week was CRAZY!!!!
Because of passport problems, I ended up accompanying Hermana Watts to Iguazu for tramites. Tramites aren`t fun, but party crashing the honorables (those who are finishing the mission) trip was the greatest birthday present ever!!! We stayed in the mission home (which is basically a marriott hotel) ate hermana lapierre`s AMAZING FOOD, and then rode a colectivo for 6 hours. And there we were, at IGUAZU FALLS!!!! One of the wonders of the world....
And then Hermana Watts and I got back into the colectivo hahaha...but we made sure to take a picture with the sign first...haha soon enough it`ll be my turn
Hermana Santana`s headaches have been getting worse, and Friday she woke up with her eye superrr swollen. No work.
Saturday we went to Posadas and spent just about all day in the office or in the hospital. Turns out she`s fine, just really needs to wear glasses. Ah, the pains of being blind...
This morning we were back in Posadas so Hermana could get some other just in case exams done, and lucky for me, I was able to see Hermana Arenada, Hurtado, and Albach one more time before they head home tomorrow. It wasn`t too hard to say goodbye to Hermana Albach because she`s from Utah, and will obviously see her always, but Peru...Chile...it`s really sad not knowing when or if I`ll ever get to see these people again...yeah, I don`t want to think about that too much...

I can`t believe I have to leave Hermana Santana...haha I knew for sure we would have a change, we`ve gotten along wayyyy too well :) WHat stands out the most to me this transfer is that I have learned how to ENJOY the mission. It`s not that I`ve been miserable for a whole year, but I have truly come to learn how to be a teacher, disciple, companion, and BE MYSELF.

so happy.
all my love from this side of the equator, Hermana Cannon

ps last night i had a dream it was snowing and I was prothelyzing in flip flops. #missingthecold

OHhh! and also random... Tuesday was WOMEN'S DAY, and Hermana Santana and I got interviewed and were on television ha ha.   A member from the Rama saw me and took this picture... ha ha  añyways an adventure!

Encarnacion 17

29 February 2016
Semana 47

Well...this pday got off to a rather rough start this morning when our golden partial-member family broke-up with us...over text message...who does that? I can`t even go into further detail, because I just kind of want to cry. But, its okay, we`ll just keep on keeping on :)
the highlight of the week was Wednesday. We were able to participate in a South America South area conference LIVE with Elder Bednar. Woahhhhhhh coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
thursday I turned ONE YEAR OLD! :O Hermana Santana made me a Brazilian icecream cake; delicious.
Friday we went out to San Miguel again and changed up our schedule to take advantage of the hours of daylight. We got completley fried from the afternoon sun, and I probably drank more water than I ever have in my entire life haha...there`s a reason we study in the afternnoon. ha
this week we also started teaching Simplicio. He`s the boyfriend of one of our members and is super prepared. He`s investigated a lot of churches but ours is the only one that he feels SOMETHING. Every lesson has had the spirit so strong and the rama has been really good about supporitng him, which I know will help him with finding the answers he needs.

I have so many thoughts in my head, I dont know what to put down anymore, whats important, whats going to be interesting, or help someone out there to get a gist of what the mission is...

the conference with Elder Bednar was all about acting with faith. that we cant just learn, and believe, but act with those things that we believe in, and THAT is when our faith in turn becomes strengthened, we become more converted, and the blessings come. But we need to ACT. We have to take that first step into the water, before it part for us.
I know I`m trying to do this, even though I dont really know how...
My biggest take away from the meeting was patience. In all things, but mostly in myself.

Well...I`m out of time but I`m so happy and I can`t believe that transfers are already next week. I`m sorry if my emails have been kind of lame and uninteresting...I think part of it is that my brain really does struggle with processing english... haha
I love you all and thank you to all those who still write me, you're the best!!!!
have a good week :)

hermana cannon

Encarnacion 16

Semana 46
22 February 2016

What a week! Overall super good, as usual, but better because...each day seriously just gets increasingly better.
The week did start off a bit rocky because of the viaje to Asunciòn. I stayed in centro for the day working with Hermana Martinez (de Uruguay) while our companions were away, and...it was fine, but its so interesting how foreign one can feel away from their own area.
Then...the long colectivo ride and the lack of sleep, destroyed my companion, and hermana santana was left suffering from migraines for the next two days...like superrrrrr bad...so there we were, in the pension again...ohhhhh i thought I was going to go crazy...after a week in the pension for my dengue fever and then sights of more time locked up...the pension seemed to grow smaller and smaller by the hour haha on the plus side I got a lot of studying done :)

By Friday, we were good to go and ready to make up for all of the time lost. And I testify that we`ve seen nothing but miracles and fruits of our labors (bueno and lack of labor =our suffering) We ran around all day visiting EVERYONE! And they were all offended that we hadnt been by in over a week to visit them; until we explained the dengue. Whenever you bring up dengue, everyone automatically just feels bad for you, and forgets that they were mad. haha alright.
Right. so enough of that........
I made 4 batches of cookies. Each ridiculously delicious ha. Even whipped out some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (thank you dad) for Hna LaPierre...I had a lot of time on my hands...Saturday we ventured out to San Miguel (a part of our area thats super far away from the other area)!!!! It was my first time out there and it was honestly a miracle that we made it out there so swiftly, got on the right colectivo, got off in the right place, managed to stumble upon the house of a member...Heavenly Father put EVENYTHING in place for us to make it out there. And now we`re really going to help the work get started out there. We have a couple dedicated members who are preparing people to introduce us to on Wednesday...getting references from members can be the hardest, but most fruitful way to find new investigators who are going to progress.
Trying out the Brazilian home remedies
learned a new trick on how to get rid of headaches caused by the sun, from hna santana: 
1. put a folded up towel on your head
2. fill up a vaso de vidrio (glass cup) with water (normal water)
3. tilt head so that you can get the water trapped in the glass and on the towel
4. keep your head upright with the glass on top for about 10 minutes...
and...its some kind of weird magic, but it totally took away my headache...or maybe the tylenol finally kicked in; but we`ll just go with the towel trick ;)
As we were walking by the train station, my favorite chiperos de LA TIA were there selling chipa calentita (which is impossible to resist). And then the coolest thing happened they let me try on their uniform and pose for the perfect kodak moment...it really is the smallest things that bring the most joy haha
Moving on...Flia. Arteaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is my favorite!!!! Last night we hosted their very first Noche de Hogar (in their home of course) and it went super well. I just love them, and so excited for them as they continue and progress and work towards the 12th of march for baptism.
Marìa de Jesus, one of our viajitas, shared a verysweet and powerful testimony with us. A convert of 50 years, IS seeing the fruits of her labors with a granddaughter on a mission and others preparing to serve. She is such an example of strength and grace. After many years of saving up the money, she will finally be going through the temple next month. It is such a priveledge to work among such faithful saints.

I love it out here. Each and every day continues to teach me, and I know I will be forever grateful to be out here.

thank you for all of the emails, prayers, encouragement
have a great week

hermana cannon

Encarnacion 15

15 February 2016
Semana 45

What piece of news definitely has the spotlight right now is this ZIKA world epidemic thing...I dont know any of the details besides what people slip me through the grapevine, which is something along the lines of: people shouldn't get pregnant and everyone should be wearing repellent.

Here in my area, we have DENGUE: the missionaries worst nightmare. Since I dont know the scientific name for each the three types, we`re going to use: baby dengue, mama dengue, and big papa dengue.
baby dengue gives you a fever, body pain of someone that got hit by a bus, and sleeping habits of a new born
mama dengue gives you the fever, the pain, and spots (the spots resemble you bleeding internally or something super terrible like that)
and big papa dengue is fever, pain, and bleeding outwardly from your pores. how delightful is that.
Positiva Dengue ! Ugh, the worst is yet to come
well...now that I`m all better, I guess it`s safe to mention that last Saturday I started to feel sick...and then worse on Sunday, and then Monday Hermana Albach said I had to go to the doctor. I SWORE I would NEVER go to the doctor here, but I do approve of the clinica TAJY; its almost American. When the lady took my blood it didnt ever hurt, which is even hard to manage when getting blood drawn in the states. Anywho...so yeah, my results came back POSITIVE with DENGUE :O And that little annoying peice of news led to a long really really long week incarcerated in the pension. I have never slept so much in my entire life. I have never felt so weak in my entire life. picture this: the battery life of a really old iPhone; you charge it for 2 hours and then it runs for about...10 minutes until its time to plug it back in. I would sleep for 2 or 3 hours, get up to go to the bathroom, drink some water, and....then be completely exhausted and ready to go back to sleep. haha so pathetic. Hermana Santana was a trooper and stayed by my side (not that she had a choice) the whole time :) On the plus side, I only had baby dengue. The other types keep you in the pension for 2-3 weeks, so I feel super blessed to have been healed after just one.

Something funny though is that, as I had mentioned, I received all of those church movies last week, so.....8 movies later...it was basically like I had a church Netflix marathon for the week haha and a week was definitely enough. What`s a bummer is that I`m still really tired, but that`s the mission :)

Being in the pension all week makes you crazy and really gets you thinking about home. like home, in Utah, with snow, and my mommy, who could be taking care of meeeeeeeee....mehhhh just loads of self pity haha I think the hardest day of my mission was Saturday. It was the first day that I could go back to work, and I was honestly scared because I was nervous I would not have the strength or the energy to make it all day. When 6pm hit I was struggling pretty hard, but not wanting to quit. So we went a little longer and a little longer...and we made it until the end of the day. I know Christ walked with me all day long, helping me to keep going.  I know he is always walking with us, but if we ask, he will willingly help us to carry our burdens. I know it was because of him that I found the strength to continue. It is because of him that I find the strength EVERYDAY to do this work. Sometimes it is so hard, and it is so unbearably hot, and the people seem unbearably mean, but none of it matters, because he is here with us. And for each moment that its hard, if we can just get past this part of the climb, Heavenly Father will always make the view at the top breathtaking.

happy and now also healthy :)
have a good week
love love love you all

hermana cannon

Encarnacion 14

8 February 2016
Semana 44

holaaa! I got 2 packages loaded up with movies and candy annndddd my birthday cards haha...I crossed over into Argentina to accompany hermana to the doctor. We stopped at the office first so I got loaded up with mail!!! It wasnt until we got to the clinic that I opened up my Doc McStuffins singalong card...haha I got quite a few looks.
RIght. So last week I left off with Jeni and our awesome part-member family!
Jeni isn`t too interested now, but her mom IS, so we`ll continue to pass for them :)
and our part-member family is STILL AWESOME!!! Cesar (MA) Fransisca (I) Ruth (I) Emanuel (I) Nihara (10 months old)
We had 3 solid lessons with them and set fecha bautismal for the 27th of february!!!!! They commited to coming to Church and 15 minutes into Sacrament meeting they still weren`t there :,( I couldn`t help but let the negative feelings come in...why do people lie...if you aren`t going to come, just tell me to my face...and they walked in!!!!!!!!!! HOPE IN HUMANITY RESTORED! The kids loved primary, Hna Fransisca shared in Relief society that at the moment the greatest blessing in her life was to be there at church and to have met the missionaries. aweee, just melting my heart :,)
I`m pretty sure that we`ll be living four in the pension for the rest of the transfer. Everything that we`ve found so far isn`t available, isn`t completed, or is just really sospetchoso (sketchy, questionable)
I adoreeee my compañera :) shes just the best

there`s a saying in Portugès:
para recebermos bencaos è necessario
mas se voce quer ver milagres è necessario
if we want to see miracles we have to show Heavenly Father that we really are willing to give whatever it takes to see them. I know He has big things in store for us here in Rama 3.
 9 Then spake the Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace:
10 For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city.
 11 And he continued there a year and six months, teaching the word of God among them.
...a year and six months, nothing less...
nos vemos en Augusto :)
chau chau

hermana cannon

Emcarnacion 13

1 February 2016
Semana 43

What a week! The first part of the week was spent enjoying the final days of our happy little foursome, looking for pensions, furniture, packing, etc. and well...we still haven't found a pension :( boooooo...which means that we are still 4 hermanas in one apartment, which is...an experience...

Transfers were a bit loco but such a good time because I got to be reunited with a bunch of my faves, who crossed over into Paraguay. Perks of guarding the passports. Unfortunately some of the missionaries escaped with their passports to their new areas, which is so uncool, because that makes things more complicated, but it`s okay because I bought myself some brazilian cookies, and now I feel better. Brazilian stuff is top notch. Just like my new companion...

So, I LOVE MY NEW COMPANION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was super excited to pick up Hermana Santana from the terminal and today is day 4 and we are just having an amazing time. We are scary alike...super similar in personality, which has been nothing but good so far. She is super loving and an amazing teacher. Even though she only has 5 months in the mission, I know she has loads to teach me; including Portugües.

We cracked open "O Livro de Mormòn" Saturday night while we were waiting for some calls to come through and well...It is so not "basically spanish". haha but Hermana said that shes totally willing to teach me because my pronounciation is actually decent and therefore will have more patience to teach me haha. Apart from some words that look similar the sounds are super abstract BUT I found a secret...if I mentally cue a southern accent, I can get the words to come out correctly haha

Everything is going good though; already so different. With interviews that we had 2 weeks ago, closing the transfer, they came at a perfect time to really evaluate and set solid goals for this next transfer and more the rest of my mission. After my meeting with pte. and the world mission conference that we watched, I`ve really been focusing on repentance and the Atonement in my studies.  I do testify that the repentance process is real and is given to us to use everyday! and not just for the big things, but every little thing as well. Everything that keeps us from perfection can and will be corrected through the power of the Atonement. And just as preach my gospel says, the more we come to understand the Atonement, the greater our desire will be to share the gospel.

There`s still so much to do, with so little time :)
Love Hermana Santana !
I can say I wasted time on the mission being unhappy, wondering why I wasnt having success, why I wasnt seeing miracles on the daily, but what I have come to learn is that to see miracles, you have to LOOK for them! Look for them in EVERYTHING!!! In the lady that rejected the message with a smile, the colectivo driver that stopped when he saw us running to catch the bus, the vendor with the hot and fresh chipa...haha when we can begin to search and seek his hand in all things, we will see that his tender mercies are constantly enveloping our lives :)

And then all of those little miracles lead to bigger ones, like finding an awesome investigator named Jeni and a part-member family with tons of potential. More on them next time ;)

sending big hugs from this side of the equator
hermana cannon

Encarnacion 12

25 January 2016
Semana 42

HAPPY TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!! I`ll be staying here in Rama 3 for the next 6 weeks! Hna. Aquino is headed to San Vincente Iguazu and is doing a WHITE WASH!!! What a boss, I`m so proud of the girl...this transfer, we`ve been able to grow so much closer and I really am sad that she`s leaving...and so far away too.
Hna. Hurtado is headed up to Cuidad del Este barrio 2!!! THE DREAM!!!! someday...someday...
Hna Quispe, thankfully, will be staying in Encarn, so I`ll still be able to see her for meetings and on pdays.
As for me and Rama 3, HERMANA SANTANA is my new companion!!!!! She is super awesome and was in my my zone when I was in Garupà!
It gets better...SHE`S BRAZILIAN!!!!!!!! eu falo portugues haha

ehhhhh I dont have any time but...WE HAD THE BAPTISMS OF THE MAGIS on Saturday! Everything was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. Magi.2 had to get dunked twice because they called her name wrong, but otherwise everything was so special. The Rama has been so supportive bringing in these two new special members, and it has been such a privilege to see all of their progress. haha the only challenge was filling up the pila bautismal was a bit of a challenge, because of the lack of water pressure, but we easily solved that problem by filling up large garbage cans in the sinks and tossing the water over the railing. yes.

Right...oh so other big news is that they opened Rama 3.2! Yeah, more hermanas are coming!!! It truly is an answer to our prayers. The people here are amazing and they deserve the help and support. I`m really happy that I still get to be here helping out the office and with passports, but not being able to give the people our 100% was a big point of frustration.
now we just have to find them a place to live...ughhh apartment hunting is THE WORST...
Even though I`ve eaten more pan dulce this week than I ate all Christmas, I still dropped a kilo. wooooo
sorry yeah, I`m out of time, and I`m way too distracted by cackling hermanas to write anything else.
Happy 11 meses :)
rohayhu (i love you in guarani)
hermana cannon

PS.  I also...today I had to pick out the transfer ties for the office elders...we got a deal if we bought 10. How perfect: they needed eight, and the other two...for the office hermanas (aka yours truly)

Encarnacion 11 - 128.51 Miles

18 January 2016
Semana 41

I open my email and the first thing I see: University Communications...BYU making sure I actually want to come back...do I??? haha just kidding...they needed an actualized ecclisiastical endorsement and naturally I forgot my BYUpassword sooooo that has taken up most of my time today haha

but just a quick recap of whats been going down, here in Encarnaciòn Rama 3:
Obligado was awesome!!!!!!!!! and the ruins were so cool. I couldnt help but think of Mom, the random historical sites in the middle of no where in places we have been; you wouldve loved it. the pension of the hermanas had SO MANY COCKROACHES...
but the kiosko had JIFF PEANUT BUTTER, so that made me feel better :)

Thursday planning: My focus was to be love and patience
Thursday night we get a call from the hermanas in Pillar...because of the amount of flooding, they would be closing the area and coming to stay with us...till the end of transfers...
4 hermanas, one bathroom...
actually not as bad as I thought it would be...
The crypt .... yikes !

There have been enough testimonies given that proove that I am a...Latina...
and with my latin comps both being from Argentina giving me my Porteño (shhh) accent, it was decided that I`m from Neuquen. cool.

A month ago Hna Aquino and I were in Hush Puppies getting her some new shoes and after talking to the shopping clerk we found that he lived IN OUR AREA!!!! But...in a really sketchy area and he said we could only pass at night...
Yesterday, when we were out contacting, I got the impression that we should go look for him. We did, we found him (miracle), and had an awesome first lesson. Super awesome guy that wants to serve God and feel closer to him. 24 years old (FUTURE MISSIONARY!!!) He`s the oldest of 4 boys (LOTS OF FUTURE MISSIONARIES!!! haha) Seriously, all was going spendidly until...
Fernando - "So can you all do other things too, or do you only work"?
me - "Like what"
Fernando - "like go for a walk or...go out to dinner..." (snakey look)
me - "we buy groceries and talk to our families on Mondays and we`ll see you on tuesday!! BYE!"
and then we purposefully sped walked out of their home...

missionaries dont go on dates.

Oh oh oh and LAST NIGHT! the Magis had their baptismal interviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAPTISMS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I am so happy.
Even though it`s hard, I love it. I love the area and the people a little more each day :)
Cambios next week...I really hope I`ll be staying...GIVE ME ONE MORE TRANSFER HERE!!!!

so much more happened, but I know that no one really cares, and that people really just want to make sure I`m alive...we`ll the sun and the heat is doing a pretty good job of BBQing me alive, but we`re still going strong down here.

love you all
have a good week!

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The ruins in Obligado, Paraguay

Encarnacion 10 - 74.77 Miles

11 Janaury 2016
Semana 40

Heyyyy happy Monday from here in Encarnaciòn! The sun is shining, humidity giving me a second shower, and this morning a found a lizard next to my toothbrush.
this is the life!
happy in Encarnacion !

this past week...
ahhhh why can`t I ever remember anything...I`m going to have to start taking notes again...Well, why my brain tries to process in this heat...today we`ll be taking a little ROAD TRIP!!! to see the ruins, and then we`ll be staying in Obligado until Thursday. 

I`m super pumped to do divisions out there because Hna. Simmons served out there for 3 transfers and LOVED it! The people, the food, the countryside...so ill be sure to take lots of pictures. Also, the area is HUGE!!!! so I`ll be getting in lots of mileage on my grandma shoes :)  just a sidenote...if I could go back to those days when I was preparing for the mission and I was too stubborn to purchase the very ugly, but obviously very most comfortable footwear, I would smack myself right in the face because being a fashionable sister missionary just is NOT a priority...when you`re walking 10 miles everyday, comfort is the priority...#rockinmykeens

On Saturday we had the pleasure of having HnaLP (presidents wife) on divisions with us, which was TOP NOTCH! At first I was sooooo nervous because President and Hna are our mission parents, so we want to impress them, make them proud of us, and have flawless lessons. Well...it wasn't a flawless day, but woahhh so cool. I had to teach the law of Chastity to a 9 year-old and completely froze...I realized that I had only ever taught it to men and women 50 years and older...I definitely didn`t know what the law of Chastity was when I was 9...

Last week we were looking through the carpeta de area and found the registro of Roque Ortiz. We managed to find his house (miracle), and set an appt for Saturday. When we went that night with HnaLP, woahhhhh this guy is so prepared...he had a baptismal date, was keeping commitments, and going to church, but then fell off the face of the earth when the adversary started scaring him off. But he is SUPER PREPARED and we`ll be going back this week to begin the discussions again!
10 months ago, I chopped 13 inches of my hair, and have been rather disappointed by the lack of growth....  There's this one I LOVE LUCY episode, "Ricky thinks he`s going bald", where Ricky...thinks he`s going bald and starts trying out all of these ridiculous concoctions and treatments to promote hair growth...

well...last week I bought anticonceptivos (birth control) and almond oil to put in my shampoo... supposedly its super to help my hair grow lol I`ll keep you updated on how THAT goes !.

At the beginning of the transfer I made the goal to read Preach my Gospel tapa to tapa in 6 weeks, and I finished today ahead of schedule.Woo go me. Anywho, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I really studied it...it reminded me of all those times when I was super confused in Chem 105, and it was because I never took the time to crack open the giant textbook lol. All the answers of how to be a successful, effective, obedient missionary really are in there. Can`t wait to start reading it again haha. No really though, after focusing so intently on the ways of a Preach My Gospel missionary, I feel much more centered on my purpose, more excited to talk to everyone, and less afraid to SHOUT REPENTANCE from the rooftops :)
Also, my Bible reading just got a lot more interesting, because I found an Old Testament seminary guide workbook, that actually explains what the heck is going on...yeahhhh!!!!
ermmm I dont have anymore time, so I hope there wasn't anything important I was supposed to say...

next week I`ll take notes haha
love love love youuuu

shout out to all my favorite people that still write me, you`re receiving blessings

Love Hna. Aquino !


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