Encarnacion 10 - 74.77 Miles

11 Janaury 2016
Semana 40

Heyyyy happy Monday from here in Encarnaciòn! The sun is shining, humidity giving me a second shower, and this morning a found a lizard next to my toothbrush.
this is the life!
happy in Encarnacion !

this past week...
ahhhh why can`t I ever remember anything...I`m going to have to start taking notes again...Well, why my brain tries to process in this heat...today we`ll be taking a little ROAD TRIP!!! to see the ruins, and then we`ll be staying in Obligado until Thursday. 

I`m super pumped to do divisions out there because Hna. Simmons served out there for 3 transfers and LOVED it! The people, the food, the countryside...so ill be sure to take lots of pictures. Also, the area is HUGE!!!! so I`ll be getting in lots of mileage on my grandma shoes :)  just a sidenote...if I could go back to those days when I was preparing for the mission and I was too stubborn to purchase the very ugly, but obviously very most comfortable footwear, I would smack myself right in the face because being a fashionable sister missionary just is NOT a priority...when you`re walking 10 miles everyday, comfort is the priority...#rockinmykeens

On Saturday we had the pleasure of having HnaLP (presidents wife) on divisions with us, which was TOP NOTCH! At first I was sooooo nervous because President and Hna are our mission parents, so we want to impress them, make them proud of us, and have flawless lessons. Well...it wasn't a flawless day, but woahhh so cool. I had to teach the law of Chastity to a 9 year-old and completely froze...I realized that I had only ever taught it to men and women 50 years and older...I definitely didn`t know what the law of Chastity was when I was 9...

Last week we were looking through the carpeta de area and found the registro of Roque Ortiz. We managed to find his house (miracle), and set an appt for Saturday. When we went that night with HnaLP, woahhhhh this guy is so prepared...he had a baptismal date, was keeping commitments, and going to church, but then fell off the face of the earth when the adversary started scaring him off. But he is SUPER PREPARED and we`ll be going back this week to begin the discussions again!
10 months ago, I chopped 13 inches of my hair, and have been rather disappointed by the lack of growth....  There's this one I LOVE LUCY episode, "Ricky thinks he`s going bald", where Ricky...thinks he`s going bald and starts trying out all of these ridiculous concoctions and treatments to promote hair growth...

well...last week I bought anticonceptivos (birth control) and almond oil to put in my shampoo... supposedly its super to help my hair grow lol I`ll keep you updated on how THAT goes !.

At the beginning of the transfer I made the goal to read Preach my Gospel tapa to tapa in 6 weeks, and I finished today ahead of schedule.Woo go me. Anywho, I hadn't realized how long it had been since I really studied it...it reminded me of all those times when I was super confused in Chem 105, and it was because I never took the time to crack open the giant textbook lol. All the answers of how to be a successful, effective, obedient missionary really are in there. Can`t wait to start reading it again haha. No really though, after focusing so intently on the ways of a Preach My Gospel missionary, I feel much more centered on my purpose, more excited to talk to everyone, and less afraid to SHOUT REPENTANCE from the rooftops :)
Also, my Bible reading just got a lot more interesting, because I found an Old Testament seminary guide workbook, that actually explains what the heck is going on...yeahhhh!!!!
ermmm I dont have anymore time, so I hope there wasn't anything important I was supposed to say...

next week I`ll take notes haha
love love love youuuu

shout out to all my favorite people that still write me, you`re receiving blessings

Love Hna. Aquino !


hermana cannon 

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