Encarnacion to Minga Guazu !

March 7
Semana 48

I`m off to MINGA GUAZÙ in CIUDAD DEL ESTE!!!!!!!!!! The dream has been realized :) ahhhhhhhh I`m so excited!!!!!!! But wait wait it gets better...I get to finish the training of Hermana Alvarez! All I know is the she is from Peru, super prepared, and...currently has dengue. But that`s okay, because really good mom`s take care of their children while they`re ill right?? Awe I`m so so so excited for this new adventure.  What`s insane is that I finally had a premonition about cambios!!! I predicted my change 100% woahhhh yeah haha I am always superrrr off, so that was pretty interesting that my plans were the same as His for a change :)

Right. But backing up to all of last week....this week was CRAZY!!!!
Because of passport problems, I ended up accompanying Hermana Watts to Iguazu for tramites. Tramites aren`t fun, but party crashing the honorables (those who are finishing the mission) trip was the greatest birthday present ever!!! We stayed in the mission home (which is basically a marriott hotel) ate hermana lapierre`s AMAZING FOOD, and then rode a colectivo for 6 hours. And there we were, at IGUAZU FALLS!!!! One of the wonders of the world....
And then Hermana Watts and I got back into the colectivo hahaha...but we made sure to take a picture with the sign first...haha soon enough it`ll be my turn
Hermana Santana`s headaches have been getting worse, and Friday she woke up with her eye superrr swollen. No work.
Saturday we went to Posadas and spent just about all day in the office or in the hospital. Turns out she`s fine, just really needs to wear glasses. Ah, the pains of being blind...
This morning we were back in Posadas so Hermana could get some other just in case exams done, and lucky for me, I was able to see Hermana Arenada, Hurtado, and Albach one more time before they head home tomorrow. It wasn`t too hard to say goodbye to Hermana Albach because she`s from Utah, and will obviously see her always, but Peru...Chile...it`s really sad not knowing when or if I`ll ever get to see these people again...yeah, I don`t want to think about that too much...

I can`t believe I have to leave Hermana Santana...haha I knew for sure we would have a change, we`ve gotten along wayyyy too well :) WHat stands out the most to me this transfer is that I have learned how to ENJOY the mission. It`s not that I`ve been miserable for a whole year, but I have truly come to learn how to be a teacher, disciple, companion, and BE MYSELF.

so happy.
all my love from this side of the equator, Hermana Cannon

ps last night i had a dream it was snowing and I was prothelyzing in flip flops. #missingthecold

OHhh! and also random... Tuesday was WOMEN'S DAY, and Hermana Santana and I got interviewed and were on television ha ha.   A member from the Rama saw me and took this picture... ha ha  añyways an adventure!

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