Encarnacion 16

Semana 46
22 February 2016

What a week! Overall super good, as usual, but better because...each day seriously just gets increasingly better.
The week did start off a bit rocky because of the viaje to Asunciòn. I stayed in centro for the day working with Hermana Martinez (de Uruguay) while our companions were away, and...it was fine, but its so interesting how foreign one can feel away from their own area.
Then...the long colectivo ride and the lack of sleep, destroyed my companion, and hermana santana was left suffering from migraines for the next two days...like superrrrrr bad...so there we were, in the pension again...ohhhhh i thought I was going to go crazy...after a week in the pension for my dengue fever and then sights of more time locked up...the pension seemed to grow smaller and smaller by the hour haha on the plus side I got a lot of studying done :)

By Friday, we were good to go and ready to make up for all of the time lost. And I testify that we`ve seen nothing but miracles and fruits of our labors (bueno and lack of labor =our suffering) We ran around all day visiting EVERYONE! And they were all offended that we hadnt been by in over a week to visit them; until we explained the dengue. Whenever you bring up dengue, everyone automatically just feels bad for you, and forgets that they were mad. haha alright.
Right. so enough of that........
I made 4 batches of cookies. Each ridiculously delicious ha. Even whipped out some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (thank you dad) for Hna LaPierre...I had a lot of time on my hands...Saturday we ventured out to San Miguel (a part of our area thats super far away from the other area)!!!! It was my first time out there and it was honestly a miracle that we made it out there so swiftly, got on the right colectivo, got off in the right place, managed to stumble upon the house of a member...Heavenly Father put EVENYTHING in place for us to make it out there. And now we`re really going to help the work get started out there. We have a couple dedicated members who are preparing people to introduce us to on Wednesday...getting references from members can be the hardest, but most fruitful way to find new investigators who are going to progress.
Trying out the Brazilian home remedies
learned a new trick on how to get rid of headaches caused by the sun, from hna santana: 
1. put a folded up towel on your head
2. fill up a vaso de vidrio (glass cup) with water (normal water)
3. tilt head so that you can get the water trapped in the glass and on the towel
4. keep your head upright with the glass on top for about 10 minutes...
and...its some kind of weird magic, but it totally took away my headache...or maybe the tylenol finally kicked in; but we`ll just go with the towel trick ;)
As we were walking by the train station, my favorite chiperos de LA TIA were there selling chipa calentita (which is impossible to resist). And then the coolest thing happened they let me try on their uniform and pose for the perfect kodak moment...it really is the smallest things that bring the most joy haha
Moving on...Flia. Arteaga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is my favorite!!!! Last night we hosted their very first Noche de Hogar (in their home of course) and it went super well. I just love them, and so excited for them as they continue and progress and work towards the 12th of march for baptism.
Marìa de Jesus, one of our viajitas, shared a verysweet and powerful testimony with us. A convert of 50 years, IS seeing the fruits of her labors with a granddaughter on a mission and others preparing to serve. She is such an example of strength and grace. After many years of saving up the money, she will finally be going through the temple next month. It is such a priveledge to work among such faithful saints.

I love it out here. Each and every day continues to teach me, and I know I will be forever grateful to be out here.

thank you for all of the emails, prayers, encouragement
have a great week

hermana cannon

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