Encarnacion 11 - 128.51 Miles

18 January 2016
Semana 41

I open my email and the first thing I see: University Communications...BYU making sure I actually want to come back...do I??? haha just kidding...they needed an actualized ecclisiastical endorsement and naturally I forgot my BYUpassword sooooo that has taken up most of my time today haha

but just a quick recap of whats been going down, here in EncarnaciĆ²n Rama 3:
Obligado was awesome!!!!!!!!! and the ruins were so cool. I couldnt help but think of Mom, the random historical sites in the middle of no where in places we have been; you wouldve loved it. the pension of the hermanas had SO MANY COCKROACHES...
but the kiosko had JIFF PEANUT BUTTER, so that made me feel better :)

Thursday planning: My focus was to be love and patience
Thursday night we get a call from the hermanas in Pillar...because of the amount of flooding, they would be closing the area and coming to stay with us...till the end of transfers...
4 hermanas, one bathroom...
actually not as bad as I thought it would be...
The crypt .... yikes !

There have been enough testimonies given that proove that I am a...Latina...
and with my latin comps both being from Argentina giving me my PorteƱo (shhh) accent, it was decided that I`m from Neuquen. cool.

A month ago Hna Aquino and I were in Hush Puppies getting her some new shoes and after talking to the shopping clerk we found that he lived IN OUR AREA!!!! But...in a really sketchy area and he said we could only pass at night...
Yesterday, when we were out contacting, I got the impression that we should go look for him. We did, we found him (miracle), and had an awesome first lesson. Super awesome guy that wants to serve God and feel closer to him. 24 years old (FUTURE MISSIONARY!!!) He`s the oldest of 4 boys (LOTS OF FUTURE MISSIONARIES!!! haha) Seriously, all was going spendidly until...
Fernando - "So can you all do other things too, or do you only work"?
me - "Like what"
Fernando - "like go for a walk or...go out to dinner..." (snakey look)
me - "we buy groceries and talk to our families on Mondays and we`ll see you on tuesday!! BYE!"
and then we purposefully sped walked out of their home...

missionaries dont go on dates.

Oh oh oh and LAST NIGHT! the Magis had their baptismal interviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BAPTISMS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I am so happy.
Even though it`s hard, I love it. I love the area and the people a little more each day :)
Cambios next week...I really hope I`ll be staying...GIVE ME ONE MORE TRANSFER HERE!!!!

so much more happened, but I know that no one really cares, and that people really just want to make sure I`m alive...we`ll the sun and the heat is doing a pretty good job of BBQing me alive, but we`re still going strong down here.

love you all
have a good week!

hermana cannon

The ruins in Obligado, Paraguay

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