Encarnacion 7

21 December 2015
Semana 37

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Encarnacion 6

14 December 2015
Semana 36

Currently it is 845pm here in Encarncaciòn

yes, please do not be alarmed by the late hour of writing, we recieved permission...it has been raining A FOOL (haha argentine phrase that I can`t really decribe, its like a lot?) yesterday and ALL DAY TODAY!!!!

Yesterday it was so bad that Branch President had to come get us in his car because we couldn't leave to walk to the colectivo stop as the winds were so strong and the rain was coming down so hard...We woke up to the rain, lightning, and thunder, and I actually questioned whether or not I really had to leave my warm, toasty, bed. *SNAP OUT OF IT SNAP OUT OF IT* haha :)  THE SABBATH SLEEPS FOR NO ONE!!!! 

Nah, it really was more of an adventure trudging around in the foot high water (which apparently I haven`t seen anything yet). There were a total of 11 souls in the chapel. I had the opportunity to give a talk on hope, diligence, and patience; three things that I have really been focusing on, and Heavenly Father has definitely been trying me...I do lack the hope. I have faith that there are prepared souls, but I think I do lack a bit of the hope. Or maybe i'm just not being patient enough...the zone meeting today really got me thinking about a lot of things, on how I can be better.  I know I just have to keep smiling and keep going.

So we got the news about transfers today! And...big surprise I`ll be staying here! Whoopieee no packing! Also, I love everyone and don`t really want to leave, so I`m good. Because of the holidays, this transfer is only going to last until the 29th of diciembre...CRAZY TWO WEEKS!!! Yeah, so because of Christmas, President did his best to make as little transfers as were necessary, but apprently there`s a lot to be changed with the new year, so we`ll see what happens.

The new goal that the mission has set; a baptism every month for every companionship. For most missions, I know the goals are higher, but for us, for me...I`m still trying to make it a reality. Where do I start? I know prayer, but what things SPECIFICALLY should I be thinking about to begin to make the adjustments to growing greater hope and faith.
Overall though I`m awesome. We`re going to go home now and make some brownies to spread around some Christmas joy (which there is just about NONE of). Seriously though, is Christmas really next week? It`s like 100 degrees everyday, no snow, no lights, no giant inflatable Christmasey Santa, no nativity scenes ??...Heavenly Father knew I`d be homesick...haha I actually have definitely come to realize that it is such a blessing for it to feel NOT like Christmas. How lucky I`m I that for some random reason next friday I get to see the FAMILY!!!!!! WOOOOOO

love you all thanks for the emails and the SNAILLLL MAILLLLLLL!
chau chau

Hermana cannon

ps...we definitely caroled in Mcdonalds and on the beach of Encarnaciòn. yeah, highlight of the week for sure

Encarnacion 5

7 December 2015
Semana 35

And today they're playing avril lavigne...and i like avril lavinge...:( but i`ll turn on the approved tunes now...
okay. this week was long. and good. and difficult, but good.
and here`s the brief play by play...
Martes: we had a cita with an antiguo investigador, Alejandro. The missionaries passed him a Book of Mormon about a month back, but when they met him he seemed really closed off in his religion (Evangelico) so they didn't think too much about it when they weren't able to meet with him again. BUT last Friday we ran into him and he invited us to return to teach. MOST SPIRITUAL LESSON OF THE MISSION! Seriosuly, this kid is incredible! 21, ex con, completely turned his life around, and devotes just about every moment to the Lord. Really the only thing he`s missing is the preisthood. He believe Joseph Smith really was a prophet (GOLDEN) and is going to keep praying and reading the Book of Mormon to know if its true...more on him later.
I GOT A PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the one that was meant for Halloween lol. I`m definitely not going to complain, because when that Reeces peanut butter cup melted in my mouth...it was a spiritual experience...also I got a SHOE!!!! yeah, only one, for precautionary reasons of course, but one is definitely better thank none. Sure, they`re a little hideous, but .....SO COMFORTABLE!!!!!

But actually, I have no shoes...so I may or may not have been fasting for another package to come.
In the morning we did some exploring in part of our area called San Miguel. I knew it was the promised land as soon as I got off of the colectivo. Right in front of the stop was a used clothing store. The shoes I had been wearing were literally falling apart at the seams, so when I noticed a pair of oxfords, for 20 mil (4 dollars), I was very very happy.
It looks like missionaries haven't made the trek out their for a long time, so we don't have any information about it. Like the usually, they didn't have any street signs or numbers or anything, so we really we`re on our own. Which can be frustrating, because in Oberà I learned to love looking at a map, but who doesnt love a good adventure right?
This really is the challenge with the area, and Paraguay all together, is that it`s all uncharted. Google maps hardly help, and no one knows street names or the number of their own house. Its really helping me to strengthen my memory and knack for describing locations with colors and old ladies sitting under watermellon stands, but...these types of directions are never usable when new missionaries come in to the area.
But...it was awesome and we got a few new investigators!
We had another lesson with Alejandro, and after roll-playing (which I hate, but I swear by it and it works!!!!) the lesson went EXACTLY as planned. I had the opportunity to share both the first vision and invite him to baptism. incredible. the spirit was amazing and so powerful. He agreed the what he was feeling was the holy ghost too, which was such a powerful response. He committed to praying about whether he needed to be baptized again, to come to church, and to keep reading the book of Mormon!!!!
San Blas has a bad reputation because 30years ago the missionaries got kidnapped for a few days. But this was 30 years ago, they were two Americans, and...it was 30 years ago, my companion and I don`t look American, and its part of our area for a reason so we felt we should go.

nothing but wide open space, and plantations for miles. Walking for miles under the hot sun, with grass taller than my head...THIS is what I pictured the mission to be haha. Also, generally the further you get from the city the nicer the people are, which I found to be true.
The unfortunate happpening was that those 4 dollar shoes that I bought on Thursday completely fell apart; so bad that we walked the last half mile to the bus stop, barefoot. I say we, because Hermana Aquino is fiel and joined me in my misery.  We waited 2 hours for the bus to come. There was no bathroom to be found in all the land.

but...it was a DIFFERENT shoe. AHhhhhh !!!  so now my two shoes are waiting for their friends to also cross the border. haha but still grateful still very grateful.
the bad: No Alejandro at church :( This meant no baptism before the Navidad, which I was honestly really devastated about. I feel like I`ve been giving it my all. Exercising my faith. Repenting, praying for strength, diligence, the self control to be exactly obedient, and yet we aren`t going to make this goal...
But...this past transfer and the challenge from President to have a baptism before Christmas has change my mentality entirely about the mission. Before I was content to only be a seed planter, but now I WANT A BAPTISM. And I will do whatever it takes to find that person that needs me. In his time, I know I will find them.
This week I`ll be ponderizing Mosiah 2:17 "serve others, serve your king!"

The biggest thing I`m learning from my time here in Rama 3, is being willing to give my time to other people. The passports have us running so many errands for missionaries and the mission that it takes a lot of time away from doing the work that I was called to, which is so frustrating. But I`m coming to fully understand and except that this is my calling. That through my paperwork and passport duties, I am serving Him, in a different, but entirely necessary way.
I am happy. So very undeniably happy. But...I will be happy once I receive my OTHER shoes haha :) .....pray for me that I receive my other packages lol I`m currently proselyting in
Converse.  Love it ! 

love you alllll!
chau chau

hermana cannon

Encarnacion 3

23 November 2015
Semana 33

ughhhhhhhhh my computer is a freaking nightmareeeeeeee
also this cìber is playing really inappropriate, ugly, english music, and i want to dieeeee :( where are my EFY and Mormon Tab when I need them?!?
Alright...so what happened this week? Honestly, I`m all around having a really hard time focusing because we just spent the past 3 hours at the beach playing volleyball. Kinda funny that I`m down here baking, and at home its almost Chirstmas and theres snow everywhere...
Oh, so after searching far and wide, I finally found a place where I could send international letters. I got them all stuffed full, decorated, made with love and care, and then the guy told me it would be 145 gs...thats like 25 dollars???? ehhhhhh no. So about the letter writing, I think we`ll have to wait on that for a little while until I find another location, or find a reliable pigeon...
Yesterday we had a multizone conference which was aweesomee because I got to meet a bunch of new missionaries...I really feel like I`m in a completley new mission sometimes. The culture, the dynamic, the people they are all so different from the Argentina that I had gotten used to. It really is like starting over. Which is a good thing too...
The biggest take away from the conference was when President took the time to talk about our mission calls. We talked about our first reactions to finding out we had been called to Posadas, Argentina, and invited to reflect on how we feel now...

This morning I dug out my first mission journal, the one that has a copy of my llamamiento pasted in it and really read it. The same spirit was there, and I couldn't help but get choked up as a flood of memories of the night I opened it, came back. That was this time last year. I can honestly say the minute I had a call, was the minute I really started to change. Having a mission call DID make me think twice about the things I was choosing to do, the music I wanted to listen to. I did realize that I was preparing to leave. And only now, 9 months later, am I really understanding the power, the holiness of our callings as missionaries.

When we open our call, and we have a crowd of our closest family and friends, anxiously awaiting, what does everyone care about? The location, what/if we are speaking a language, and what day our lives as normal people cease. That information is all contained within the first two paragraphs. And today, when I read my call, the more precious part for me was found in the remaining 3 paragraphs...it shares how if I serve with all my heart, mind, might, and strength, that I will have greater blessings and more happiness than I have yet to experience. I do testify that these things are true. What a blessing it is to be here. I thank our Father in Heaven everyday for getting my stubborn, ignorant, nieve self on a mission. I can not imagine, dont want to imagine my life without these 18 months. I have found true happiness. And I know that it is within Christ and by living by His principles and doctrines that we will all have the opportunity to find EXACTLY what we are looking for. I love you all! thank you for brightening my day every week!

les quiero
Hermana cannon
ps tomorrow marks 9 months aka HALFWAYYYYYY...I will be burning a shoe :)
pps ponderizing Alma 32:43...he knows us, and the work we are doing...siga trabajando, I know the Lord rewards us through our diligence, patience, longsuffering

Encarnacion 2

16 November 2015
Semana 32

On a scale of 1-10, how awkward is it that I recently just started squeeling and jumping up and down in the middle of this internet cafè...

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!! (there are no question marks on this keyboard) It`s because...MY BEST FRIEND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (besides my mother) IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM SO HAPPY. I AM THE HAPPIEST MISSIONARY. Its so true what President says about how sometimes the biggest miracles that we see occur not on the mission field, but at home. I`m so grateful for my Savior, who knows me, who knows my loved ones, and who is truly watching over them while I`m so very far away.

I-I-I can`t even remember what I was going to write about because that was a very distracting piece of news...also, Mom just sent me a picture of snow...I miss the snow...it`s okay though. We have giant watermelons and mango instead. Oh yeah and the rumor is true: all the Paraguay pensions have blenders and microwaves. yes.

This past week was hard, with assignments and errands to run for passport stuff and Hermana having to go to Posadas for 2 days, we only worked in our area for one full day, on Saturday. But boy did we work. Something super awesome about this new assignment, is that it feels like I never getting to be missionary sometimes. Why is this cool. Its cool because when Saturday came and I knew we had a full day of work ahead, I have never been so excited to go out and talk to every single person. Contacting has never been so much fun! OKay, spiritual experience: so we have about 20 minutes left before lunch. I suggest we contact the next person we see holding a baby. okay. 10 minutes later, still no baby. It`s now time to head to lunch, when we see a couple ladies with a bunch of kids sitting on their patio. not a baby, but i still feel inclined to stop. We had a solid contact, and ended up walking one of the ladies, Graciela, back to her house. She asked us to come in and sit and share something with her. AWESOME. Right as we were about to say the prayer, her daughter comes out and hands her her 9 month old grand-daughter. A BABY!!!! How awesome is that!!! I know that when we want something, and we really put our trust in Heavenly Father, He will help us to achieve it. In His own way, in His own time.

Everyday I count my blessing for having the opportunity to be out here on the mission. I love it. Yeah, it`s so hard, the hardest thing I`ve ever done, but just sitting here right now the only thing I can think about is how I never want this to end. I never want this joy, the spirit that I carry, the light that I KNOW other people can see to fade away. This gospel is so very very real and it is such a privilege to be out here preaching the good news.

This week I`ll be studying about the "Merciful Grace of God" and poderizing D&C 93:13
And he received not of the fullness at first, but continued from grace to grace, until he received a fullness; 
So often I get so frustrated with my seemingly millions of imperfections. But it is so comforting to know that even Christ didn`t come to the earth perfect. He came and had to learn just like every single one of us. Line upon line, precept upon precept, grace to grace. I know that we can become perfect as we seek His enabling power, which is his amazing grace.

Thank you for your love and support. I think and pray for you all everyday. Miss you!


hermana cannon

Encarnacion 1

9 November 2015
Semana 31

Okay yeah, so transfers was an absolute nightmare...NO ONE thought I was going to leave. Hna Rigtrup had already been in Oberà for 3 transfers so everyone figured I would be staying. 

Saying goodbye to everyone after only 3 short months, was just absolutely devastating. I never would`ve thought that I would grow to love people so deeply and so quickly. Packing was horrifying after two dead companions I have accumulated A LOT of things) and after one suitcase, I was soooo over it. Hna Rigtrup was a complete angel though, and packed the rest for me :) What a good hija. We got on the cole for Posadas, stayed in La Valle for the night, and stayed up till 3 talking and packing with my faves Hna Woodwell and Hna Fox. It was wayy past my bedtime, so I don`t recall too much, but it was nice to see them. Also, Hna Rigtrup and I finished our game of Estanciero, I won.So early in the morning they came to take Hna Rigtrup to the office to meet her trainee, Hna Vargas! And then all of a sudden it was time to head to the terminal and say goodbye and I just burst in to tears (I was super tired). 

We get to the terminal and the only thing the other missionaries were saying to me was how they were so surprised I was leaving. Yes, I know. We all thought I was staying. Oh my gosh, my heart broke as I had to say goodbye to my Zone Leaders Elder Preece and Elder Herzog. I just love them. This all happened within 3 minutes and then it was time to jump into a remis and cross the bridge. NO. TOO FAST!! I did not want to leave. It seriously took all of my will power not to start crying right there in the terminal. Its so interesting, my entire mission I`ve been wishing, wanting, hoping that I`ll get transferred to Paraguay, and the transfer that I don`t want anything to happen is when they kick me out of the country...

Day 1 is Paraguay was absolutey bizzare. It is so different. The people, the movement, the culture. Its crazy how much difference just a bridge really does make.

Day 2 I ate Vendos, Mexian food. Okay, okay Paraguay. I see you trying to get on my good side.

Day 3 we had an activity with mujeres jovenes and we met a ton of the members! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

MY PENSION IS GORGEOUS!!!! We have a balcony with a breathtaking view of the river and the cityskape of Posadas. It was actually kind of torture for the first couple of days, because I was feeling a little homesick, but now it`s just beautiful.

I LOVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!! They are so nice, and everyone thinks my Spanish is so good! They all comment about that, and how I don`t look like an American (aka they want to know why I`m not blond). They actually all think I`m Japanese...close, but not quite. We also have a ton of families with the last name Reyes (Mom`s maiden name), so they`re all convinced that we`re cousins...

The RAMA is struggling...they are currently and have been doing construction on our capilla for the past 7 months so the members of rama 3 go to the rama 1 building for church every week, which is quite a bit further away, which means no one wants to go to church. Yesterday we had 24 people, with only 3 preisthood holders...the struggle...

President and his family are my heros. President is a convert (RESPECT), his wife (RETURN MISSIONARY) is the Relief Society President, and his daughter (RETURN MISSIONARY) is the Primary President. And that is the leadership of our rama...consejo de rama was very interesting yesterday...I can`t even imagine...they are such example of pure dedication to God and his work here. Everyday I count my blessings for my giant ward family at home.

THE CATCH: So many times in the past we had joked around about why on earth they have elders in the office. No offense, but why are 18 and 19 year old boys in charge of the finances, the materials, all of the things that our work and survival here depend on. Also, a while back when I was with hna simmons, we were trying to get the assistants to clue us in about cambios, and they kept joking about how I was getting transferred to the office and was going to be the first office hermana...well........

so my companion and I are in charge of all of the passports of the missionaries that are serving in Paraguay. Without going into too much detail, we are the office hermanas of Paraguay. It is the not so fun part about the job because when they call for something it is always important and has to get done immediately. whenever anyone needs to cross, we have to be there. its...special...I will be learning patience here in this area.

okay another plus side to my area, is that we live 10 minutes walking from the best and cheapest mercado in all of encarnacion. ITS HUGE AND THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! Also, every Pday I will be seen in NORMAL CLOTHES because we had a beach which means VOLLEYBALL!!! Okay, so besides the passport deal, I`m basically living the dream. I forgot my little camera adapter thing so no pics this week, but I`ll make sure to send double next time. Also, this internet is ridiculously awesome and this cìber keeps playing really good American music (oh sweet torture).

OOOOOO and tonight I`m going to ASUNCIÒN to do tramites (document and passport stuff) so I can be legal, which means...I GET TO SEE A TEMPLE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won`t get to go and do any work, but I can`t wait just to walk those holy grounds.

Buckets and buckets of things have already happened but basically I LOVE IT HERE!!!
Hermana Aquino y yo
Also, I love Hna Aquino! We are doing so good together. And it is so fun helping her to learn English!

Its embarrassing to admit, but I think NOW I`m just beginning to understand my purpose...almost 9 months and I`m just not figuring it all out, how pathetic is that? I can`t really explain it too clearly over small text on a screen but...with every parayer, every passage of scripture, every minute in this work, I am truly coming to understand the great Plan of Salvation. I can see the love of Father has for each and every one of us. I know that He is there. I feel His matchless love and power abiding with me everyday I am here.

I am so happy. Really, truly, happy.I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father, and I don`t know why He blessed me with so much but because I did I know that I owe Him all my heart, mind, and soul for these 18 life changing months. THank you for all of your love and support. Keep the emails and snail mail coming :)

rohayhu (I love you in guarani)
Hermana Cannon

ps This week ill be focusing on the protective power of the scriptures and will be ponderizing D&C 68:4

And whatsoever they shall speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost shall be scripture, shall be the will of the Lord, shall be the mind of the Lord, shall be the word of the Lord, shall be the voice of the Lord, and the power of God unto salvation. I know that my call is sacred, and that I have been ordained to proclaim this gospel to the people of Encarnaciòn and through His Holy Spirit I will be an instrument in his hands

Obera 12 - Voy a Encarnacion

2 November 2015
(Semana 30)

Well this transfer week brings TWO big peices of news...
first, Hermana Rigtrup vis staying in Oberà and will be TRAINING!!!! Wooooooo I´m going to be an abuela!!!! I´m so proud of my little hija!!!! and second, me voy a Encarnaciòn!!!!!! En PARAGUAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, I´ll finally be crossing the river, to the land of Burger King, Pizza Hut, and really good shopping. My new companion is Hna. Aquino, de Buenos Aires. YES I HAVE A LATINA COMPANION! After insanely neglecting my progression of Spanish for the past 3 months, I am very very very excited to have a Latina companion again. So, I don´t know too much about the new area except that I am like right in the city. like there aren't that many houses...so this should be interesting. I´m thinking of lots and lots of street contacting, which has never been my favorite, until nowww he he he its fine El Señor will for sure make that weakness into a strength :) 

Well, the news of my transfer to Encarnacion has me feeling all kinds of nervous and excited, but mostly feelings of peace, which is exactly what I prayed to feel when we got the call this morning from the leaders. This past week in Oberà was for sure a challenge, but the church was FILLED with 60 people which was much much improved from last weeks 25...everyone looked super happy yesterday for fast and testimony meeting. i dont know, there was just a really good spirit there. as for our area, we have 1 new investigator, none progressing (for now) and its just feeling a little dry. HOWEVER...hna rigtrup and i just finished a very capo and veryyyy detailed plan de area that is going to BLOW THESE AREGENTINES OUT OF THE WATER; at least it better we spent about 8 hours on the thing. Seriously though, we were CONVINCED we were staying together for another transfer, so we made a list of like 30 things we could do to keep having fun and not get sick of eachother. We even went to the Libreria (the bookstrore) and bought this game called, "Estanciero- juego traditional de Argentina", which turns out to be EXACTLY like MONOPOLY, which I love. and its even better because it is authentically Argentine :) We are determined to finish at least one game before I get shipped, off and I am currently in the lead...I´m honestly probably going to kick Hermana´s butt because I own the Buenos Aires monopoly (the most expensive) and I just put a third house on each of them muahahah :)
haha alright, what else happened this week...

oh yeah, on Saturday our lunch got canceled, so we took the liberty of making a fried empanadas feast (of which I will NEVER DO AGAIN), which was delicious, but the repercussions were almost immediate :/ hehe seriously though something that is delicious? sliced bananas and apples, fry it in empanada form, and then smother it in dulce de leche. yes.
Oh yes...the reason why the week was so hard...this week our recent convert was having a birthday and having a big asado (BBQ) of which we couldnt stay for. When we dropped off his card and refused to come in, he told us that he is sick of our lying and decieving and isnt ever coming to chuirch again, doesnt want to see us again, and we are bad missionaries...yeah that was about the most painful thing I´ve had to hear in the mission so far. Rejection from normal strangers is hard, but it happens, but the things that he said were so cruel and really destroyed my animo...thinking about it later, there were more things that we could've done to help him, but he had no right to tell us that. And its okay that he doesnt recognize all of the things, the prayers, the studies that we had directed towards him over the past three months. I know that Heavenly Father has seen our efforts, I know that I´m not a bad missionary. It was very rough and very humbling, and just gave me another opportunity to pour my heart out in supplication to the Lord, and find the strength and comfort that I needed.

With these recent converts and honestly anyone, the biggest struggle is to help people to become autosufficient. I can´t help but remember that quote from AP economics, "give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime" How?How do we teach them? How do we get them to really want it?  I can honestly say that I feel like I´ll be leaving the area better than i found it, which is always the goal. The progress has been so very minimal, but the spirit that was in the church yesterday was different, was better, and that to me IS something...also, something funny, yesterday i had to teach a class of 10 jovenes. they. are. crazy. teenagers are crazy, but their testimonies were so powerful, and such an inspiration to me. It was such a good opportuity to fill their young minds with my love for the mission work and this Gospel...

Sometimes I get so frustrated and forget that 1. this isnt my work, its His, so it doesnt matter if it isnt going my way. and 2. that I have been called to this work, this mission, this area, because He needs me here. I know that those things are true. I know that patience, humility, charity are virtues that I have yet to master, but I´m striving to gain everyday. Some of the most powerful tools would be prayer and our scriptures. 

This week I´ll be ponderizing Enos 1:4
And my soul hungered; and I kneeled down before my Maker, and I cried unto him in mighty prayer and supplication for mine own soul; and all the day long did I cry unto him; yea, and when the night came I did still raise my voice high that it reached the heavens.

When I read this verse, I could feel the Spirit testify to me of the power of prayer. I know He hears us, KNOWS us, and LOVES us. 
woah i cant believe im really going to paraguay...and that I have to pack. not too excited about packing, but oh I am excited for this next adventure :) thank you for everything, especially for some of the amazing emails I got this week, yáll are the best. 

have a good week!
les quiero

hermana cannon

Obera 11

27 October 2015

What. A. Week. Sorry I didn´t get to write yesterday, we had our Zone meeting/Halloween party yesterday anddddd.....well...

Sunday night we get a text from the Zone Leaders that in order for us to be able to pull of this pday/zone meeting/fiesta we have to do all of our morning studies, clean, write our families, and arrive in Garupà at 2 sharp. Also, I was assigned to direct the reunion, so we really couldnt be late. So we get up at our normal 6:30 (I´ve been completely DEAD the past week so there was NO WAY I was getting up any earlier), exercise, clean, study, call a remis to take us to the terminal so that we can catch the 11:30 colectivo. Gosh that colectivo smelled absolutely horrid, but we were on our way. They told us to get off at the stop Unam and when we arrived we discovered that we were at a different chapel than we usually have our meetings were at. We got there with about an hour to spare, so we weren't too surprised to not see any other missionaries. Little did we know that we were still actually 20 minutes away from where we actually needed to be. After aimlessly walking and getting a phone call from the leaders we quickly realized the mistake. We arrived to the meeting late. It was so embarrassing, I was so mad because we should not have been late, we should have been on time, and it was just awful. Yeah Mom, I´m sure that is just music to your ears...the pokey little puppy has finally grown up and HATES BEING LATE. Well, there´s my rant about that. About half of our zone walked in 10 minutes after we did which helped ease my mind, and the rest of the meeting was its normal spiritual, inspiring, uplifting self. After the meeting we watched MEET THE MORMONS! I hadnt seen it since I was in the CCM and was super grateful that I had at least seen it that one time, because the Spanish voice over was still a little too out of my league to understand. Man that movie can make a missionary trunky. I was completely fine until we got to the last segment: the missionary mom. Oh, and when they showed the scene with the shots of the Salt Lake City Airport, and MY ESCALATOR!!! Yeah, that was a little rough. But as I sat there contemplating the months that still lay ahead, I looked over to my right and see E. Willardson, Freeman, and Evans just looking like they were in the process of getting poked with needles Yes, at least I dont have 21 months left... We followed the movie with a feast of pancakes with the choice of mermelada or dulce de leche on top. Oohhhh so good. And I dont know how Elder Preece and Hna Olvera did it but they just tasted so...American. Something crazy: Hermana Olvera was one of the first hermanas that I met when I got here and now she´s leaving next transfer! I feel like all of my favorite people are going to be dying in the next 1-3 transfers and its just crazy. How in the world do I have 8 MONTHS??? Apparently I´m one of the old ones now...what does that mean? Sometimes I still feel like I have no idea what´s going on? The time is seriously flying by though; good and bad.
A couple of other things that happened last week: the zone leaders came to Oberà to do divisions with the Elders and we had to carry our extra mattress 6 blocks on our heads for them to borrow it for the night. Yeah, when stuff like that happens I just laugh to myself thinking about how I definitely never pictured this or that happening on the mission. My oh my were we getting some looks. I´m sure now they really think the Mormons are crazy haha.

This week was filled to the brim with experiences that taught humility. On Thursday we reset the goal to be OBEDIENT WITH EXACTNESS. So exact that we decided that we´d do our best to be out working by 10:00, home by ):30, and laying down trying to go to sleep at 11:00 (that last one is probably the hardest because sometimes we find ourselves up praying for 20-30 minutes). Anywho we set that goal, headed out to work, and WERE BLESSED WITH THE LORD´S GUIDING HAND. We headed out to a unexplored part of our area in search for the Menos Activa familia Cydekjo. We surprisingly found their house rather quickly because all the houses HAD NUMBERS!!! (this is rare) We clap the house and Romina walks out. For some reason we couldnt think of anything to say besides "hola", but after a minute she totally recognized us and ran back inside to get the keys to unlock the gate. We were recieved with smiles and big hugs from her and her mom Ely, and about 5 minutes into the conversation they tell us that after being inactive for about 3 years, just yesterday they talked about wanting to return to the church! WHAT? haha they were completely shocked that just a day later their prayers had been answered with the arrival of two sister missionaries! So cool! It was just such a testimony builder to see that as we are obedient Heavenly Father will lead us to those who are prepared. And that only by accepting each and every one of His rules can we receive the fullness of the blessings that He has in store for us.

We also found Yesica that night. We contacted her asking about an address and she ended up asking how she could go on a mission. interesting...well first, LET´S GET YOU BAPTIZED! We passed her a Restauracion folleto and a Book of Mormon and I´ve never felt the spirit so strong in a contact before. We´re going to meet with her for the first time tonight and I´m super excited!!!

Lastly, we were walking down the street and this lady that was chillin on her porch saw us coming and quickly ran inside. RUN ITS THE MORMONS!!! haha sad but normal. Anyways we come back that same direction about an hour later and as a joke (a joke because she clearly didnt want to talk to us) I suggest we contact her house :) Well, we actually ended up teaching her and had a really good first lesson. Sure she was a Jehovah´s witness and they scare me alittle but she was actually super nice; Norma. This just showed me that we can judge. We have to realize that God has planned everyone´s life so perfectly that every single person has the capability and capacity to find, follow, and live this Gospel. And we HAVE TO SEE THEM THROUGH HIS EYES. I love this Gospel and this work so much. I´m grateful for every day I have here.

This week I´ll be ponderizing DyC 121: 45-46 :)



hermana cannon


19 October 2015

Alright this is going to be rather short and sweet because i just finished writing back everyone...finally. im sorry ive truly been terrible at getting back to people. it really is much more fun receiving mail than responding...

anyways this week was sooooooo longggggggg but its fine, its over, and yesterday we finished it off by celebrating Argentine Mother´s Day out here. Oh okay so something really funny: Hna. LaPierre (president´s wife) send out a monthly news letter every month with desert recipoes. This time there was one for brownies! I tried it a couple week but because the directions were in español i made a booboo and there were scrambled eggs chunks in them. yeah gross but no one notices and they were still good. Don't even try and understand how it happened it just did. Anyways, so yesterday was Mother´s day and we thought it would be way fun to make a bunch a give them out to all of the mom´s in the rama :) well, i messed up again...the recipe called for 1/2 cup of water but i added 2 1/2 cups...he he he i was absolutely freaking out but Hna rigtrup just gracefully step in and started throwing in flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, sugar....and well it turned out pretty good...haha I´m sure we´ll be trying again real soon. third times the charm?

We had interviews earlier this afternoon. It was kind of a bummer that they had to be on Pday but soooooo worth it! Every interview with President LaPierre...cant even explain it. that man is so wise. The minute you walk in, you can just feel the Spirit it is so thick. Anyways super spiritual, super inspiring, also he showed me this really awesome video of a baby named Genevieve learning to walk...its about 3 minutes long and it just shows her falling and getting up and falling again...eventually she was able to take 10 steps across the room...president compared this to faith. we´ll have our doubts, we´re going to fall, but we just need to keep on getting back up time after time and eventually we´ll be walking. It probably doesn't sound too inspiring though scrambled little words on this screen, but trust me, it was awesome, i was in tears. Also, while we were waiting for our turn we made pizza, and burned it. But I ate it anyway. Hna Lapierre said that the charcoal would be good for our stomachs since we eat lotttttsss of not so good for us food all the time haha. Hna doesnt like burnt food, so she was trying to scrape off the bottom, then hna lapierre called her a wimp. Hna LaPierre is just so sassy sometimes, i love the spunk she brings; moments passed with her are never boring :) I also had a super interesting talk with her about genealogy and how she has spent a ton of time recording histories of her family. 

I think that is for sure something I would like to do, especially for you mom and your experiences back in grade school when the influence of the gospel began to enter your life, and with Gammie too! Everyone has such amazing stories. Everyone´s journey is so unique and they should all be written down.

This week I´ll be ponderizing Matthew 22:37...I absolutely love it. We must love our Lord our God with EVERYTHING that we have, it is ALL already His afterall. He has given us everything...and honestly it hasnt been until I could begin to realize that that I could begin giving more of me to this work. It is His work, it´s not mine. And it is a privilege to be out here serving in His army. I´m seeing miracles everyday, small, mostly, but I am beginning to see the Lords hand in all things, especially in the depths of my own soul.

Okay..I really think I´m about out of time but something super cool that happened was that we were in the middle of district meeting and I was teaching a capacitation on making goals. We hear a bunch of noise, go out and find this random lady sitting in the hall...she saw the doors open and felt like she needed to go inside! HELLO! anyways the elders are teaching her now and she came to church yesterday and absolutely LOVED it :) Anyways after we helped her out, I go back to teaching my training, when I hear more noise in the hallway. This time I quickly finish and pop my head out to she this guy and two teenagers looking in
all the doors, opening closets,etc. Whaaa? Turns out this guy served in OBERÂ 26 YEARS AGO!!!!!!! CRAZYYYYYY something else that was awesome was thats he´s GERMAN! and normally we speak english, he speaks german, but we could both communicate through spanish! I LOVED IT! And I´m totallyyyy coming back to visit my mision :) super cool! He said that the rama hasnt progressed at all since he served here, BUT one of his converts is Hermana Yoselin who feeds us EVERY Friday without fail. SHE is one of the most faithful members of the rama and has a crazy strong testimony. There´s that one verse in Alma about having joy in just saving one soul? Worth it. So so very worth it. And I know that I have almost have 8 months in the mission and still dont have any converts, but its really okay, i might just be a professional seed-planter, and im very okay with that. i love this work. i love my God. i love my life :) Strive to see the Lord´s hand in all things, you will find it, He is always here with us. have a good week. love you all sooooo much!!!!!

chau !

hermana cannon


12 October 2015

What time is it when an elephant sits on a chair?
answer: Time to get a new chair

Yep, I am still enjoying my belated birthday package and my rationed out laffy taffys and Laffy Taffy jokes  :)

this week was really really hard...all i can say is that I feel so incredibly blessed to have a companion that I absolutely love. We´re struggling but we´re struggling and growing together which makes the process a lot less painful. Conclusion: I would rather have an amazing companion and work in an area that requires lots of patience and long-suffering, than have an amazing area, working with a companion that requires lots of patience and long-suffering...he he he

So why was it hard? about a month ago our branch president went inactive and with going to church without a president it was hard to get our menos activos to go to church "if president isnt going I dont need to go" ehhhhh I SWEAR THE CHURCH IS TRUE COME TO CHURCH! So yeah, that has been frustrating...A new Presidente de Rama was called the week before conference and yesterday we had consejo de rama. It actually went really well, and everyone was listening to each other and contributing really good ideas. together. which is really awesome. Our new Presidente really has a vision, a long term one that will help us to all little by little work on building this rama back up and over time we can hopefully become a ward. It is such a priviledge to be here helping them. Our small numbers out here help me to empathize with the early pioneers, pushing on day by day with their small numbers.

This week we were blessed with 3 tender mercies of the Lord:

Flia Wolf. (menos activos) Hna wolf picked up and left Buenos Aires with her 3 small children. For more reasons than one being that her husband was being a bad example to her children, and she could see herself slowly changing into a person she didnt like. She is so awesome and has such a desire to get back to where she once was spiritually. She is so awesome and such a good mom.

Mariela. So we´re walking down the street when we get contacted. "are you the mormons?" YESSSSSS ohmygoodness!!!! then we proceed to talk to her for a little bit and she tells us how shes been looking for the mormon church and has been praying to see us! She wanted us to come visit her and just kept saying that she really needed help. I-I-I was completely shocked. THIS IS THE KIND OF CRAZY STUFF PEOPLE TALK ABOUT! I gave her a hug and told her that the reason we are here was for here. I gave her a hug and see just began to weep. woah. we walked away from that thinking only one thing: BAPTISM!!!!!!! haha sooooo 24 hours later we show up to her house and find out shes actually a member. BUT holy smokes does she need help; she hasnt been able to find work and hadnt had any money to buy food or pay for water, so on Tuesday the authorities came and took away her 3 daughters :( we shared about the power of prayer and fasting and that through God we can get through anything. She fasted and came to church!!!! The rama truly did embrace her too and she left church with a light radiating in her eyes It is such a blessing to see the gospel really heal people spiritually.

and lastly, Mayda. She is 13 and the cousin of one of our progressing menos activos. We hadnt been visiting her for a while because she wasnt progressing but felt inclined to try again this week. We had been having a rough day and bad attitudes, so we just kind of had so-so attitudes during her lesson. really though it had been a terrible day, but we just went for it and invited her to be baptized, expecting her to say no (yeah sorry i know thats terrible). BUT then the room was completely filled with the spirit, everything was quiet, none of her little siblings were running or screaming...and she said yes. Then we set fecha for 31st of October and she. is. serious.

here´s the twist with Mayda: her mom doesnt think she´s old enough to understand making a promise that big with God. Por favor. Anywhooo that is now her obstacle. Her mom says she´ll have to wait until she´s at least 15. Mayda looked so defeated, like she wasn't sure she wanted to try anymore. NO NO NO youre so awesome!!!!! And then I began to share your story Mom. How you had to patiently wait as the most devoted and committed investigator until you were finally able to get baptized 6 years later. I shared how through your long-suffering you were able to have one of the most important days of your life and begin the journey that has brought me here serving a mission today. That did restore her hope. Thank you mom for being so awesome.

a couple of other awesome things: they came and fumigated!!!!! now we keep finding
dead cockroaches, but at least they're dead

we made BOMB french toast and even broke out the kneaders syrup

I got my hello kitty bithday card! I miss you guys all so stinkin much!

well...i have nothing lest to say...oh oh yeah this morning I washed my laundry in a bucket. its not very fun. I cant believe I used to complain about doing my laundry. Yeah...how pathetic is that...how how i will never take modern day appliances for granted ever again

have a good week!


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5 October 2015

#blessed #grateful #iLOVEbeingaMORMON okay really though, if general conference did not completely BLOW your mind, you´re doing something wrong. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE and THIS GOSPEL IS SO AWESOME AND HAPPY.

I´ll get back to that, but first, some of the happenings of this week...
Tuesday was really long and exausting as we had a Zone meeting in garupà, which meant lovely hours on a roller coaster of a colectivo. I made sure to not eat anything before, as to not have a desire to toss my cookies. The meeting was amazing as usual, and we welcomed a bunch of newbies into the zone. This transfer we had 17 gringos shipped in from America?? that is a lot annnndddd they´re all pretty cool, for being fresh out of high school. yeah, they´re babies. Anyways, I was asked to speak for a little bit about my experiences with killing off two missionaries, and how I was able to come to understand who I was as a missionary. I talked about how it was really hard to find my identity when I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by my amazing and spiritual companions. I was stressed about personal goals, my abilities, the language, my weaknesses and insecurities, BUT the moment when I truly stopped focusing on myself, and more on CHRIST everything changed. As I focused not on the missionary I currently was but on the missionary and person that I eventually wanted to become, it made the days a little easier. As we look to Christ, as we focus on Him and his characterists we slowly embody those qualities, and in turn start the process to becoming more like Him. I had little stick figure elders and hermanas for everyone and the task was to write down 20 or more characteristics that you wanted to see in a future you, and then try to forget about them and go back to trying to become like Christ. Since you wrote it down,Heavenly Father knows that you know some of the great things you can have and become, and through trying to become like His son, the perfect one, we´ll be able to achieve all of our other goals along the way too. I hope that made sense...anyways it did at the time. you should´ve been there.

Anyways, got back to Oberà, worked, got home, and went straight to getting ready for bed. So I´m in the bathroom when I hear, "Hermana. Stay in there." Oh great, I thought she probably found a bug...I start to slowly open the door, "NO Hermana I´m serious stay in there" annnddddd now I´m terrified...I hear a bunch of slamming noises and a little bit of squeeling, and im just curled up on top of the toilet trying to keep my breathing regular. Finally I here I triumphant HAAA I GOT YEWWW and I cautiously come out. Hermana is now looking high and low for an apperently dead GIANT COCKROACH...her process of serching is actually pretty hilarious as she was scrambling high and low scouring for the body. I take this opportunity to run for my camera, and start rolling..no body to be found...and then all of a sudden I see somthing running accross the top of the air conditioner and I absolutley lose it and wide eyed, jaw dropped, with a shakey arm point and run for the bathroom and go back to hiding...now hermana is really freaking out, I´m freaking out and still filming all of this...long long story (more short) is that she eventually found it and smashed it to bits, then we continued to keep on finding them in the bedroom, and took the liberty of spraying the room down with RAID:maximum strength, pulling out the mattresses , and slumberpartying out in the front room. The next day, I woke up to two more friends right next to me. are. you. kidding. me. what an experience...I remember President telling me in my first interview that I would get used to the cockroach problem...it still hasnt happened...also, we keep finding cockroach egg nest things, so we still have some friends staying with us...we will find you...

yeahhh that took up a big part of the week...
we finally got to see Women´s conference and after patiently (impatiently) waiting/enduring through the buffering were able to watch the whole thing. SO GOOD. sometimes/all the time I just love being an hermana.
something random: the fried egg on the hambuger thing? yes, I just recently had it again, and found it to be oddly DELICIOUS.
Okay, back to conference weekend!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing, as anticipated and I wish I could write down all of my feelings and impressions, but honestly aint nobody got time for that. All I have to say is that going into conference prepared, and with questions for the Lord is a real thing. You will have every single one of your questions answered. It really did feel like Christmas. 

My favorites were Larry R. Lwarence, Robert D. Hales, JEFFERY R HOLLAND (best shout out to MOMS!!!!! It made me both so appreciative for my own ridiculously amazing mother and so so sooo very terrified with the idea of eventually becoming one), Bradley D. Foster, Thomas S. Monson, Dale G. Rendlund, Russell M. Nelson, and Devin G. Durrant, annnndddd just about everyone else too. I really enjoyed Elder Durrant´s talk though and will definitely be accepting the challenge to ponderize (ponder/memorize) a scripture every week. This truly will help us to keep virtuous thought, fill the stage of our minds with more light, and honestly just feel happier. This week is Alma 32:40-41 :) 

In other news, as a zone we are focusing on HUMILITY this transfer which whenever we study humility I always get a little scared because everything does all of a sudden get 100% harder, but its so great because it is when its the hardest that we´re thrown down to our knees. I am truly coming to KNOW my Savoir Jesus Christ. I know he lives and loves me I know I have a Father in Heaven who hears my prayers, but most importantly KNOWs what is best for me. I´ve been reflecting a lot lately on my progress and the past 7 months and I really do feel a change occurring in my heart. At the beginning it was so hard, I wanted to do my own thing. I didn´t really want to change and I didn´t think there was really that much that needed to change. haha funny. But once I became committed to being the "submissive missionary" my prayers included asking to "want to want what he wants" then it became to "want what he wants" and now its honestly just, "to know what he wants". I KNOW He knows the best plan for my future, he has all the secrets and mysteries of how I can be happy, and that is all I really want in this life: to find the key to true and lasting happiness. I know it is all rooted in the gospel. 

I´m so happy and so very out of time. love you alll so much!


Hermana cannon