Minga Guazu 1 - Week 5

11 April 2016

I swear, with each passing week, I have less and less time to write...
and I have a ton of people that I haven`t responded to so sorry...but I love youuu and am so grateful!!!

Right...so today we took a field trip to Pte. Franco, a super dangerous place!!!! (thats what Fernando, a member was telling us as he drove us out there) so we could see SALTOS DE MONDAY (pronounced muhn-duh-ugh). Which was gorgeous!!!! and there were a million

butterflies!!! I think I spent a good 15 minutes trying to wheedle butterflies into hopping onto my finger so I could capture the moment...hah so hopefully, I'm able to attach pictures this week, so you can have a general idea of how beautiful it was.

This week was hard, emotionally and physically, and spiritually...so like normal :)
physically: because the climate changed back to SUMMER, and we just about fried everyday also because we finished JILLIAN WEEK 4!!! Booyah !!!! emotionally and spiritually: because...well...I honestly have zero time to talk about the "battles" that went down in the inner chambers of my heart lol, but it was a good week of spiritual growth, of prayer, of fasts, and...I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers...
I know that it doesnt matter how many baptisms or conversions I`ve seen but my dedication to His work. I know he sees me, and knows me, and is here with me....
if I have more time next week, I`ll try to go into more detail...but I know I probably wont, because I never do, but then again....all of these moments and experiences are..."you just had to be there" moments. That is the mission. You will never really understand, unless you were there.

love you.
hermana cannon

ps we found a man named Ricardo, who owns a soft served icecream store...he`s super catholic but is kinds and fills our icecreams up extra high :)

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