Emcarnacion 13

1 February 2016
Semana 43

What a week! The first part of the week was spent enjoying the final days of our happy little foursome, looking for pensions, furniture, packing, etc. and well...we still haven't found a pension :( boooooo...which means that we are still 4 hermanas in one apartment, which is...an experience...

Transfers were a bit loco but such a good time because I got to be reunited with a bunch of my faves, who crossed over into Paraguay. Perks of guarding the passports. Unfortunately some of the missionaries escaped with their passports to their new areas, which is so uncool, because that makes things more complicated, but it`s okay because I bought myself some brazilian cookies, and now I feel better. Brazilian stuff is top notch. Just like my new companion...

So, I LOVE MY NEW COMPANION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was super excited to pick up Hermana Santana from the terminal and today is day 4 and we are just having an amazing time. We are scary alike...super similar in personality, which has been nothing but good so far. She is super loving and an amazing teacher. Even though she only has 5 months in the mission, I know she has loads to teach me; including Portugües.

We cracked open "O Livro de Mormòn" Saturday night while we were waiting for some calls to come through and well...It is so not "basically spanish". haha but Hermana said that shes totally willing to teach me because my pronounciation is actually decent and therefore will have more patience to teach me haha. Apart from some words that look similar the sounds are super abstract BUT I found a secret...if I mentally cue a southern accent, I can get the words to come out correctly haha

Everything is going good though; already so different. With interviews that we had 2 weeks ago, closing the transfer, they came at a perfect time to really evaluate and set solid goals for this next transfer and more the rest of my mission. After my meeting with pte. and the world mission conference that we watched, I`ve really been focusing on repentance and the Atonement in my studies.  I do testify that the repentance process is real and is given to us to use everyday! and not just for the big things, but every little thing as well. Everything that keeps us from perfection can and will be corrected through the power of the Atonement. And just as preach my gospel says, the more we come to understand the Atonement, the greater our desire will be to share the gospel.

There`s still so much to do, with so little time :)
Love Hermana Santana !
I can say I wasted time on the mission being unhappy, wondering why I wasnt having success, why I wasnt seeing miracles on the daily, but what I have come to learn is that to see miracles, you have to LOOK for them! Look for them in EVERYTHING!!! In the lady that rejected the message with a smile, the colectivo driver that stopped when he saw us running to catch the bus, the vendor with the hot and fresh chipa...haha when we can begin to search and seek his hand in all things, we will see that his tender mercies are constantly enveloping our lives :)

And then all of those little miracles lead to bigger ones, like finding an awesome investigator named Jeni and a part-member family with tons of potential. More on them next time ;)

sending big hugs from this side of the equator
hermana cannon

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