Encarnacion 17

29 February 2016
Semana 47

Well...this pday got off to a rather rough start this morning when our golden partial-member family broke-up with us...over text message...who does that? I can`t even go into further detail, because I just kind of want to cry. But, its okay, we`ll just keep on keeping on :)
the highlight of the week was Wednesday. We were able to participate in a South America South area conference LIVE with Elder Bednar. Woahhhhhhh coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
thursday I turned ONE YEAR OLD! :O Hermana Santana made me a Brazilian icecream cake; delicious.
Friday we went out to San Miguel again and changed up our schedule to take advantage of the hours of daylight. We got completley fried from the afternoon sun, and I probably drank more water than I ever have in my entire life haha...there`s a reason we study in the afternnoon. ha
this week we also started teaching Simplicio. He`s the boyfriend of one of our members and is super prepared. He`s investigated a lot of churches but ours is the only one that he feels SOMETHING. Every lesson has had the spirit so strong and the rama has been really good about supporitng him, which I know will help him with finding the answers he needs.

I have so many thoughts in my head, I dont know what to put down anymore, whats important, whats going to be interesting, or help someone out there to get a gist of what the mission is...

the conference with Elder Bednar was all about acting with faith. that we cant just learn, and believe, but act with those things that we believe in, and THAT is when our faith in turn becomes strengthened, we become more converted, and the blessings come. But we need to ACT. We have to take that first step into the water, before it part for us.
I know I`m trying to do this, even though I dont really know how...
My biggest take away from the meeting was patience. In all things, but mostly in myself.

Well...I`m out of time but I`m so happy and I can`t believe that transfers are already next week. I`m sorry if my emails have been kind of lame and uninteresting...I think part of it is that my brain really does struggle with processing english... haha
I love you all and thank you to all those who still write me, you're the best!!!!
have a good week :)

hermana cannon

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