Minga Guazu 1 - Week 2

21 March 2016

Right. So I forgot my agenda at home so I'm struggling to remember exactly what happened this week. I currently have a cold and a nasal infection, which are just a joy...It still doesn't make too much sense to me how I can be sick when its 90 degrees outside, but...
This morning had another panic attack with sights of my new memory having a virus...
its just not a good idea...just about everything is whether questionable, and its better to be safe than sorry.....lucky for me, I ran into Elder Balcaza, who naturally had a few tricks up his sleeve and was able to take all of the viruses off of my stuff...bad news is that I probably wont be sending any pictures home for a while or...for the rest of the mission, just to be safe...
this week I learned the difference between a gallo, a pollo, and a gallina...
gallos are roosters
pollos are the fat chickens
and gallinas are skinny chickens...
and we eat all of them...who knew?
the biggest conversation starter out here is to find out whether I'm Chinese, Japanese, or Korean...neither. and when I inform them that I'm Filipina they start talking about Asian foreign films like I would totally know what their talking about...I'm Asian but still .... not THAT Asian ! ha ha 
I realized that I know 15 words in Guarani...trying to remember English, studying Spanish & Portuguese, and "trying" to remember simple phrases in Guarani, my hea is one big ZARAMBI (disaster) he he hehe :)
After 10 days of getting a good feel for the area, I really do LOVEEEE it :) And I love my compie!!! And I'm just doing super good.  The people are so humble and have so much to teach me. A lot of people are receptive, and even if they aren't ready to make covenants with the Lord, most are willing to hear our message.
My favorite experience was one I had with Yanice and her family. They are a humble family and don't have the money to travel to church in the colectivo. But we took an old Pringles can, decorated it, slit the top and made it a piggy bank. When they saw it they got all excited and began looking all over for coins...by the end of the lesson they had collected 2 mil. 2 mil is worth about 40 cents??? but their efforts and sacrifices are seen by God, and I know that when they are finally able to get to church, they will feel that overwhelming spirit of the Lord.
The miracle of the week goes to: lunch with familia Vera. They never turn us down for Friday lunch...we ate very well, and when all the boys had cleared out of the kitchen and were just sitting quietly with hna vera, she looked at us, smiled, and shared how they only had 15 mil (3 dollars) in the entire house, but the Lord made it work. They were able to STUFF 6 people with food! And then looking at our shocked faces proudly showed off the 1.5 mil she still had left over. The Lord will always bless us in overabundance.

I'm sorry I don't have much to say this week, but just know I'm doing good. And I hope everyone there at home is doing good too
don't be shy to give me a life update :)
have good week
hermana cannon

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