Minga Guazu 1- Week 3 & 4

4 April 2016

Okay...basically, I`m just all over the place...I have only but a few minutes, but I`ll try and get out as much as possible, especially since I was lazy last week and didn`t have/want to make time to write an email...

First off...Aspen Hassell came home this week...her mom sent out a video of her coming out airport doors, hugging her little sister, crying...i just got super trunky...what was i thinking watching that ?...*cough 4 1/2 months cough*

Sencond off all, the worlds best ice cream flavor is LEMON PIE. Just picture it in your mind...it tastes EXACTLY like how you imagine it, but better...and thats why I`ve gained 2 pounds from last week haha...but I have also successfully made it through 3 full weeks of Jillian Michaels`s "ripped in 30" workout program, so it could totally be muscle, right??? yeah, we`ll go with that :)

Today was marvelous because after 3 weeks of perusing centro shopping tecniques and bartering, I have finally bought....A HAMMOCK! yes...that was a very proud buy...
And naturally since I dont look like an American I actually got a killer price for it. The same vendors recognized me, so as Hna Alvarez and I came strolling down the passage, people were already coming up to try and to sell me their hammocks haha...one lady even quietly whispered and held up 6 fingers to explain she`d give it to me for 60mil haha aweee
I wish I could`ve taken out my camera and shot a video of our adventures in centro today...we couldn't make it 5 seconds without someone shoving some product and yelling prices in our faces. We couldn`t help but laugh at their desperation to sell us a pair of socks..."I`m sorry, but I really don't need socks", they continue to lower the price. yep, still don't need socks.

 The current dilema here at home, is that we dont have a fridge...and havent had one for 2 weeks now...we were sick and tired of the over-accumulated ice in the freezer, and decided to let it thaw out, so we could actually use the space. Impatience got the better of us, and we began hacking at the ice with knives...yeah bad idea...now we dont have a fridge.  Luckily, there`s a fixer-upper member her in Minga who is working on it, but in the meantime...it is a rather terrible exisistence...for future freezer dethawers: LET THE ICE MELT

General Conference was obviously the highlight of my weekend, week, LIFE! Elder Hollands and President Monsons talks were my favorites, and the entire conference just gave me a lot to reflect on overall...the overall theme was "press forward with faith" and I know thats exactly what we have to do, everyday. Whether on the mission or off, that`s what we promised when we made our baptismal covenant...as we continue to press forward, and block out all of the distractions and dangers in our surroundings that are just constantly trying to pull us down, in the end, I know we`ll make it our okay.

I`m just doing super good, you know? With the people, the area, my companion, I`m just super happy. Time has been flying, I cant believe we`re coming to a close with this transfer and that after this I`m only going to have 3 more!

Reality gave me a nice slap in the face this week, when my BYU buddy Elder Preece informed me that we had to sign up for fall classes. Jaw dropping, throat closing, EMERGENCY talk with president haha. Yeah, but now I`m fine, because president always knows what to say, prayer is THE REAL DEAL, and I have THE WORLD GREATEST MOTHER who still saves my skin when I procrastinate :)  

This week I`m going to focus on meditating more...I aways pray, studyt, and pray, but skip the meditating step because its weird and I`m impatient...but what I`ve already come to realize with some tests is that the meditaing step IS THE STEP, because its in THESE moments when the spirit really can work within us.

On the colectivo ride home from centro, I was sitting next to a woman named Anna. I was in my own little world for most of the 40 minute ride, when the thought popped into my head that I should talk to her. Turns out she`s a single mom of 2, isnt happy with her job, wants more out of her life, and happily wrote down her contact information when I asked if we could visit her. When I bore my testimony about the strength of single mothers and the blessing the gospel pour out to our families, I felt the spirit testify so stronly. It didnt matter that we were flying through the city on a noisy colectivo or that it was so crowded I could barely turn myself to face her, I know the spirit worked in that moment. Super cool.
alrighty, have a good week!!!!! I`m super grateful to all the people who still write me; such dedicated fans lol. you are the best!!!!

jajotopata (nos vamos encontrar)(see you later?)

Hermana Cannon

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