Encarnacion 12

25 January 2016
Semana 42

HAPPY TRANSFERS!!!!!!!!! I`ll be staying here in Rama 3 for the next 6 weeks! Hna. Aquino is headed to San Vincente Iguazu and is doing a WHITE WASH!!! What a boss, I`m so proud of the girl...this transfer, we`ve been able to grow so much closer and I really am sad that she`s leaving...and so far away too.
Hna. Hurtado is headed up to Cuidad del Este barrio 2!!! THE DREAM!!!! someday...someday...
Hna Quispe, thankfully, will be staying in Encarn, so I`ll still be able to see her for meetings and on pdays.
As for me and Rama 3, HERMANA SANTANA is my new companion!!!!! She is super awesome and was in my my zone when I was in GarupĂ !
It gets better...SHE`S BRAZILIAN!!!!!!!! eu falo portugues haha

ehhhhh I dont have any time but...WE HAD THE BAPTISMS OF THE MAGIS on Saturday! Everything was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. Magi.2 had to get dunked twice because they called her name wrong, but otherwise everything was so special. The Rama has been so supportive bringing in these two new special members, and it has been such a privilege to see all of their progress. haha the only challenge was filling up the pila bautismal was a bit of a challenge, because of the lack of water pressure, but we easily solved that problem by filling up large garbage cans in the sinks and tossing the water over the railing. yes.

Right...oh so other big news is that they opened Rama 3.2! Yeah, more hermanas are coming!!! It truly is an answer to our prayers. The people here are amazing and they deserve the help and support. I`m really happy that I still get to be here helping out the office and with passports, but not being able to give the people our 100% was a big point of frustration.
now we just have to find them a place to live...ughhh apartment hunting is THE WORST...
Even though I`ve eaten more pan dulce this week than I ate all Christmas, I still dropped a kilo. wooooo
sorry yeah, I`m out of time, and I`m way too distracted by cackling hermanas to write anything else.
Happy 11 meses :)
rohayhu (i love you in guarani)
hermana cannon

PS.  I also...today I had to pick out the transfer ties for the office elders...we got a deal if we bought 10. How perfect: they needed eight, and the other two...for the office hermanas (aka yours truly)

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