28 September 2015

When I think about being a missionary in the olden days sending snail mail, by air carrier, boat, or pony express? its easy to imagine that letters would get lost right?  Or sometimes its doesn't matter what year it is, something is still going to happen with you mail...like maybe your District Leader is going to return home to ECUADOR???!!!! and carry off YOUR PRECIOUS LETTERS!!!!! I'm still bitter about it, because I´m probably not ever going to see those...all I have to say is that I hope it wasn't anyone besides Mom or Dad, because I wont be responding. 

Kneaders Syrup !!
On the plus side, I did finally get my PACKAGE!!!!! I received it just in time for my 7th month birthday :) And let me just say that the mac n cheese and french toast with KNEADERS SYRUP was the highlight of my week. I feel so blessed to have the connections to get me propaganda mailed from INSIDE the country lol. I LOVE YOU MOM, DYLAN, AND AMERICAN TREASURES!

Alright, so this is gonna be short and sweet. I decided I was going to respond to emails first, because I have not been writing anyone, and when you don't write people back, then no one writes you, except your parents and President, annnnddddd its just depressing.

Right....so I have just about NO time... so sorry this is going to be absolutely terrible...

Margarita and her daughters Lorena and Sole are currently rocking my world because they keep ALL of their commitments, and are coming to general conference this weekend! Love them. Also, they gave us cake during our last visit.  We made a GIANT cake with a layer of vanilla, a layer of chocolate, and banana and dulce de leche in the middle and we gave away some of it but....we basically ate all of it lol it was delicious.

We found a really awesome menos activa Camila who totally committed to coming to church yesterday, and I was sooooo exciteddddd and then...she didn't come. yeah, this happens like all the time, but I was emotionally crushed more than normal. I hate when people lie to me, its just not cool :( I just love them so much and I want them to come to church, be spiritually refreshed, and BE HAPPY!

Soooooo the Branch was like totallyyyyyy falling apart, but now we have a new Presidente and president came down, had a meeting with us, and basically told us that we´re all going to be here for awhile. good thing I like it here. He said that we´ll be a critical part in raising the branch back up. Talk about pressure but such a privileged and honor that Heavenly Father trusts US enough to be here to take care of this fragile part of his vineyard. We shall do our best!

ehhhhhhh....yeah thats about all...I´ve been super stressed out about being the perfect missionary but the biggest thing that Ive learned this week is that we dont have 18 months or 2 years to become perfect...we have 18 months to start the process, to learn how we should live, discover who we are, our true potential, and it should be enjoyable not miserable. and I´m just a really happy missionary

that is all 
love you


hermana cannon

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