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9 November 2015
Semana 31

Okay yeah, so transfers was an absolute nightmare...NO ONE thought I was going to leave. Hna Rigtrup had already been in Oberà for 3 transfers so everyone figured I would be staying. 

Saying goodbye to everyone after only 3 short months, was just absolutely devastating. I never would`ve thought that I would grow to love people so deeply and so quickly. Packing was horrifying after two dead companions I have accumulated A LOT of things) and after one suitcase, I was soooo over it. Hna Rigtrup was a complete angel though, and packed the rest for me :) What a good hija. We got on the cole for Posadas, stayed in La Valle for the night, and stayed up till 3 talking and packing with my faves Hna Woodwell and Hna Fox. It was wayy past my bedtime, so I don`t recall too much, but it was nice to see them. Also, Hna Rigtrup and I finished our game of Estanciero, I won.So early in the morning they came to take Hna Rigtrup to the office to meet her trainee, Hna Vargas! And then all of a sudden it was time to head to the terminal and say goodbye and I just burst in to tears (I was super tired). 

We get to the terminal and the only thing the other missionaries were saying to me was how they were so surprised I was leaving. Yes, I know. We all thought I was staying. Oh my gosh, my heart broke as I had to say goodbye to my Zone Leaders Elder Preece and Elder Herzog. I just love them. This all happened within 3 minutes and then it was time to jump into a remis and cross the bridge. NO. TOO FAST!! I did not want to leave. It seriously took all of my will power not to start crying right there in the terminal. Its so interesting, my entire mission I`ve been wishing, wanting, hoping that I`ll get transferred to Paraguay, and the transfer that I don`t want anything to happen is when they kick me out of the country...

Day 1 is Paraguay was absolutey bizzare. It is so different. The people, the movement, the culture. Its crazy how much difference just a bridge really does make.

Day 2 I ate Vendos, Mexian food. Okay, okay Paraguay. I see you trying to get on my good side.

Day 3 we had an activity with mujeres jovenes and we met a ton of the members! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

MY PENSION IS GORGEOUS!!!! We have a balcony with a breathtaking view of the river and the cityskape of Posadas. It was actually kind of torture for the first couple of days, because I was feeling a little homesick, but now it`s just beautiful.

I LOVE THE PEOPLE!!!!!! They are so nice, and everyone thinks my Spanish is so good! They all comment about that, and how I don`t look like an American (aka they want to know why I`m not blond). They actually all think I`m Japanese...close, but not quite. We also have a ton of families with the last name Reyes (Mom`s maiden name), so they`re all convinced that we`re cousins...

The RAMA is struggling...they are currently and have been doing construction on our capilla for the past 7 months so the members of rama 3 go to the rama 1 building for church every week, which is quite a bit further away, which means no one wants to go to church. Yesterday we had 24 people, with only 3 preisthood holders...the struggle...

President and his family are my heros. President is a convert (RESPECT), his wife (RETURN MISSIONARY) is the Relief Society President, and his daughter (RETURN MISSIONARY) is the Primary President. And that is the leadership of our rama...consejo de rama was very interesting yesterday...I can`t even imagine...they are such example of pure dedication to God and his work here. Everyday I count my blessings for my giant ward family at home.

THE CATCH: So many times in the past we had joked around about why on earth they have elders in the office. No offense, but why are 18 and 19 year old boys in charge of the finances, the materials, all of the things that our work and survival here depend on. Also, a while back when I was with hna simmons, we were trying to get the assistants to clue us in about cambios, and they kept joking about how I was getting transferred to the office and was going to be the first office hermana...well........

so my companion and I are in charge of all of the passports of the missionaries that are serving in Paraguay. Without going into too much detail, we are the office hermanas of Paraguay. It is the not so fun part about the job because when they call for something it is always important and has to get done immediately. whenever anyone needs to cross, we have to be there. its...special...I will be learning patience here in this area.

okay another plus side to my area, is that we live 10 minutes walking from the best and cheapest mercado in all of encarnacion. ITS HUGE AND THEY HAVE EVERYTHING! Also, every Pday I will be seen in NORMAL CLOTHES because we had a beach which means VOLLEYBALL!!! Okay, so besides the passport deal, I`m basically living the dream. I forgot my little camera adapter thing so no pics this week, but I`ll make sure to send double next time. Also, this internet is ridiculously awesome and this cìber keeps playing really good American music (oh sweet torture).

OOOOOO and tonight I`m going to ASUNCIÒN to do tramites (document and passport stuff) so I can be legal, which means...I GET TO SEE A TEMPLE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We won`t get to go and do any work, but I can`t wait just to walk those holy grounds.

Buckets and buckets of things have already happened but basically I LOVE IT HERE!!!
Hermana Aquino y yo
Also, I love Hna Aquino! We are doing so good together. And it is so fun helping her to learn English!

Its embarrassing to admit, but I think NOW I`m just beginning to understand my purpose...almost 9 months and I`m just not figuring it all out, how pathetic is that? I can`t really explain it too clearly over small text on a screen but...with every parayer, every passage of scripture, every minute in this work, I am truly coming to understand the great Plan of Salvation. I can see the love of Father has for each and every one of us. I know that He is there. I feel His matchless love and power abiding with me everyday I am here.

I am so happy. Really, truly, happy.I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father, and I don`t know why He blessed me with so much but because I did I know that I owe Him all my heart, mind, and soul for these 18 life changing months. THank you for all of your love and support. Keep the emails and snail mail coming :)

rohayhu (I love you in guarani)
Hermana Cannon

ps This week ill be focusing on the protective power of the scriptures and will be ponderizing D&C 68:4

And whatsoever they shall speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost shall be scripture, shall be the will of the Lord, shall be the mind of the Lord, shall be the word of the Lord, shall be the voice of the Lord, and the power of God unto salvation. I know that my call is sacred, and that I have been ordained to proclaim this gospel to the people of Encarnaciòn and through His Holy Spirit I will be an instrument in his hands

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