Encarnacion 3

23 November 2015
Semana 33

ughhhhhhhhh my computer is a freaking nightmareeeeeeee
also this cìber is playing really inappropriate, ugly, english music, and i want to dieeeee :( where are my EFY and Mormon Tab when I need them?!?
Alright...so what happened this week? Honestly, I`m all around having a really hard time focusing because we just spent the past 3 hours at the beach playing volleyball. Kinda funny that I`m down here baking, and at home its almost Chirstmas and theres snow everywhere...
Oh, so after searching far and wide, I finally found a place where I could send international letters. I got them all stuffed full, decorated, made with love and care, and then the guy told me it would be 145 gs...thats like 25 dollars???? ehhhhhh no. So about the letter writing, I think we`ll have to wait on that for a little while until I find another location, or find a reliable pigeon...
Yesterday we had a multizone conference which was aweesomee because I got to meet a bunch of new missionaries...I really feel like I`m in a completley new mission sometimes. The culture, the dynamic, the people they are all so different from the Argentina that I had gotten used to. It really is like starting over. Which is a good thing too...
The biggest take away from the conference was when President took the time to talk about our mission calls. We talked about our first reactions to finding out we had been called to Posadas, Argentina, and invited to reflect on how we feel now...

This morning I dug out my first mission journal, the one that has a copy of my llamamiento pasted in it and really read it. The same spirit was there, and I couldn't help but get choked up as a flood of memories of the night I opened it, came back. That was this time last year. I can honestly say the minute I had a call, was the minute I really started to change. Having a mission call DID make me think twice about the things I was choosing to do, the music I wanted to listen to. I did realize that I was preparing to leave. And only now, 9 months later, am I really understanding the power, the holiness of our callings as missionaries.

When we open our call, and we have a crowd of our closest family and friends, anxiously awaiting, what does everyone care about? The location, what/if we are speaking a language, and what day our lives as normal people cease. That information is all contained within the first two paragraphs. And today, when I read my call, the more precious part for me was found in the remaining 3 paragraphs...it shares how if I serve with all my heart, mind, might, and strength, that I will have greater blessings and more happiness than I have yet to experience. I do testify that these things are true. What a blessing it is to be here. I thank our Father in Heaven everyday for getting my stubborn, ignorant, nieve self on a mission. I can not imagine, dont want to imagine my life without these 18 months. I have found true happiness. And I know that it is within Christ and by living by His principles and doctrines that we will all have the opportunity to find EXACTLY what we are looking for. I love you all! thank you for brightening my day every week!

les quiero
Hermana cannon
ps tomorrow marks 9 months aka HALFWAYYYYYY...I will be burning a shoe :)
pps ponderizing Alma 32:43...he knows us, and the work we are doing...siga trabajando, I know the Lord rewards us through our diligence, patience, longsuffering

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