12 October 2015

What time is it when an elephant sits on a chair?
answer: Time to get a new chair

Yep, I am still enjoying my belated birthday package and my rationed out laffy taffys and Laffy Taffy jokes  :)

this week was really really hard...all i can say is that I feel so incredibly blessed to have a companion that I absolutely love. We´re struggling but we´re struggling and growing together which makes the process a lot less painful. Conclusion: I would rather have an amazing companion and work in an area that requires lots of patience and long-suffering, than have an amazing area, working with a companion that requires lots of patience and long-suffering...he he he

So why was it hard? about a month ago our branch president went inactive and with going to church without a president it was hard to get our menos activos to go to church "if president isnt going I dont need to go" ehhhhh I SWEAR THE CHURCH IS TRUE COME TO CHURCH! So yeah, that has been frustrating...A new Presidente de Rama was called the week before conference and yesterday we had consejo de rama. It actually went really well, and everyone was listening to each other and contributing really good ideas. together. which is really awesome. Our new Presidente really has a vision, a long term one that will help us to all little by little work on building this rama back up and over time we can hopefully become a ward. It is such a priviledge to be here helping them. Our small numbers out here help me to empathize with the early pioneers, pushing on day by day with their small numbers.

This week we were blessed with 3 tender mercies of the Lord:

Flia Wolf. (menos activos) Hna wolf picked up and left Buenos Aires with her 3 small children. For more reasons than one being that her husband was being a bad example to her children, and she could see herself slowly changing into a person she didnt like. She is so awesome and has such a desire to get back to where she once was spiritually. She is so awesome and such a good mom.

Mariela. So we´re walking down the street when we get contacted. "are you the mormons?" YESSSSSS ohmygoodness!!!! then we proceed to talk to her for a little bit and she tells us how shes been looking for the mormon church and has been praying to see us! She wanted us to come visit her and just kept saying that she really needed help. I-I-I was completely shocked. THIS IS THE KIND OF CRAZY STUFF PEOPLE TALK ABOUT! I gave her a hug and told her that the reason we are here was for here. I gave her a hug and see just began to weep. woah. we walked away from that thinking only one thing: BAPTISM!!!!!!! haha sooooo 24 hours later we show up to her house and find out shes actually a member. BUT holy smokes does she need help; she hasnt been able to find work and hadnt had any money to buy food or pay for water, so on Tuesday the authorities came and took away her 3 daughters :( we shared about the power of prayer and fasting and that through God we can get through anything. She fasted and came to church!!!! The rama truly did embrace her too and she left church with a light radiating in her eyes It is such a blessing to see the gospel really heal people spiritually.

and lastly, Mayda. She is 13 and the cousin of one of our progressing menos activos. We hadnt been visiting her for a while because she wasnt progressing but felt inclined to try again this week. We had been having a rough day and bad attitudes, so we just kind of had so-so attitudes during her lesson. really though it had been a terrible day, but we just went for it and invited her to be baptized, expecting her to say no (yeah sorry i know thats terrible). BUT then the room was completely filled with the spirit, everything was quiet, none of her little siblings were running or screaming...and she said yes. Then we set fecha for 31st of October and she. is. serious.

here´s the twist with Mayda: her mom doesnt think she´s old enough to understand making a promise that big with God. Por favor. Anywhooo that is now her obstacle. Her mom says she´ll have to wait until she´s at least 15. Mayda looked so defeated, like she wasn't sure she wanted to try anymore. NO NO NO youre so awesome!!!!! And then I began to share your story Mom. How you had to patiently wait as the most devoted and committed investigator until you were finally able to get baptized 6 years later. I shared how through your long-suffering you were able to have one of the most important days of your life and begin the journey that has brought me here serving a mission today. That did restore her hope. Thank you mom for being so awesome.

a couple of other awesome things: they came and fumigated!!!!! now we keep finding
dead cockroaches, but at least they're dead

we made BOMB french toast and even broke out the kneaders syrup

I got my hello kitty bithday card! I miss you guys all so stinkin much!

well...i have nothing lest to say...oh oh yeah this morning I washed my laundry in a bucket. its not very fun. I cant believe I used to complain about doing my laundry. Yeah...how pathetic is that...how how i will never take modern day appliances for granted ever again

have a good week!


hermana cannon

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