Encarnacion 6

14 December 2015
Semana 36

Currently it is 845pm here in Encarncaciòn

yes, please do not be alarmed by the late hour of writing, we recieved permission...it has been raining A FOOL (haha argentine phrase that I can`t really decribe, its like a lot?) yesterday and ALL DAY TODAY!!!!

Yesterday it was so bad that Branch President had to come get us in his car because we couldn't leave to walk to the colectivo stop as the winds were so strong and the rain was coming down so hard...We woke up to the rain, lightning, and thunder, and I actually questioned whether or not I really had to leave my warm, toasty, bed. *SNAP OUT OF IT SNAP OUT OF IT* haha :)  THE SABBATH SLEEPS FOR NO ONE!!!! 

Nah, it really was more of an adventure trudging around in the foot high water (which apparently I haven`t seen anything yet). There were a total of 11 souls in the chapel. I had the opportunity to give a talk on hope, diligence, and patience; three things that I have really been focusing on, and Heavenly Father has definitely been trying me...I do lack the hope. I have faith that there are prepared souls, but I think I do lack a bit of the hope. Or maybe i'm just not being patient enough...the zone meeting today really got me thinking about a lot of things, on how I can be better.  I know I just have to keep smiling and keep going.

So we got the news about transfers today! And...big surprise I`ll be staying here! Whoopieee no packing! Also, I love everyone and don`t really want to leave, so I`m good. Because of the holidays, this transfer is only going to last until the 29th of diciembre...CRAZY TWO WEEKS!!! Yeah, so because of Christmas, President did his best to make as little transfers as were necessary, but apprently there`s a lot to be changed with the new year, so we`ll see what happens.

The new goal that the mission has set; a baptism every month for every companionship. For most missions, I know the goals are higher, but for us, for me...I`m still trying to make it a reality. Where do I start? I know prayer, but what things SPECIFICALLY should I be thinking about to begin to make the adjustments to growing greater hope and faith.
Overall though I`m awesome. We`re going to go home now and make some brownies to spread around some Christmas joy (which there is just about NONE of). Seriously though, is Christmas really next week? It`s like 100 degrees everyday, no snow, no lights, no giant inflatable Christmasey Santa, no nativity scenes ??...Heavenly Father knew I`d be homesick...haha I actually have definitely come to realize that it is such a blessing for it to feel NOT like Christmas. How lucky I`m I that for some random reason next friday I get to see the FAMILY!!!!!! WOOOOOO

love you all thanks for the emails and the SNAILLLL MAILLLLLLL!
chau chau

Hermana cannon

ps...we definitely caroled in Mcdonalds and on the beach of Encarnaciòn. yeah, highlight of the week for sure

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