21 September 2015

Happy first day of Spring!!! It is nice and sunny and 95 degrees, and I´m sweating from every pore...it is just lovely and disgusting. So cambios...Hna. Rigtrup and I will be staying together for another transfer here in Oberà which was the absolute last thing that we thought would happen, which is probably why it happened. lol. We thought we had outgrown each other, learned so much, cultivated an amazing companionship, etc. Well, apparently our pride has gotten the better of us and we now have another 6 weeks of adventures to look forward to.  Our branch is currently having huge challenges, anddddd we just got a ward mission leader who really wants to help make a difference. With the help and initiative of one member, I have no doubt that we are going to see some serious progress!!! 

Bueno, moving on...We had a crazy long Zone meeting in Apostoles, which was super fun but between waiting for colectivos, switching colectivos when ours broke down, we didn't get back into Oberà until there was no time to do anything but go home and go to bed. Also, I hate colectivos, because I´ve developed slight motion sickness...okay side note, the cyber café that we write in is like a gaming cave, meaning...there are currently approx. 20ish 13 year old boys getting all riled up over Call of Duty...por favor I need my peace, I cannot concentrate, and MY HOUR IS A FREAKING PRECIOUS!!!!

Anyways...darn, what was I even saying...booooo I do not like crazy 13 yr old boys that disrupt my concentration...

ehmmm we made pizza with tomato sauce!!!! This was absolutely fantastic because Argentines are weird and think that pizza doesn't need tomato sauce. So basically they think that pizza is cheese bread, which its not. So there's that.

As for people...Omar is doing pretty good, isn't progressing quite yet, but we´re working with him. He really does want to strengthen his faith (so he says). When we were there teaching him we actually met his housekeeper, Margarita, WHO IS SO FREAKING GOLDEN!!!!! We had the most powerful lesson 1 I´ve ever had in my short life and it was so awesome!!!!! She does believe that Joseph Smith saw God, and that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, anndddddd she didn't say "no" to baptism, which...is a big deal, at least for us out here. She is doing really great and will be teaching more of the Plan of Salvation tonight. She shared with us that she feels like Satan has been jabbing her with his pitchfork lol, and she thinks its because of us. When we explained to her that it was because Satan knows how happy and how blessed her life could be with the Gospel in her life, she grabbed her Book of Mormon and just started nodding "si si si si"! She is absolutely fabulous.

So something we´ve been doing lately is looking for all of the Menos Activos (and there are a lot) and seeing how they're doing, if they are interested in coming back etc. Anyways after a longggg search we found Hna. Lucy, she was baptized 20ish years ago, and stopped going...20ish years ago. She couldn't remember anything about the church besides that there is a man named Josè...and the missionaries don't drink matè.  lol. Well, we took advantage of the fact that she was trying to saying Josè Smith and totally taught a kick but Restauraciòn lesson! I LOVE Lesson1 !!!! Anywho it was great, and there were tears, and she can´t wait for us to come back! Score!!! I just love these people. Most people...Cristobal, our recent convert, we caught him SMOKING. Uhm...noooooooo :(((( yeah, we had a talk with him, but we´ll have to see I guess what happens.

Well...I am now out of time...I love my life I love Oberà, I´m going to buy a new pair of shoes because literally all of mine are soooooo past the hecha percha stage, and have gone into the "I look homeless" stage. love youu all so much thank you for the emails, letters, PACKAGES!!!!

les quiero muchoooo


Hermana Cannon

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