5 October 2015

#blessed #grateful #iLOVEbeingaMORMON okay really though, if general conference did not completely BLOW your mind, you´re doing something wrong. THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE and THIS GOSPEL IS SO AWESOME AND HAPPY.

I´ll get back to that, but first, some of the happenings of this week...
Tuesday was really long and exausting as we had a Zone meeting in garupà, which meant lovely hours on a roller coaster of a colectivo. I made sure to not eat anything before, as to not have a desire to toss my cookies. The meeting was amazing as usual, and we welcomed a bunch of newbies into the zone. This transfer we had 17 gringos shipped in from America?? that is a lot annnndddd they´re all pretty cool, for being fresh out of high school. yeah, they´re babies. Anyways, I was asked to speak for a little bit about my experiences with killing off two missionaries, and how I was able to come to understand who I was as a missionary. I talked about how it was really hard to find my identity when I was so intimidated and overwhelmed by my amazing and spiritual companions. I was stressed about personal goals, my abilities, the language, my weaknesses and insecurities, BUT the moment when I truly stopped focusing on myself, and more on CHRIST everything changed. As I focused not on the missionary I currently was but on the missionary and person that I eventually wanted to become, it made the days a little easier. As we look to Christ, as we focus on Him and his characterists we slowly embody those qualities, and in turn start the process to becoming more like Him. I had little stick figure elders and hermanas for everyone and the task was to write down 20 or more characteristics that you wanted to see in a future you, and then try to forget about them and go back to trying to become like Christ. Since you wrote it down,Heavenly Father knows that you know some of the great things you can have and become, and through trying to become like His son, the perfect one, we´ll be able to achieve all of our other goals along the way too. I hope that made sense...anyways it did at the time. you should´ve been there.

Anyways, got back to Oberà, worked, got home, and went straight to getting ready for bed. So I´m in the bathroom when I hear, "Hermana. Stay in there." Oh great, I thought she probably found a bug...I start to slowly open the door, "NO Hermana I´m serious stay in there" annnddddd now I´m terrified...I hear a bunch of slamming noises and a little bit of squeeling, and im just curled up on top of the toilet trying to keep my breathing regular. Finally I here I triumphant HAAA I GOT YEWWW and I cautiously come out. Hermana is now looking high and low for an apperently dead GIANT COCKROACH...her process of serching is actually pretty hilarious as she was scrambling high and low scouring for the body. I take this opportunity to run for my camera, and start rolling..no body to be found...and then all of a sudden I see somthing running accross the top of the air conditioner and I absolutley lose it and wide eyed, jaw dropped, with a shakey arm point and run for the bathroom and go back to hiding...now hermana is really freaking out, I´m freaking out and still filming all of this...long long story (more short) is that she eventually found it and smashed it to bits, then we continued to keep on finding them in the bedroom, and took the liberty of spraying the room down with RAID:maximum strength, pulling out the mattresses , and slumberpartying out in the front room. The next day, I woke up to two more friends right next to me. are. you. kidding. me. what an experience...I remember President telling me in my first interview that I would get used to the cockroach problem...it still hasnt happened...also, we keep finding cockroach egg nest things, so we still have some friends staying with us...we will find you...

yeahhh that took up a big part of the week...
we finally got to see Women´s conference and after patiently (impatiently) waiting/enduring through the buffering were able to watch the whole thing. SO GOOD. sometimes/all the time I just love being an hermana.
something random: the fried egg on the hambuger thing? yes, I just recently had it again, and found it to be oddly DELICIOUS.
Okay, back to conference weekend!!!!!!!!! It was so amazing, as anticipated and I wish I could write down all of my feelings and impressions, but honestly aint nobody got time for that. All I have to say is that going into conference prepared, and with questions for the Lord is a real thing. You will have every single one of your questions answered. It really did feel like Christmas. 

My favorites were Larry R. Lwarence, Robert D. Hales, JEFFERY R HOLLAND (best shout out to MOMS!!!!! It made me both so appreciative for my own ridiculously amazing mother and so so sooo very terrified with the idea of eventually becoming one), Bradley D. Foster, Thomas S. Monson, Dale G. Rendlund, Russell M. Nelson, and Devin G. Durrant, annnndddd just about everyone else too. I really enjoyed Elder Durrant´s talk though and will definitely be accepting the challenge to ponderize (ponder/memorize) a scripture every week. This truly will help us to keep virtuous thought, fill the stage of our minds with more light, and honestly just feel happier. This week is Alma 32:40-41 :) 

In other news, as a zone we are focusing on HUMILITY this transfer which whenever we study humility I always get a little scared because everything does all of a sudden get 100% harder, but its so great because it is when its the hardest that we´re thrown down to our knees. I am truly coming to KNOW my Savoir Jesus Christ. I know he lives and loves me I know I have a Father in Heaven who hears my prayers, but most importantly KNOWs what is best for me. I´ve been reflecting a lot lately on my progress and the past 7 months and I really do feel a change occurring in my heart. At the beginning it was so hard, I wanted to do my own thing. I didn´t really want to change and I didn´t think there was really that much that needed to change. haha funny. But once I became committed to being the "submissive missionary" my prayers included asking to "want to want what he wants" then it became to "want what he wants" and now its honestly just, "to know what he wants". I KNOW He knows the best plan for my future, he has all the secrets and mysteries of how I can be happy, and that is all I really want in this life: to find the key to true and lasting happiness. I know it is all rooted in the gospel. 

I´m so happy and so very out of time. love you alll so much!


Hermana cannon

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