19 October 2015

Alright this is going to be rather short and sweet because i just finished writing back everyone...finally. im sorry ive truly been terrible at getting back to people. it really is much more fun receiving mail than responding...

anyways this week was sooooooo longggggggg but its fine, its over, and yesterday we finished it off by celebrating Argentine Mother´s Day out here. Oh okay so something really funny: Hna. LaPierre (president´s wife) send out a monthly news letter every month with desert recipoes. This time there was one for brownies! I tried it a couple week but because the directions were in español i made a booboo and there were scrambled eggs chunks in them. yeah gross but no one notices and they were still good. Don't even try and understand how it happened it just did. Anyways, so yesterday was Mother´s day and we thought it would be way fun to make a bunch a give them out to all of the mom´s in the rama :) well, i messed up again...the recipe called for 1/2 cup of water but i added 2 1/2 cups...he he he i was absolutely freaking out but Hna rigtrup just gracefully step in and started throwing in flour, cocoa powder, vanilla, sugar....and well it turned out pretty good...haha I´m sure we´ll be trying again real soon. third times the charm?

We had interviews earlier this afternoon. It was kind of a bummer that they had to be on Pday but soooooo worth it! Every interview with President LaPierre...cant even explain it. that man is so wise. The minute you walk in, you can just feel the Spirit it is so thick. Anyways super spiritual, super inspiring, also he showed me this really awesome video of a baby named Genevieve learning to walk...its about 3 minutes long and it just shows her falling and getting up and falling again...eventually she was able to take 10 steps across the room...president compared this to faith. we´ll have our doubts, we´re going to fall, but we just need to keep on getting back up time after time and eventually we´ll be walking. It probably doesn't sound too inspiring though scrambled little words on this screen, but trust me, it was awesome, i was in tears. Also, while we were waiting for our turn we made pizza, and burned it. But I ate it anyway. Hna Lapierre said that the charcoal would be good for our stomachs since we eat lotttttsss of not so good for us food all the time haha. Hna doesnt like burnt food, so she was trying to scrape off the bottom, then hna lapierre called her a wimp. Hna LaPierre is just so sassy sometimes, i love the spunk she brings; moments passed with her are never boring :) I also had a super interesting talk with her about genealogy and how she has spent a ton of time recording histories of her family. 

I think that is for sure something I would like to do, especially for you mom and your experiences back in grade school when the influence of the gospel began to enter your life, and with Gammie too! Everyone has such amazing stories. Everyone´s journey is so unique and they should all be written down.

This week I´ll be ponderizing Matthew 22:37...I absolutely love it. We must love our Lord our God with EVERYTHING that we have, it is ALL already His afterall. He has given us everything...and honestly it hasnt been until I could begin to realize that that I could begin giving more of me to this work. It is His work, it´s not mine. And it is a privilege to be out here serving in His army. I´m seeing miracles everyday, small, mostly, but I am beginning to see the Lords hand in all things, especially in the depths of my own soul.

Okay..I really think I´m about out of time but something super cool that happened was that we were in the middle of district meeting and I was teaching a capacitation on making goals. We hear a bunch of noise, go out and find this random lady sitting in the hall...she saw the doors open and felt like she needed to go inside! HELLO! anyways the elders are teaching her now and she came to church yesterday and absolutely LOVED it :) Anyways after we helped her out, I go back to teaching my training, when I hear more noise in the hallway. This time I quickly finish and pop my head out to she this guy and two teenagers looking in
all the doors, opening closets,etc. Whaaa? Turns out this guy served in OBERÂ 26 YEARS AGO!!!!!!! CRAZYYYYYY something else that was awesome was thats he´s GERMAN! and normally we speak english, he speaks german, but we could both communicate through spanish! I LOVED IT! And I´m totallyyyy coming back to visit my mision :) super cool! He said that the rama hasnt progressed at all since he served here, BUT one of his converts is Hermana Yoselin who feeds us EVERY Friday without fail. SHE is one of the most faithful members of the rama and has a crazy strong testimony. There´s that one verse in Alma about having joy in just saving one soul? Worth it. So so very worth it. And I know that I have almost have 8 months in the mission and still dont have any converts, but its really okay, i might just be a professional seed-planter, and im very okay with that. i love this work. i love my God. i love my life :) Strive to see the Lord´s hand in all things, you will find it, He is always here with us. have a good week. love you all sooooo much!!!!!

chau !

hermana cannon

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