Obera 11

27 October 2015

What. A. Week. Sorry I didn´t get to write yesterday, we had our Zone meeting/Halloween party yesterday anddddd.....well...

Sunday night we get a text from the Zone Leaders that in order for us to be able to pull of this pday/zone meeting/fiesta we have to do all of our morning studies, clean, write our families, and arrive in Garupà at 2 sharp. Also, I was assigned to direct the reunion, so we really couldnt be late. So we get up at our normal 6:30 (I´ve been completely DEAD the past week so there was NO WAY I was getting up any earlier), exercise, clean, study, call a remis to take us to the terminal so that we can catch the 11:30 colectivo. Gosh that colectivo smelled absolutely horrid, but we were on our way. They told us to get off at the stop Unam and when we arrived we discovered that we were at a different chapel than we usually have our meetings were at. We got there with about an hour to spare, so we weren't too surprised to not see any other missionaries. Little did we know that we were still actually 20 minutes away from where we actually needed to be. After aimlessly walking and getting a phone call from the leaders we quickly realized the mistake. We arrived to the meeting late. It was so embarrassing, I was so mad because we should not have been late, we should have been on time, and it was just awful. Yeah Mom, I´m sure that is just music to your ears...the pokey little puppy has finally grown up and HATES BEING LATE. Well, there´s my rant about that. About half of our zone walked in 10 minutes after we did which helped ease my mind, and the rest of the meeting was its normal spiritual, inspiring, uplifting self. After the meeting we watched MEET THE MORMONS! I hadnt seen it since I was in the CCM and was super grateful that I had at least seen it that one time, because the Spanish voice over was still a little too out of my league to understand. Man that movie can make a missionary trunky. I was completely fine until we got to the last segment: the missionary mom. Oh, and when they showed the scene with the shots of the Salt Lake City Airport, and MY ESCALATOR!!! Yeah, that was a little rough. But as I sat there contemplating the months that still lay ahead, I looked over to my right and see E. Willardson, Freeman, and Evans just looking like they were in the process of getting poked with needles Yes, at least I dont have 21 months left... We followed the movie with a feast of pancakes with the choice of mermelada or dulce de leche on top. Oohhhh so good. And I dont know how Elder Preece and Hna Olvera did it but they just tasted so...American. Something crazy: Hermana Olvera was one of the first hermanas that I met when I got here and now she´s leaving next transfer! I feel like all of my favorite people are going to be dying in the next 1-3 transfers and its just crazy. How in the world do I have 8 MONTHS??? Apparently I´m one of the old ones now...what does that mean? Sometimes I still feel like I have no idea what´s going on? The time is seriously flying by though; good and bad.
A couple of other things that happened last week: the zone leaders came to Oberà to do divisions with the Elders and we had to carry our extra mattress 6 blocks on our heads for them to borrow it for the night. Yeah, when stuff like that happens I just laugh to myself thinking about how I definitely never pictured this or that happening on the mission. My oh my were we getting some looks. I´m sure now they really think the Mormons are crazy haha.

This week was filled to the brim with experiences that taught humility. On Thursday we reset the goal to be OBEDIENT WITH EXACTNESS. So exact that we decided that we´d do our best to be out working by 10:00, home by ):30, and laying down trying to go to sleep at 11:00 (that last one is probably the hardest because sometimes we find ourselves up praying for 20-30 minutes). Anywho we set that goal, headed out to work, and WERE BLESSED WITH THE LORD´S GUIDING HAND. We headed out to a unexplored part of our area in search for the Menos Activa familia Cydekjo. We surprisingly found their house rather quickly because all the houses HAD NUMBERS!!! (this is rare) We clap the house and Romina walks out. For some reason we couldnt think of anything to say besides "hola", but after a minute she totally recognized us and ran back inside to get the keys to unlock the gate. We were recieved with smiles and big hugs from her and her mom Ely, and about 5 minutes into the conversation they tell us that after being inactive for about 3 years, just yesterday they talked about wanting to return to the church! WHAT? haha they were completely shocked that just a day later their prayers had been answered with the arrival of two sister missionaries! So cool! It was just such a testimony builder to see that as we are obedient Heavenly Father will lead us to those who are prepared. And that only by accepting each and every one of His rules can we receive the fullness of the blessings that He has in store for us.

We also found Yesica that night. We contacted her asking about an address and she ended up asking how she could go on a mission. interesting...well first, LET´S GET YOU BAPTIZED! We passed her a Restauracion folleto and a Book of Mormon and I´ve never felt the spirit so strong in a contact before. We´re going to meet with her for the first time tonight and I´m super excited!!!

Lastly, we were walking down the street and this lady that was chillin on her porch saw us coming and quickly ran inside. RUN ITS THE MORMONS!!! haha sad but normal. Anyways we come back that same direction about an hour later and as a joke (a joke because she clearly didnt want to talk to us) I suggest we contact her house :) Well, we actually ended up teaching her and had a really good first lesson. Sure she was a Jehovah´s witness and they scare me alittle but she was actually super nice; Norma. This just showed me that we can judge. We have to realize that God has planned everyone´s life so perfectly that every single person has the capability and capacity to find, follow, and live this Gospel. And we HAVE TO SEE THEM THROUGH HIS EYES. I love this Gospel and this work so much. I´m grateful for every day I have here.

This week I´ll be ponderizing DyC 121: 45-46 :)



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