14 September 2015

Saying hola from Oberà and today I´m happy to report that the weather is perrrrfecttt. 80-ish degrees, sunny, with a nice breeze? Because the power went out last week and I didn't get to print off any of my emails, I had lots to catch up on this morning when I printed...everything and everyone seems to be doing so great! I love how both you and Dad both mentioned the Christmas Skype call in your emails this week; we have what, 3 months till then??? Anywho, mission calls, first weeks of school, all my big shot RM buddies living up the dating scene at BYU (gag). Sooo crazy...well besides the fact that I had to take a moment of silence when I realized I had missed
TSwift´s 1989 concert in SLC, I am just doing absolutely great! It was a bit of a hard week...we just finished up week 5, and the last bit of the transfer always drags a little bit. I can´t believe it´s already been 6 weeks since I left Jardìn. We´ll be finishing up Hna. Rigtrup´s training this week, and she is doing soooo awesome, if I don´t say so myself ;) no really though, she is going to do big things. I have learned soo much from our companionship, but we are definitely praying to get separated after transfers, so that our friendship doesn't get demolished...

Well...we´ve got lots of Branch drama going down, of which I wont bother with the details but basically it suckkkkkksss and everyone just has a little too much Argentine pride, and we just all need to remember that we´re all God´s children.

One of the obvious struggles that I was having was to love the people. It´s not that I didn´t want to help them, or that I couldn´t empathize with them, but I just couldn´t figure out how to loveeeee them...charity has been one of my biggest focuses this transfer. This week we were meeting with Maria and Mida (investigators) working so hard to get Maria to accept the Book of Mormon as inspired words from God. On Tuesday we had a really strong lesson, we were just testifying and sharing Bible scriptures to back up the Book of Mormon and the need for Sacerdocio (the priesthood), but none of it was getting through to her. We even knelt down and she offered one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard. The sprit was so thick, everything was quiet and we just sat there in the dead silence for a while. We told Maria that what she was feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truth...she just sat there unable to say anything, but then she collected herself and started up again with all of her doubts...Mida (who loveeees the Book of Mormon) got so mad at her mom and just looked at me and said, "pueden tratar todo dia todo noche, ella nunca va a cambiar, su corazòn es tan duro y frio" (you can try all day and night, shes never going to change. her heart is too hard and cold)...and that night we realized we would be dropping them. Mida is only 9, and we know that her Mom isn't going to let her take the lessons without her. As we walked home that night, my heart was broken. I did start to cry as I realized that Maria KNEW, she FELT it, and still chose to deny it. I think for a moment I understood just an itty bitty part of what Heavenly Father must have felt when the third followed Satan, and when all of us continually turn our backs, because of our lack of faith in Him and His plan.

In lighter news, we´re meeting with this atheist (who really isn't that atheist because he totally believes in God), named Omar. His religious background includes that there is a God and a Virgin Mary...and that´s it. So lots to do :) We taught the plan of Salvation and he got super freaked out when we talked about the two worlds in the spirit world...he wants to go to Paradise... haha don't we all. He said that he wants help preparing himself to meet "the big guy" lol. We taught him how to pray which took about a half hour but after the 4th time, and with some help from him grandson he did it without reading the instructions from the folleto (pamphlet) We told him how this life is the time to prepare to meet God, to learn, grow, gain experience, have families. Then he asked how old we were and if we were married. We said that was for after the mission and he said that  that we better not wait to long, because chicos no quiero...then he smushed his face together with his hands...I think he was trying to imitate a really wrinkly person...haha Lastly something supper awesome, I did an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUSLY SPIRITUAL study on my Patriarchal Blessing...

you read and write

1. the things you need to do
2. the blessing you will receive
3. the things that will happen when you do the things you're supposed to do

here's why its so awesome...so I have a lot of things to do right?? Lots of advice, warnings, straight and narrow path to be following, but when I compared the list of number 1, to lists 2 and 3...the blessings far out way the work...That's the amazing thing about Heavenly Father. He asks for us to obey, to follow, to serve, but it is ALL for our welfare. And if we are faithful until the end, we will be blessed (Mosiah 2:41)

Hermana c

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