OBERÁ 2- En el campo Semana 20

24 August 2015

Here we go again!!!! and guess who turns 6 months tomorrow???? THIS HERMANA! I honestly can´t believe it, time is honestly the most bizarre thing. This week was so ridiculously long, but at the same time I feel like I was just here at the dumb cìber impatiently waiting for my pictures to upload...

any who...this week was really hard because I was still feeling SUPER sick and couldn't work until Wednesday, which was annoying. But we really were so diligent for the rest of the week and we almost made every one of our goals, which was great, because now we´re just going to keep raising them!

I think the biggest thing that I´m learning is the importance of the members. It´s so very interesting because I honestly hardly saw or spoke to the missionaries back home, and well NOTHING actually gets done without the help of the members. I always imagined missionary work like this: walk all day, clap house (knock doors), get rejected/accepted, move on/baptize them...yeah no...It´s all starting to make sense...we are only in each area for 6 weeks, at max 8 months, which in retrospect is so short. We can find unbelievably awesome prepared people into the gospel, but if they dont have a calling, visiting teacher, if they aren´t truly enveloped into the ward and gospel, they WILL fall away. We´re doing everything we can to learn everyone´s name, which is SOOOOOO hard when they´re all Juan, Jorge, Maria, Marisa or something I can´t pronounce, but it´s fine we´re figuring it out haha. Bottom line, we´re finding everyone and getting them to love us so that we can have their references. They must actually really like us, because they keep giving us food, like LOAVES OF HOMEMADE BREAD. Like everyone is, not an exaggeration, like stop giving us bread, it´s getting a little ridiculous.

I had to give a talk on Sunday, which normally would´ve been fine except for the fact that it had to be 15 minutes and they told me the day before. Grrr it´s fine, it actually turned out super well, and it was the first time I spoke without writing EVERY SINGLE WORD OUT. Annndddddd I was most definitely filled with the Spirit because I´ve never talked so fast and fluidly in my life...and in Spanish. It was such an awesome feeling. Also, its way easier to speak in front of 47 people versus 150+.
Gave Hna. Rigtrup a trim !

Hna and I are doing so good! By good, I mean, that we just have so much love in our companionship, and it is absolutely fabulous! We are scary alike and she is helping me to grow and stretch in ways that I hadn´t ever thought about. I really have been blessed with the best as far as daughters go and I´m so lucky to have such a good friend by my side through all of this. Also, I KNOW for a surety that she loves and TRUSTS me too, because guess what she let me do today???? CUT HER HAIR...5 INCHES!!!!!!!!!! Crazy right? I made sure to tell her the story about me and Alexandria cutting our after AFTER I was finished lol. But seriously though I DID GOOD!

Okay so my favorite part of the mission??? PERSONAL STUDY!!!! Seriously, yes yes very selfish but seriously it truly is the highlight of my day! The more I read the better I feel. The more I study, the greater my understanding of who Heavenly Father and my Savoir are, who I am, and who I have the potential to become increases. My favorite scripture that I stumbled across this week, I found in Job 23:10, 

"But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as GOLD" I LOVE IT!!! I know that all of this is to make me better, stronger, brighter and I love it all. It blows my mind to think about all that I have learned in just 6 months, and honestly I never want it to end (the learning and growing everyday thing) Seriously though I´m having the time of my life, bucket showers and all!

Really actually enjoying the bucket showers though, every time I can´t help but laugh and think, "yes, this is EXACTLY what a gringa, having adventures in South America would be doing right now" jaja 

love you all thank you for all the emails, snail mail, and prayers!

have a good week!

Les quiero, Chau chau

Hermana Cannon

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