7 September 2015

okayyyy sorry this is a week late Mom, I swear I´m fine...just sometimes we pray for help in being exactly obedient, and Heavely Father will convienently have the power cut a minute after you go over the hour mark. ha ha ha really though there was a crazyyy storm and the power went out over the whole city and everything closed. Even GRIDOS, so we couldnt buy any pity icecream for our terminated pday :(  At least the draft got saved so this is what I wouldve said last week...

Bueno, so this computer sucks which means...no pictures this week :( que pucha. Anyways...Monday night we got home super late from Posadas and didn´t have enough time to walk out to our area, so we contacted and got icecream in centro instead. Woooo! winning combination??? Dulce de Leche con Brownie, Banana con Dulce de Leche, and Chocolate Suizo (swiss chcocolate!!!!) yes, it was amazing.

So Hna has a really cool grandma that wrote a book about the mind. I guess she did this SUUUPER elaborate study about goals, faith, power of the brain, etc. Anywhooo, during companionship study this week we decided to try some of it out. We wrote down like 30 characteristics that we want to be a part of our nature, and then wrote affirmations. Example of affirmation: "I am happy and grateful now that I am...AWESOME. Thank you. I want it. I accept it. I have it. I know it is mine." Then before bedtime we read all of our affirmations and visualize ourselves acting or having that attribute.

"Its like black magic???" - Hna. Martinez

We had divisions and Hna Martinez (Hna Leader) saw the stack of flashcards on my desk and looked a little skeptical. haha it seems a little sketchy, but according to grandma Susan we are supposed to be able to get ANYTHING with the power of our mind. I´ll let you know in...31 days if I´m any different lol.

So divisions...we thought that since Hna was the newbie that she would be going with Hna. Martinez, but nope we ended up on splits together, which was super intimidating because I realized that because my last comps were leaders I had never had one. I was superrrr embarrassed because I got us lost the ENTIRE day, and we had to end up contacting ALL DAY. AND EVERYONE REJECTED US. It was a very very humbling experience. I am now scrambling to learn the area, because we have been getting some vibes that hna rigtrup and I wont be together next transfer (which Im actually praying for, because she is hands down one of my best friends, and I do not want to get sick of her). We have learned sooooo much from eachother in this past month (i cant believe its already been a month) and yesterday we had a talk about how everythings been feeling a little too easy...and how even though its hard, we DO want the hard things. It´s the hard things that help us to grow, change; its the hard that brings us down to the lowest of lows, when we truly are able to feel the infinite power of Him Atonement.

On Wednesday we went to Patricias (investigadora) to learn how to make...BREAD!!!! When we got there we met her super rude, catholic uncle, who told us that because Eve ate the fruit, all women are sinners, and we have no business preaching about God...hate. you. Ugh I had a serious struggle showing Christ-like love for that man, but whatever, his heart was harder than a Lamanites...Oh right, so the bread! It´s incredibly easy!!! And the amount that you make is completely dependent on the amount of water, which effect the amount of flour that is added...anyway, so when we added 6 cups of water...we had to add (I stopped counting after) 15 cups of flour. Then once youre done kneading it it has to rise, so we left to go teach a couple of lessons, and when we returned that evening....there were loaves of bread EVERYWHERE. Really though, at least 7...and two more in the oven lolol. It totally reminded me of I Love Lucy´s "Pioneer Women" episode..."the recipe siad 13 cakes!" "It says 3 cakes..." yeah I just realized that probably only Mom is going to think thats funny but thats okay...anyways, there way so much bread that we got to take an entire loaf home, and we only made it about 30 seconds outside the house before we were in the middle of the road going to town on the pan casero. so. good.

We´ve been visiting this lady Maria, and her daughter Mida, for just about my entire time here and she hadn´t been making any signs of progress. So we said a prayer before our last visit consulting heavely father about givcing her a charla fraca, and dropping her. But then when we got there, they had both read the ENtirE reading that we gave them, and said their prayers!!! Yay! Maria is still really hesitant about baptism but she says she really does want to investigate and see if we have the correct church (which means BAPTISM, because duhhhh we have the true church)

Me & Hna. Rigtrup !
Something awesome about having 6 months in the mission, is that I like totally understand spanish now...which is awesome because sometimes you meet super cool people like, Wilmer. He is an Ex-professional boxer, who know Manny (Pacquiao - Filipino boxer)!!! and yeah, sketch, he went to jail for 8 months for accidentally killing a guy during one of his boxing matches, but he´s a super cool dude. He was talking about how when he was in jail his 3 mormon cousins came and brought him a book of mormon and he read a ton of it! But then he left it there for another guy to read. We were all like, are you serious???? He said that he would totally go check out the mormon church excpet that they didn´t have one here....uhmm perdon...WE ARE THE MORMONS!!!!! He got super excited and commited to bringing his family on Sunday!!

Well I´m just about out of time here...love and miss you all so much!


hermana cannon

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