31 August 2015

Oh hey, its me again, reporting from Posadas today! Hermana had to do tramites (passport/visa) errands in the city, so we came in on the colectivo last night and stayed with the Hnas in LaValle (Woodwell, Garcia, and Fox) who I have all missed so much, so
naturally that was a big party, and...I lost some sleep. Anyways, today is awesome because I got reimbursed for all the dumb pricey colectivo rides we´ve been taking, which gave us enough money to buy lunch and live for the next few days. Found a placed the has GIANT hamburgers for only 35 pesos! Only problem is that here they do the weird fried egg inside, which really shouldn´t be a thing. Anywho....this week... was really great because we had Zone Conference which was TAN ESPIRITUAL!!!! Monday night we got a call to help in the contacting skit and sing a duet, which was a lot to plan for with only a couple hours notice, but I am coming to realize that the mission is nothing more than a string of spontaneous events guided by the hand of God. So we ended up singing the "Child´s Prayer" primary duet and it turned out actually really good. President and Hna LaPierre talked about the Dia de Repaso. Pte shared how for the most part the gospel is black and white: we either pay tithing or we don´t. We either live the word of wisdom or we don´t. BUT, the Sabbath Day...is a little trickier, no? the Sabbath should be a 24 hour fast of all the things that we would rather be doing. How we sanctify the Sabbath Day is how we show our love and respect for Heavely Father. Pte shared a story from his college days about how he never received anything better than average grades (me) but when he started to respect the Sabbath day and not focus ONE OUNCE of energy into his "work" (studying), that he not only felt the week start of better but he received the best grades he ever had in his entire career...wellll I know what I´m doing when I get back haha.   Also, I got a ton of mail and a birthday package (thank you FLIA. SUMSION) all for my 6th month mark! How fun is that? 

 So we´ve been looking for a new pension right, because ours is a 30-40 minute walk from our area and we finally talked to a lady about leasing an apartment that is right behind the church, which would be awesome! Well, we find out that the hermanas used to live there. Well, why did they move, you might ask? RAT INFESTATION!!!! I about died when branch President Antunez shared that little piece of information over lunch. Everyone just started laughing at me he he he yeah we´re not moving there.

On Friday we had an activity, where we had made a rompe cabeza (puzzle) out of Book of Mormon laminas! It turned out super cool and it was way fun, even though only 10 people came. Honestly I was just happy that someone showed up. We had separated everyone into 2 groups: men and women, and gave them each about half of the pieces. Immediately they started working at their own tables, focusing on their own puzzles, when they eventually realized that they didn't have all of the pieces. Parts of the hnas puzzle was mixed in with the hnos and they eventually realized that they had to not only help each other, but that they´re two puzzles actually would end up connecting to make one big one. Also, we hid one of the pieces and at the end showed them that the members have all the pieces, and the missionaries only have one. As missionaries, we really can´t do that much on our own. We can find, teach, and baptize, but without the love and support from the ward, when we leave the area, there´s a good chance they´ll fall away. What our branch needs the most is UNITY. And love, lots and lots of the pure love of Christ. But at the end of the day this isn´t our home, it is theirs, and only THEY can change their circumstances and help themselves to gross and progress

This week during companion studying we reviewed the 4th missionary, which is always a good talk to keep you moving and get pumped about changing your life and being a better human. So that was good. Also, we read, "the Challenging and Testifying Missionary" It talks about how we just need to open our mouths and INVITE EVERYONE!! And that for the people that are ready for the challenge, it won´t be a challenge. This is so true! I know that people are prepared here. And if we wait a bunch of lessons to invite people to get baptized we are wasting time finding those people who really are prepared to received the restored gospel.

Lastly, something really cool. So I´ve never been accustomed to reading my Patriarchal Blessing very often. So I pulled it out for the first time since last transfer and read it very carefully. I swear it was a completely different blessing. I know that probably doesn´t make very much sense, but I´m seeing everything so much clearly and differently now. For one thing, you know how I never wanted to go on a mission? and how I was only going to come if I got a CRAZY sign from God? (which I never did get lol) Right, so I never wanted to go, but what got me here was D&C 4, those who have a desire are called to the work. Well, basically my blessing is rather obvious about the need for me to serve a mission and my ignorant mind was blissfully ignoring that part. Good thing I managed to get here, and figure things out. Oh, am I figuring things out. Yes, that doesn´t really explain anything, but basically...it´s all too much to explain. and nowwww I´m just rambling. Sorry this email kind of isn´t quality, they´re playing some REALLY good American music and I´m feeling super trunky and distracted with this Bruno Mars blasting in the background. Well lots of love to everyone out there in America! Super SHOUT OUT to all of my BYU kiddos who started school today, I am so very glad I´m not you. Argentina is always a better idea ;)

chau chau

les quiero muchisimo

hermana cannon

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