En El Campo Semana 19

Alright, and here is a brief summary of the craziness:

Martes: I had my last Posadas Zone meeting and had to bear my testimony at the end, which I gracefully managed to get through without crying #winning.

I can´t believe how close I have come to be to my fellow missionaries; THE PEOPLE are who make the mission. The missionaries, the members, menos activos, investigators. I´d met so many amazing people over the past 4 1/2 months. Such a crazy feeling it was to pack up for the first time! Really though, leaving the birthplace was a bizarre feeling.

Me & Hna. Rigtrup
Because I was already with Hermana Rigtrup from after we left our companions the day before we decided that we would head out to Oberà that day and get a 2 DAY HEAD START! Uhm, heck yes! So Oberà is about 2 hours by SUPER BUMPY YOU WANT TO PUKE colectivo ride, and well, it is freaking CHUCHI (fancy), in comparison to Jardìn. Anyways, we arrive to a pension that hasn't had electricity for the past week. There´s a back story, but its really not important. Our dueña (landlady) isn't home, isn't answering her phone, we don´t know what to do. Also, we live 30 minutes walking away from our area, our contract ends on the first of September, so we have to figure something out by then. HOLY STRESSFUL! I had a hard enough time finding an apartment back in America, where they speak English. Really though, lots of adult problems were being thrown in my face and it was rather annoying.

Ohh how I miss the comforts from home!
Also, living in the dark freaking stinks. Oh yeah, and the shower doesn´t work #BUCKETSHOWERS (which are actually kind of awesome).

Miercoles: Met the Branch President Antunez and his family! They are so cute, I just love them, especially since she does our laundary and doesnt even make us buy the soap :) Also, their food is manna from heaven. We talked to them for a while about the branch a what we can do to help them...lets just say there is A LOT to do. WHICH IS SO GREAT! It really was crazy though, we were having a super intense conversation about the work here in the area, the Spirit was so strong, and I had no problem as far as the language barrier goes.
Heavenly Father is blessing us big time out here!

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