Barrio Jardin 16

27 July 2015

Alright, I´m going to try to keep this short because I actually have a lot of email and birthday responses to reply to, and I´m bragging about this because I truly am grateful that people haven´t forgotten about me :) so blessed!!!!

Happy Birthday to Me!!
So basically we started off our birthday festivities real well with being OVERFED from Sunday till Tuesday, I have not eaten so much food in my life. P-day was its normal problem and I was justifying just about everything since I had just one more day to be an irresponsible teenager, which meant: eating half a liter of multi flavored ice cream...unassisted. And then familia Balbuena were just the most amazing people ever and Hna B made homemade ravioli SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDD and her peach cake SOOOOOO FREAKKINGGG GOOOD and then after lunch she gave us the leftovers to take home...he he he so what ended up happening was Hna Simmons and I hard core repenting for over eating and breaking the Palabra de Sabiduria. This repentance process took in the form of cancelling all of our member lunches and us getting permission to go on the...Eat Your Heart Out Diet. For diet novices it goes a little like this:

Day1 - frutas

Day2 - verduras

Day3 - frutas y verduras

Day4 - 8 bananas y 8 vasos de leche
Day5 - pollo y 6 tomates

Day6 - pollo y verduras

Day7 - sopa de milagros

Anywhoo we totally did it...until this morning when Hna felt like she was going to pass out before exercises and I was just sad, so I ate some dried fruit. But the fact that our form of "craving" was in oatmeal and dried fruit instead of ice cream and cookies, I would say is a sign of full repentance. But basically the diet is doable and totally works, but highly unadvisable for the mission field. Ha worst week ever!!!! Actually not really, now I feel awesome, but in the moment it was definitely a form of slow torture...

We had interviews with President on Friday, which was amazing because he is just so full of wisdom. And while waiting we were talking to Hna LaPierre and were on the subject of pranking. The Elders were confessing all of their juvenile delinquencies and Hna LaPierre was talking about how she short sheets their bed every once in a while to keep President on his toes hahaha they are adorable.

Read two super capo articles in the Liahona this week the first one was about the blessing of journal writing:

-written family record

-clearer, richer memory of the past

-practical method for setting goals

-therapeutic means of solving emotional, social, and spiritual issues (personal favorite)

-improved writing skills

-many righteous desires will be fulfilled

and the second is called, "Our Divine Heritage" which talked a lot about discovering who we are and our true potential. It is so crazy to think that Heavenly Father has a plan for EACHAND EVERY ONE OF US!!!! Sometimes when I think of the billions of children on the earth or even the thousands of children in his army serving missions right now, I can´t help but think how insignificant I must be. BUT, that's so not true, because God loves ALL OF US and answers ALL OF OUR PRAYERS. I know this is true and the more I learn about him and teach these people about the true nature of God, the Spirit is truly undeniable.
Basics in opening a can with a knife & pan

Well...that's about all for this week. Oh wait FUN FACT: did you know you can open a can with a knife and a frying pan?? and also  I ate something really nasty the other night called, REVIRO. Its just fried flour and then they put a fried egg on top (which actually helped) and then they put SQUID on the side....what??? that is not food...

Speaking of food, Hna and I had to make a new rule that we couldn't talk about food from home. This was greatly needed after our 20 minute discussion of the different types of Krispy Kreme donuts...I definitely felt some tears coming on. I think I´ve gotten to that point where I miss the things of America more than the people. EXEPT YOU MOM, DAD, and GEORGIE!!!!!!! haha just kidding I really do miss everyone! Thanks again for all of the birthday love!
20 is going to be my best year yet.

les qiero mucho!!!!!


Hermana Cannon

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