Semana 11

Igazu Falls- Argentina/Brazil
22 June 2015

Hoolaaaa! Happy p-day! I'm on divisions with Hna. Garcia again because our companions are in Iguazu Falls, living it up with the other 18 super trunky people of the mission! Lucky them :) But actually lucky me, because divisions on preparation day is SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I haven't quite decided what determines a good or a bad p-day yet, but I think last week was my favorite: After writing home and buying groceries we came back to the pension, made a big vat of popcorn con dulce de leche and watched 2 movies! doing nothing was the best!  First off......HAPPY LATE FATHER´S DAY!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY!!!!! I'm sorry that the Church doesn't think you guys are cool enough to deserve a call home. he he he

ehmmmm this week was actually super long and super boring, but I´ll do my best to keep you entertained...Ooooo chiste, tengo una historia...So its about 730pm and almost pitch black and we go to a house of a menos activo familia and find the husband there talking with his cousin (who looked a little sketchy with his mo-hawk and tattoos, but I was trying not to judge). Hermano Rios leaves and we are there with his cousin who starts talking about how hes super ashamed about the things hes done in his life and how he really wants to stop drinking and change his life. I was like super stoked, because we have been having a hard time finding new people. I'm all energetic and wanting to talk to him and Hna was being all rude and kept trying to cut off the conversation. After we left him, and I was kind of bothered by her attitude, and Hna looked at me and said that we needed to call the Lìderes (Elders) to see if we were allowed to teach him first. Very puzzled I asked why we would need permission to teach someone? She then started laughing, because I had clearly missed the part of the conversation where he mentioned how he had just gotten out of jail for homicide. Oh....yeah,we called the Elders and we don't get to teach him, but hopefully he really can make progress with the Elders? haha no sè, but WOAHHHHHHH I SHOOK THE HAND OF A MURDERER, IN THE DARK ! It was definitely better to find that out after...I probably would´ve started running. WE LOVE ALL OF GODS CHILDREN !

I taught my first capacitaciòn on "how to know if your investigator is progressing"
preparando (tiene una fecha)

besides these 4 key points, we also talked about patience, and how every single time these people let the gospel into their lives even just by a little bit, we are influencing them and helping them come unto Christ. We might not have the privileged to see their miracles or witness their baptisms, but sometimes we are merely just here to pass the baton to the next missionaries. Heavenly Father knows how, when, or if these people will change, and at the end of the day it has close to nothing to do with us.
The Zone
Let´s see...ehhh yeah the rest of the week was pretty boring, besides that little encounter. We contacted A TON and met a couple families that could be potential investigators. We walked soooooo much Thursday, Friday, and Saturday but hardly taught at all because there was an Argentina vs. Paraguay partido, Paraguay vs. Uruguay partido, and an Argentina vs. Jamaica partido...and where there is fùtbol, there are NO LESSONS!

Also, this week was sooooooo collllddddddddd so what do you do when it is winter and you didn't bring winter clothes? You play the...How many articles of clothing can you put on game!
I managed to fit 2 dresses, 4 sweaters, my sweatshirt, and windbreaker, with 2 pairs of shorts on underneath! But naturally on this day, when I had broken my previous record it decided to be scorching hot and I had to remove most of it and carry it around all day instead. 

Sorry this wasn't very long or eloquent, we´re short on time because we´re going to go find something ridiculously awesome to do!  

Love you all and thank you to all the people who haven't forgotten about me, yet :)

Chau chau for now !

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