Semana 10

June 15, 2015

So...we are riding on the colectivo going to Zone Meeting, and its kinda crowded but we manage to find two seats, not together, for the 20 minute trip to La Valle. I pull out my Book of Mormon, BECAUSE ITS AWESOME, and continue with all the wars and contentions of Alma 59. I was just reading the part where Moroni is super peeved with the government because he doesn't have enough troops and everyone is dying, when I look up and realize, I have my own problem to worry about....Hermana Tapia wasn´t on the bus... AHHHHHHH IM ALONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The AP's !
Yeah, not good. So I ask the bus driver where Japòn and La Valle is and I had missed it by one stop, ooopsies...good thing I can speak Spanish, that made the whole experience 100X less awful. Anyways, so I start walking the 4 cuadras back and call the zone leaders. SUPER EMBARRASSING, but they came and found me, because let´s be honest, I had no idea where I was going. They came with Elder Worthington (Asistante) and picked me up in the truck, and they´re all laughing about how this has never happened before.... oh great... Awesome :( ehhh. And they were joking about how I am probably the first Hermana to go on divisions with Elders. ha ha Woopsie. Then Elder Ollerton chimes in with, "for your birthday I´m going to buy you and your companion child leashes to attach to your backpacks". Thank you for that...and IM STILL FREAKING OUT BECAUSE IM COMPANIONLESS AND SHE DOESNT HAVE A PHONE. We everntually found her and she was, very very mad at me. But then again, its kinda her fault because technically I am "her hija". 

Then everyone was talking about how at least once their Mom left them in a grocery store, or a crowded elevator. Ahh the good òle days.  So yeahhhh, overall, the time Mom & I got lost in Beijing after that Chinese Acrobat show and found ourselves in a dark alley was 100X scarier, and this time I was ALONE for 10-ish minutes and not something I would recommend. Definitely one for the books, but I probably won´t try that again.

Anyways, the rest of the week was definitley more mellow haha.
MANTRA: Everrrryday is LEG DAY !

So we found out that we actually have 2 additional parts of Jardìn that our our area. It used to be part of the ZL area, but since there are 2 sets of Elders now in Jardìn with 1 set of Hermanas, the boundaries got all changed around, and somehow our area got bigger, which is cool, just A LOT MORE walking. We haven´t had a chance to investigate but as a zone we did a very thorough cleanse of our Carpetas de Area (Area Books) and now had por allì an additional 50 regìstros to contact, so lots of work for this next week!!!

DEADLY FOOD COMBO= fried empanadas, Cola, and sprinting half a mile home because it´s 10 minutes till curfew. yeah...the repercusions were immediate.

TREAT OF THE WEEK: Tutuka. It is supposed to be carmelly glazed popcorn, but it has a consistency more of a packing peanut. oddly addicting though.

Giant ant hill
CREATURES BIG AND SMALL: There are ant hills everywhere!!!!! Sometimes we get super bored when we are walking (like all the time) and count all the "Reinos de Hormigas". 54 on Wednesday. We are convinced that they´re taking over the world.

FUN FACT: did you know that they didn´t have language training for missionaries until 1961?!?!? ¿Què en el mundo? What were they doing before?#CCMsavedmylife

SPIRITUAL, more spiritual stuff:
So the biggest problem that we are facing is that these people dont have a testimony of the book of mormon. Im talking about members and menos activos alike. really though, a lot of these people have never read the book of mormon or dont understand the book of mormon, or got baptized because they were obsessed with the really attractive Americanos. Super duper. These people need to have a full conversion and en realidad the only way is through the guidance and power of the book of mormon, and NOT my dashing smile. Although, hopefully it helps a little :)

Had divisiones with Hna. Garcia on Friday, WHO IS AWESOME! Seriously she works so hard and she walks super fast, and we got so much done. It was probably the best day of work I´ve had so far, in my own area! We moved from appointment to appointment, and the harder we worked the more energy I had. "The start of something newwwww"

Lastly, I was reading in Alma 56:47-48 "now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death...yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them". SHOUT OUT TO MOM for being the best. I know that if it wasn´t for you, your teachings, and your example there is no way I would be on a mission right now. Thanks for raising me right.

With every day, my desire to be here and share this gospel grows stronger and stronger (I feel like I say this every week, but it is true) and I KNOW that I am supposed to be here. I can feel my Heavenly Father preparing me to help and heal the sould of these people, and it truly is a priveledge to serve in the army of my God.

Love and miss you allll thanks for all of the love and support!

Oh! and CRAZYYYYYY all my high school peeps are either home, getting home, or are in their last couple transfers. Que raro.
have a good week!


Hermana Cannon

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