Semana 9

June 8  

First things first, something I forgot to mention about the package thing. Hermana Fielingstones family always plasters her packages with "virgin Mary" stickers. It a precautionary tactic used to get your packages through without people robbing them, since Argentina is SUPER Catolica people are nice and don't touch your stuff if you show the love for the "Virgin". Not sure how much of a necessity it is, but yeah, theres that extra bit of information.
My inconspicuous face after taking out money from the ATM

We are currently in Centro, because we don't have an ATM in our area so we have to come downtown to take out our rent, light, and living money from the month out here in civilization. It is a 40 minute colectivo ride, but these computers are AWESOME!!!! and theres a little market called, Placita,
where you can buy literally anything. and it is all SUPER CHEAP and AWESOME!
This past week I declared which fútbol team I would forever be devoted to...SOY DE RIVER PLATE!!!!!!!!!! Hehe I bought my Jersey and everything. Hna. Tapia is de River Plate too, so we bought matching Jerseys and took really ridiculously hilarious selfies with them.

Somos De River Plate
Zone meeting this week had me feeling super trunky, because the Elders kept asking me about gymnastics! And then Elder Ollerton was asking me about lifting and we were talking about that for a while, and then I realized how much I miss all of it, A LOT! Also, it just made me a bit sad because I remember when I used to be made out of muscle instead of Dulce de Leche. Eh, what can ya do.

TWO SHOUTOUTS for my beautiful area: seriously the clouds are soooooooooo beautiful! The sky is just something else. My heart used to belong to the Park City summer sky and stars, but I dont know the Argentine sunsets and starry nights are definitely growing on me. I don't know, maybe the sky looks like this everywhere, and I just never noticed because I was always so glued to my sé
Oh, the second thing is how abundant this land is with fruit! Seriously everyone is just giving us food all the time, and its so awesome! Over the past 2 weeks we have developed an over abundance of paltas (avocados) sooooooo we had MUD MASK NIGHT! :) My face is SO SOFT, anyone would be lucky to carress this business, hehe too bad i am an HERMANA :P Really though, my face is like baby bottom soft.

Soooo beautiful avacado masks :-)

Progress report:
so the work has been slow, with finding people and lessons to teach, but that doesn't stop us, no no not ever! Things are going great with our Menos Activos and yesterday we had 14 of them come to church! yeay for menos activos!!!
Two investigators that we have been focusing a lot on this past week are Ignasia and Miguel
Ignasia came to church last week for the first time as you know (if you read my email last week. not too sure if anyone actually reads this hehe) so yeah that was really great, because shes SUPER CATHOLIC! Sidenote: so whenever she prays she always starts with "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.." and end with a big finale of AMEN AMEN AMEN. But this week, we asked her to say the closing praryer and she started with, "Padre Celesital" and ohhhhhhh I lost it and started bawling right there in the middle of the prayer, IT WAS AWESOME AND THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!
Hehe and with Miguel...well he we cant count him as a progressing investigator yet because he is silly and wont come to church but he reads all of the passages that we give him and he has a really strong testimony, which is just fabulous. We were teaching him on Friday though, and right before we left I invited him to come to Church, and he said that he would, only if when I got back to "the land of the wealthy" (referring to my home of the US) that I send him a check for a million dollars...yeah, I tried to explain to him that I am nothing but a poor college student, but he didn't seem too convinced. He then came up with a brilliant idea that I should buy a lottery ticket and because I am a servant of God, I will be able to come into a million dollars in that way. I told him that if I ever won the lottery I would gladly give it all to him. But then he just gave me a really serious look and said, "no, 10% is for tithing...then the rest is for me". least he is learning something.

24 hour fast had us feeling super skinny, so we took a bunch of pictures at church. It also had us feeling super starving and nauseated. Chruch is less boring now that I understand what everyone is saying so that's a plus! Except testimony meeting is still incomprehensible because my brain hasnt learned how to process the mixture of Spanish and crying. All in good time.

well...that's all for now! we still have a couple of hours left of P-day, and I think I quite possibly will get to take my first nap!!!! im very very excited about this. as always thank you for all of your love and support, God loves you and so do I. Have a fabulous week!

Chau Chau Meow Meow

Hermana Cannon

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