Staying in Barrio Jardin ! - El Campo 6

Hola Familia !

Entonces...just recieved a call from our Zone Leaders, because today is CAMBIOS 

 (transfers) !!!!! Well, as I predicted Hermana Tapia and I will remain companeros in Barrio
My Favorite Hermana Gonzalez
Jardín for the next 6 weeks, and then I get to kill her off! MUAHHAHAHAHAH She´s super excited to go home, maybe a little too excited *cough - trunky - cough*. (trunky=when you´ve already mentally packed your bags and all you can do is talk about home blah blah blah). nahh, its okay if I was in her position I´d be wayy excited too! Anyways, no real big changes within our zone, except for Hna. Gonzalez (my favorite) is leaving BOOOOOO :( But we get to keep our awesome zone leaders, so yay!

Anyways, I´m still riding the emotional high for watching the dedication of the Córdoba, Argentina temple! Coolest thing ever!!!!! Super jealous of my MTC Hnas that probably got to actually go, and will get to go to the temple while they´re serving, but ahhhh the spirit that filled our little stake center was so strong.  I couldn´t stop thinking about how much I took having the Salt Lake City temple and so many other temples within an hour of home. Or worse having the Provo temple literally a block away. We are so incredibly lucky...some of these people having been dedicated members waiting years for a temple to be less than a 15 hour colectivo ride. We are so blessed and need to take advantage of the blessings that the temple has to offer! After the dedication was over, all of us were real nostalgic (does that make sense) for the temple. Mehhhhh I miss it !!! But basically, there couldn´t have been a better reward for SURVIVING MY FIRST TRANSFER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for my mom to call...We finally got to talk on Tuesday.
After lots lots of patience I finally got to talk to my parents on Tuesday night instead of Sunday! Whoop 30 minutes flew by as expected...can´t wait till Christmas he he :)

The song "Rude", by Magic is currently playing here in the Cíber, so that´s really distracting... :(

Oh yeah, so I´m halfway through training! Yeay! It´s kind of terrible sometimes because I really have close to no idea what I´m doing sometimes BUT when you´re in training your pension gets a DVD player to watch all of the ´District Training Videos´ which means....ZUMBA VIDEOS IN THE MORNING FOR EXERCISE. is awesome.

Hermana Jackman and her juicer !! 
I did divisions (splits) in my area for the first time, with Hermana Jackman (who is a newbie like me). It was
so fun, she is serving in Paraguay and right before she crossed the border she bought a juicer. So naturally that night we made juice. But as expected when you only pay 150 peso ($15) for a juicer, I wasn´t too surprised when part of the machine was missing, and juice was spilling everywhere. But the juice was really yummy, so it was okay I was soooo nervous at first that we would get lost, but it was actually really awesome! She is soooo awesome and I hope that we can be companions in the future. The Spirit helped us so much to get through lessons that day and we realized that while our Spanish is bad, it isn't AS BAD as we thought! yeay!

I rolled my ankle on a GIANT rock when we were walking in the dark, and I fell straight to the ground. Haha it hurt really bad and it was SUPER swollen so I was one of those wimpy people hobbling around with an ace wrap. Esta bien, estoy mucho mejor ahora!

Sometimes we have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad, and end up contacting a random house so we can use their bathroom, and then we end up staying to teach! Wooo!

Emmy & Cousin Bellie (pre mission)
All of the little children here watch Disney Jr. and this is really distracting because Sofia the First is ALWAYS on and all I can do is think of Bellie :( and it´s pretty funny because I can understand just about everything they are saying now !

I finally got some DearElders!!!!! So that was awesome! I think my favorite one though was from Gammie, "Sorry Emmy I didn´t answer your phone call when you called from the airport. I I deleted your message because I thought it was a solicitor"....sad haha but kinda funny. I LOVE YOU GAMMIE!

A lot of our investigators still forget our names, but they are always really curious and want to know what our other names are. But then they always either call us by our other names (which is confusing) or they just cant remember our name at don´t NEED to remember???......., I´M WEARING A NAME TAG!!!!!

touching the clouds (me :) on the right)
Sometimes Satan is really mean and tries to convince me that I don´t want to be here. But...that´s just silly because there´s no place else I need to be right now. This week was super long, but I feel I grown a lot and learned so much this week. This work is real and it is an honor to be a part of it. 

BRING IT ON! 1 transfer down, 12 more to go

¡les quiero!

Hermana Cannon

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