Barrio Jardin - Semana 7

Heyyyyy HAPPY ARGENTINA INDEPENDENCIA DAY!!!!!! because it is independence day, there are close to no colectivos running today, which means we had to walk 2-ish miles so that I could write and tell you all how much I love you and passive aggressively complain about how tired I am from walking so far.  Also, this keyboard I´m using as almost all of its letters rubbed off, sooooo we´re just struggling a bit today.
So first off...EVERYONE IS GETTING MARRIED????? Really though, no exaggeration. I don´t really have any comments to make, but thank you everyone for keeping me in the loop. Happily ever afters for everybody!! yeay
minor accomplishments of the week:
I killed 5 bugs/spiders...with my BARE HANDS wooooo hows that for facing my fears. Granted they weren't very big, but still I think that deserves a pat on the back
I finished an entire chapstick and pen without losing them first
Hna. said I woke her up in the middle of the night, because...I WAS SPEAKING SPANISH IN MY SLEEP!!!! Yeay

Food facts to make ya fat :) BUT happy:

1)  In celebration of transfers I tried my hand at baking an Argentine dessert. Pasta Frola (sugar cookie tart thing) and considering the recipe was in Spanish and I dont really know how to cook, it turned out awesome, just a littleeee burnt with the first bath haha. but here´s the recipe:
Pasta Frola

manteca - 100gr
azucar - 250gr
harina - (por ahi) 400gr
huevos - 2
poco de vainilla
Mix it all together, lay it out all fancy in a cooking mold, then bake it for 15 minutes, then dollop dulce de leche in each of the little squares, and sprinkle cookie crumbs on top!!!

2).  Elder Preece and Elder Ollerton made dulce de leche and it must have been really good because they managed to eat the whole kilo in under 24 hours.

leche - kilo
azucar - kilo
mix in pot for 30 minutes TADA!!! This is awesome, because no one uses dulce de leche in the US, until nowwwww! But...its kindof not good for you, so maybe its not a good thing that I know how to make it in large quantities...he he he
3).  Everyone eats their cereal with hot milk and a bit of sugar....why have we never thought this?!?! It makes cereal eating 100 times better!!!!!!
Highlights from the week:
Being silly with Familia Benitez ! :)
The only thing scarier than being chased by a small gang of neighborhood hoodlums (dogs) is being chased by lightening in a rainstorm. yeah...real real fun. Really though the running through the rain is super sketchy because since all of the streets are made of dirt we´re slipping and sliding all over the place, and then since there´s so much humidity my glasses get all foggy, sooooo pretty much I can´t see anything. Hahah it´s honestly hilarious just a little terrifying.  The other super fun thing about rainstorms is when we´re in the middle of a lesson and I literally have to scream "YOU ARE CHILDREN OF GOD AND HE LOVES YOU" !!!!!!!! so that people can hear you over the noise of the rain and thunder. Mother earth is real real strong down here!
The good thing about drunk people is that they always tell the truth. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes the truth hurts. Hermano Ledezmo, one of our menos activas, is always superrrrr drunk whenever we go visit him. He always tell us how nice we look though, so that´s nice of him. But this time instead, he asked "Hermanita Cannon, you´re face is fat!! We need to make sure Hna. Amopola doesn't buy any pan casero today"...thank you for yeah that was sad, but my mommy says my face is cute when I´m chubby so eh what can ya do.
The Spiritual !!!!!
I started reading Jesus the Christ. Woahhhhh it is so awesome and I´m kind of obsessed, but it is super hard to read in ENGLISH and I feel like I need a dictionary to understand the words haha but it is awesome and like 800 pages sooooo it should keep me occupied for a while.

Alma 26:12 is well...everyday of my life here. enough said
When plans falls through, it is because someone else needs to hear our message! Sometimes it sucks when plans A-E fall through, but we´ve been diligent and finding new people to teach because giving up is silly and every moment of our time here is precious !!!
Well I love you all! Have an absolutely fabulous day!
Les quiero

Hermana Cannon

My area - Jardin, Misiones, Posadas

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