El Campo - Semana Tres !

28 April 2015

woahhhh where to start...

The weird stuff:
  • they use frosted flakes, fruit loops, and other cereal type options as toppings for their FROYO?! where are my snickers and mini yogurt chips. sad, i miss Yogurtland!
  • We were on a SUPER crowded colectivo (sort of like a mini bus) after a Zone Meeting. I turn around to see a lady breast feeding. With forced composure I turn around to see the horrified face of Elder Preece. haha pobrecito.
  • I tried matte. And it´s pretty good if you like the taste of freshly watered grass...so basically, its not that good. but esta bien, Argentinians worship the stuff. if you do, you do.
  • POMELO JUICE IS THE BEST THING EVER! Seriously though one of our
    Learning how to make fresh pomelo juice
    investigators always makes it for us, and last time I´m pretty sure we drank a whole gallon. Only problem, he doesn't have a bathroom in his house.... ha ha :) so we we sped walked about a mile back to the pension to relieve ourselves. ohhhh the struggles.!!! :)
  • Speaking of no indoor plumbing. A lot of people here don't have windows or doors or any furniture besides lawn chairs, HOWEVER...... they do have giant flat screen TVs with cable ?????.....I see where your priorities are ha ha  #fùtbol
  • sometimes there are horses just chillin' in the park... weird?! ha ha

Lessons learned & things that occurred this week:
  • So in my district (4 elderes 2 hermanas) 3 of the 6 of us are dying within the next two transfers (which means theýre finishing their missions, they´re not actually dying, obviously ! :)) and there´s a good chance I´ll be staying in Barrio Jardìn for a full 6 months, which is A LOT but I do love the people and there´s so much work to be done with the members here, and there is an obvious reason why they don´t white wash missionaries into this area. (white wash= 2 new missionaries as companions to an area)
  • Being American both helps and hurts. It helps because people usually think its way cool that I´m from super far away and they´ve been taking pitty on me with my castellano. :)  But after they find out I´m an American they suddenly can´t understand a thing I´m saying. interesante. Hmmmmm ???!
  • Sometimes we pass by our investigators and they tell us to come back at 5:00PM, then we come back at 5 and their gates are chained and locked. how rude!! I just walked two miles in honor of YOUR salvation !!! ha ha !  (oh well... at least she's getting good exercise?! ha ha! )
  • Hermano José (our landlord) said my handshake was too manly so we spent a solid 10 minutes correcting that. (This funny.... it's probably from all the bar work in gymnastics! )
  • I had the opportunity to help a member with her math homework, and it turns out teaching advanced fractions in Spanish is harder than Calculus ever was, which is really hard!
  • Found my first COCKROACH, and it was IN THE HOUSE! I know that there´s only more of that to come, sadly. But at least my companion isn´t afraid of any creatures.
    • *Okay but the bad part is, is that my companion, Hermana Tapia loves ALL living things, meaning she wont kill any of the bugs, she just lets them outside, so that they can come in at a later time. por queeeeee !!! ughhhhh !!!
  • I´ve contracted a patch of mosqito bites around my eye and my skin is not adapting very well to the humidity, so basically I´ve been looking SUPER good everyday!  hehehehe

Spiritual stuff:
Dallan H. Oaks spoke to the Resistencia mission this week, and we were able to watch it and interact conference style, SO COOL! He spoke on how we can better be in tune with the Spirit, letting the Spirit guide us and the lessons, how we can be more open to receiving revelation from Heavenly Father, and the importance of the Sabbath Day! It was wayyyyyyy good, and it was in English with a Spanish translator, which was much appreciated for us newbies. So spiritual and so awesome.

I gave a talk this Sunday in Sacrament meeting. Woo that was scary, but it went way well. I talked about faith and how we can strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ. *Alma 32 was my best resource for sure! Anyways the talk was good, and Hna. Tapia corrected all of my grammar beforehand so that I didn´t sound like an illiterate fool, and afterwards Hna. Amopola asked if I´d make her a copy so she could read it to her (SUPER INACTIVE) family! Yay!!!

None, of our investigators came to church which is really sad, but our less-active members are making SO much progress!
Hna Amopola for one has come every week I´ve been here and she will be receiving a calling this week and Elias and Pablo will have their interviews so that they can receive the Aaronic Priesthood and bless/pass the sacrament!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyy so much happy!

Also, my testimony continues to grow exponentially everyday I´m out here. This work is truly humbling and amazing, and I am so incredibly blessed to be out here. The Book of Mormon is true, I started at the beginning again at the MTC and I´m slowly but diligently getting through Alma. LOVE IT!!!! The words are so true. I´m so grateful for this gospel, and I can´t imagine not having it in my life, which is why BEING A MISSIONARY IS SO AWESOME because everyone needs to know HOW AWESOME  IT IS!!!!

I got my first hole in my shoe. This makes me feel cool, like I´m an actual missionary :) roughing it out in the field. It´s kind of sad though, because this means I´m probably going to have to buy new shoes already, and it´s only been three weeks. oops! (told her that was just an excuse to go shopping!  ha!)

Oh also, kinda embarrassing, I found out that I´ve been spelling Ciao wrong for the past 2 months ha ha!! it´s actually Chau.

love you all! Chau

Hermana Cannon

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