5 More days !!!

1 April 2015
"when there's sumthin strage in yo neighborhood, 
who ya gonna call? THE MISSIONARIES!"

Hola! 5 minutes ago we found a mouse in our room, so after that traumatizing event, I can say that I'm REALLY ready to get out of this place. Too bad there will be far worse things than little 5 inch mice running around in Argentina...

Okay. So I have some good news and some bad news. Everyone always likes to hear bad news first so I'll start with that...Friday afternoon at lunch, after I grabbed my food and made my way over to the district table, I was greeted by 10 anxious looking faces, with expressions resembling someone who had just found out someone had died. Great. Finally, Elder Tobler informs me that everyone received travel plans, except for me. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. It was so hard to hear since I know my Visa cleared, but but hopefully my reassignment won't last longer than a transfer...

Kissing goodbye our boys and the MTC :)
As of right now we have 5 DAYS left in the MTC!!!!!!! WOOOOO It has definitely flown by, but at the same time I kind of feel like I was born here? I can't explain it. We have figured out that after a month, we really started to go crazy. I can't even imagine the "olden" days (aka before the age change) when people would be in here for 9 weeks just to learn Spanish! I think Heavenly Father knows we wouldn't last this place. The nights have gotten weirder and crazier as we more frequently stress eat, accompanied with our slow but steady packing. Also, not too sure how I'm going to pack, since Mom did it the first time.

Anyways, nothing too different about the MTC, besides the fact that cereal has become by far the best meal in this place; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With the semester (for normal people) coming to an end, the MTC has been progressively getting crazier. I can not imagine being here in the summer.

So, all we've been doing for the past 5 weeks is role-playing lessons, right? None of it is actually real, right? Well, yesterday Hermana Allen and I taught a kick butt lesson. Well, the Spirit taught a kick butt lesson to Miguel (hermano draut) and the feeling and strength of the Spirit was truly captivating. We just walked away saying, "Why doesn't everyone know about this"?!? *Also, if you have time this week read/listen to "Willing to Submit" by Neal A. Maxwell. Soooo goood!

Sunday temple walks have been amazing, since it's been so warm down here. This week was especially wonderful because we didn't have anything scheduled out, so we stayed up there for a couple hours and just enjoyed not being in the MTC. Really though, it was so fun we (district) just hung out and Hermana Bosse was feeding us Disney quotes and we had to guess which movie they were from. She is incredible and can literally do the voices and sing ALL of the songs to all the the movies, even some I've never even heard of.

Me & Sister Jesse Robinson - Park City pride!
Elder Coburn created his own version of Apples to Apples, and since the entire game is in Spanish, we can justify playing as a district for part of language study. It's mostly just extremely entertaining, because he has the most absurd and obscure words in there, along with all of our names. So much fun.

S/O to Jenna and Lisa Peers and the oldest little Peay girl! I saw the Park City Stake representing us real well for Women's conference! It was way fun getting to see their beautiful faces. Also, I get to see my favorite Russian Sister everyday! Having Sister Robinson here has been like having a little piece of home here with me.

On a slightly more disgusting (mom don't share this if it's too gross) note, I finally shaved my legs since...my farewell? So, I made it 2 months? I had no idea my leg hair could even grow that long...Yeah it was a real unfortunate lifestyle and "granola" is definitely NOT for me.

General Conference is this weekend. We will ALL be watching it together in the big gym. This means NO jammies, no crepes, no blanket forts, which is all very very sad, but supposedly it is THE best place to attend conference, besides actually attending conference, so that's pretty cool.

PLOT TWIST!!!!!! Here's the good news...while I didn't get my travel plans at lunch, they came at DINNER :) So I am in fact leaving for ARGENTINA in 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very excited. They've designated me as travel leader of three other girls going to Posadas, and they're all super nice, so I won't "accidentally" leave one of them behind tehehe. Also, the rest of my district that is going to Argentina has the same exact travel plan so it's just going to be one big party!

Oh, I watched this Health and Safety video for in-field training and let's just say I'm slightly terrified I'm not going to make it back alive, but...I'm sure I'll be fine. Here's a couple of things I learned: 
  • Monkeys are NOT pets (sad face)
  • you can kill e coli at 163 degrees,
  • studies show that after 9 hrs of exposure to bugs with no protection people had over 2400 bug bite (awesome), 
    • with 30% deet they had 100 bites (better), 
    • with permetherin 50 bites (good), 
    • AND with deet and permetherin they had 1 bite! Yes, let's do that.  Thank you Mom who packed me some DEET !
Family photo - District 21

Well, this is my last email from the MTC!!!!! I can't believe how much I've already grown spiritually (and physically...can't wait to get away from this food) and all of the adventures that await me down south! I'm going to miss my district family so much, we have grown so close and these are some of the best friends I've ever made. Thank goodness half of them will be at BYU/in Utah after the mission.

AHHHHH 5 MORE DAYS!!!!! Kay bye.

Te Amo, Ciao

Hermana Cannon

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