El Campo Semana Dos !

21 April 2015

You know you´re living in a 3rd world country when...the city´s water supply gets shut off, and you have no water for two days. What is the solution to this problem?
1. pray
2. take a bird bath with ´wet ones´ wipes and 
3. go find the nearest neighbor who has a well in their backyard

Okay...so a couple things...sorry about being so scrambled last week, I don´t know if any of my letters made sense or the things that I even said, holy smokes the past 2 weeks have been insane. I still haven´t quite figured out an efficient system in which to spend my 60 stressful minutes online, but I´m definitely beginning to get my bearings. In which case, if I don´t get back to you for a couple weeks it is NOT because you´re not important, because you are, and everyone´s support means so much to me. So keep sending your love and I will eventually send some back your way too!

Something super happy is that...I CAN RECIEVE DEAR ELDERS!!!!!!!! Of course they can´t be the delicious Kripspy Kreme DearElder packages, but they can print them off at the mission office and since my area is super close to the mission office I´ll be receiving mail weekly!!! Woooo! Also, the mailing system here isn't as questionable as we thought. NO POUCH MAIL, NORMAL MAIL!!! In which case, since I only have an hour each week, I would love to reinstate the practice of "snail mail" so that I can spend more time responding (just send to the address on my blog) YAYAY Also, the whole "do not send packages" thing, is also a lie!

So now that I´ve been in the field for over a week I can appropriately evaluate my new world...
  • Three words to describe my area:   hot, humid, and a lot of bugs
  • Three words to describe Argentina: futbol, siestas, and matte (really though they don´t do much else) *Mom make sure that you´re bleeping stuff out if its inappropriate or offensive
  • Fun facts. week old puppies look like naked mole rats
    milk in a bag, Frosted Flakes & peanut butter

  • Argentinian's have their milk in bags or in unrefrigerated boxes (not sure how that works)
  • cold showers are not refreshing, they´re just cold
  • some minor victories: 
    • I can make audible noises with both hands doing the finger snapping thin (if you know what I´m talking about then you know that this is an accomplishment, if you don´t then ask a return missionary), 
    • I split an apple with my bare hands!! (I knew all those work outs on the bars would come in handy?!) , and 
    • I still have yet to see a cockroach (which even President LaPierre was impressed with that ! :)).
From last week...All of my menos activa (less active) DID end up showing up to church, they were just all late, so that was happy...and then this past Sunday they were ALL on time so, yay good for them! We´re continuing to have a lot of progress with the Barrio Jardin (Jardin Ward), and it´s really great to see the members getting involved with the missionary work as well. I never realized how great an impact the members have in the conversion of investigators. I know I definitely didn´t do my part before.

The past week has been a bit frustrating at times, but definitely manageable as far as the language goes. What I realized is that when I´m having a really hard time I just need to speak some English and eat chocolate, and the world is suddenly a much better place. Last week I got to go on divisions (splits) with a Sister from the states so 24 hours with her was pretty much Q&A about the mission and it lowered my stress levels and moved me from the reddish zone to the green zone. happy :).

I´m honestly 100% grateful for Hna. Tapia, she´s easily the worlds best trainer. I´m learning so much everyday, and I know that because of her, I will be a better missionary.
Spanish and Guarani Book of Mormons... too much to know!
Can´t remember if I got the chance to mention this last week but the 3 languages thing. Very very real. Gratefully, I don´t have to deal with it in my area just yet, but once you go into an area in Paraguay they all just speak a mixture of Guarani, Portuguese, and Spanish. So that´ll be fun. Also, I heard there´s more bugs over there. Bleh. BUT they do have blenders and microwaves in their apts so that´s cool!

I am among the few that are blessed with the amazing opportunity to have
  • 3 languages
  • 2 countries
  • 1 God (our mission slogan trumps all muahahah)

My feet hurt a lot, actually my entire body hurts and I´m ridiculously tired everyday, but it´s actually kind of an awesome feeling when we think about all the mileage and people we´re were able to talk to. This work is AWESOME!
I still haven´t thrown up yet, or gotten sick in any other form which is really great! I´m thinking that can be attributed to my handy dandy water filtration bottle and that the only water that I´ve drank has been that of the tiny sacrament cups (which is obviously unavoidable)

OH MY GOODNESS the rain storms here an INSANE!!!!!!!! That´s about all I can say about that, I haven´t quite found a good way to explain it, yet. Also, because of the amount of rain, and the fact that all the streets are made of dirt there´s A LOT of mud, or barro.
Something funny. The first day it rained hard, and we went outside I came making screeching noises and crying out "BLEHH BORRO, MUCHO BORRO" as my foot sunk into a pile of mud. Hna. Tapia would just stand there and laugh at me...after hours of doing this she finally informed me, that BARRO means mud, and BORRO means Marijuana. So...I was basically I was complaining that there was too much Marijuana. Which, there is a solid amount of Marijuana, but that wasn´t quite what I was going for.  Ha ha !

Well, tata for now. See y´all next week


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