Barrio Jardin 13

6 July 2015

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!!!!!!

On Saturday we celebrated our beloved Independence day by wearing red, white, and blue. Then later, we had to cover up our red, because people were accusing us of supporting Chile in the COPA AMERICA partido contra Argentina that was that night. hehehe. Yeah Argentina lost, so that was a let down.

Got 2 packages from DAD!!!!! But, of course I'm saving them till the 21st! :) *cough my birthday cough*

Ice Cream night with the trio
Last Monday-Thursday I was in a trio with Hna Garcia and Hna. Johnson while we waited for cambios to go into effect. Hna Johnson was preparing to head up to Ciudad del Este and Hna Garcia was waiting for her second daughter to arrive from America! It was pretty fun, but its kinda hard to teach lessons with 3 people.

They helped me clean out the pension before Hna. Simmons arrived which was good, because was really bad...and thats all I will share about that...

So thursday morning finally came and we all headed over to the terminal and everyone was either waiting to leave to go to Paraguay or waiting to reciever a comp from Paraguay. It was so awesome because I got to say goodbye to some of my favorite people, meet new people, and run into HNA JACKMAN, who brought me PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!!!!! it was a very good day

Oh yeah, so I´m NOT in TRAINING anymore!!!!!! Still dont really know what Im doing, but that okay, because Hna. Simmons is suppppperrrrrr old on the mission. THANK GOODNESS the rumors were true, HERMANA SIMMONS IS FABULOUS!!!!  Some fun facts about Hna. Simmons: she is one of 6 kids, from Meridian, ID, went to BYU before the mish and was studying English teaching, she loves to read, her favorite food is ice cream and.....she's all together just really great, and now I´m a really happy missionary. The only
Me & Hermana Simmons
bad news is...SHES DYING THIS TRANSFER!!!!! Yep. We were at Church on Sunday and everyone was meeting Hna, and when E. Villarroel (de Buenos Aires) found our that she dies this traslado, he just looked at me and micheviously said, "sister killer". thank you.

Nah, its really okay though because Hna. S really is great! And she still has soooooo much energy and together we have set some pretty good goals and dreams that we are going to accomplish during these 6 weeks and I´m so excited!

The Elders finally brought us their extra calefactor for our pension so we don't have to sleep with like 8 layers of clothes anymore, which is really great and then we found ANOTHER calefactor hiding next to the fridge, oops! hehe. So now we have two :)

Lastly, we have a new Elder in our Zone who just came in from an area in Paraguay and I found out that before his mission he was a personal trainer. Entonces...we´re all supposed to come to zone meeting with questions and goals that we have and he will be making custom diet and exercise plans for everyone. WHAT?!? yeah so with that and the fact that I have another dying comp that doesn't want to go home fat, I will be taking real good care of myself this transfer, hopefully :)

That's all for this week, nothing too scary, gross, or hilarious to note. As useful I'm so so so grateful for every day that I have here in the mission. This work is real and I'm so blessed to see the hand of God change the lives of these people and mine every day!!! Love love love you all!!! Have a good week!


Te Quiero,


Hermana Cannon

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