Welcome to the MTC - Surviving Week One


Life here is hard.  The MTC is a crazy place, but I've finally figured it out! It's a cross between EFY, freshman year, finals week, and Spanish class.
EFY: because this is clearly just a super intensive church camp, with exactly 403 rules.
Freshman year: because everyday invites random hellos with 30 second conversations with friendly people of whom which you'll probably never see again.  'The Residence' or dorms are 100% the same size as Helaman Halls, except there are 6 beds per room instead of 2.  Of course it never feels crowded since we spend approximately 10 hours in quarters and 8 of those hours are for sleeping.
Finals week: because on average we study 10 hours a day.  It is intensive, completely focused study with ZERO distractions.  I AM GOING TO BE SO GOOD AT SCHOOL WHEN I GET HOME!  But anyway, its like cramming 3 years of material into 6 weeks.  
and Spanish Class because that all we do !  My companion and I tested into the intermediate class which has been sooooooo hard.  The only way to describe it is that it's like drinking from a fire hose. I seriously wish I could leave today for Argentina.  I honestly know enough spanish to survive, but sadly I'm definitely not yet prepared and I'm going to need every ounce of training I can get in before I ship off on April 6th!!!!

Check out ma-cool name tag !
This has been the LONGEST week of my entire life.  I feel like I've been here for at least a month, not one week.  The days are all the same: we...study, eat, exercise, sleep.  So...its kind of like jail.  But everyone is super nice, so happy jail!

I adore all of the sisters in my district and zone.  My companion is the BOMB!  She is everything that I needed! She is better than me in every aspect and with her help I will be able to slowly grow into the missionary I want to be.  She will be serving in the San Diego, CA mission at the Mormon Battalion visitors center, also speaking spanish, which is so legit because she gets to dress up like a pioneer.  Anyways, Sister Allen is amazing and the best companion I could've hoped for.  I decided however, the numero uno reason she was sent to me was because she is NOT lazy.  We get up early every morning and go to the exercise class at 6am!  We try to only speak spanish, and we're doing our best to follow everything with exact obedience.

The environment here is honestly so bizarre though.  I am back in a world where I'm learning to say things like, "This is my shoe", we practice the buddy system 24/7, and boys once again have cooties.  Also, it always feels like 2:00 AM in the morning.  We go through waves of being exhausted, to being starving, to being hyperactive.  I can already tell that I'm going to be super weird when I get home...

Maligayang pabati and Buen Suerte mi amiga!
(Tagalog & spanish for best wishes and good luck
my friend!)

Being inside so much of the day is driving me insane.  Thankfully its been pretty gloomy outside lately, so it hasn't been too tragic.  The worst part about this place is definitely how close to BYU Campus it is.  In the gymnasium, upstairs, on the track there is a window that looks directly towards the Hinkley Bell tower, and the SWKT.  Knowing that my friends are less than a block away is pure torture.  However, I did get to see Sister Sheffield who is headed to Cambodia, Sister May and Sister Allegretti who are headed to the Philippines, AND Isabella came and visited us all on Friday, so basically it was a Freshman year - Stover Hall reunion! It was exactly what I needed to realize how homesick I already was/am.

The hardest part about this last week, was realizing how truly incompetent I am as a person, and how I am nothing without God.  On the plus side, I know that with Him on my side I can accomplish anything.  This work is real, I can feel it in every part of my being as I preach to our "pseudo" investigators in a language that I can barely express myself with.  I love my mission and my calling to serve the Lord and the people of Argentina.

DearElders have been what has been keeping me going this week so thank you to those who sent them. I LOVE YOU! Seriously, mail is the most coveted thing here and now that I'm in the shoes of a missionary, I absolutely despise myself for not having been a better letter writer, in the past to all of my friends who are currently serving.  So...send me love at DearElder.com! :D

I could honestly write a book about all of the happening of this week, but it wouldn't even come close to the reality of this abstract lifestyle.  So basically, I'm alive, getting 8 hours of sleep, working my butt off, and completely being shaped by the Lord's hand for a purpose that I never knew was in my cards.  I can not wait to find out what these 18 months have in store for me.

Te Amo! Ciao!
Hermana Cannon :)

PS don't judge for my poor grammer and choppiness, my English is slowly deteriorating haha so now I'm about 25% lingual in each language.  Adios!



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