MTC - Woo Woo! End of Week 2

Those late night cravings though!
So, today marks day 15 in the compound, and we're pretty much old pros, but not really. But, we know all the shortcuts, which food to eat and which to avoid, and the best times to shower (the MOST important!).

I wouldn't say that the MTC is growing on me, but I'm more accepting of the fact that I'll have to be here for another month.  Sidenote: Haley Roberts left for Singapore yesterday, and we came in to the MTC on the same day.  Perks of speaking English, I suppose.  Everyday my testimony of the gospel and this work grows more and more, and my spanish is notably getting better, little by little.  Now it feels like we're rafting down a treacherous river instead of going over niagara Falls in a paper bag.

yesss, so productive during personal study !
Of course I'm not where I'd like to be at with the language or with my ability to teach the lessons, but as I've been
studying and preparing for each lesson, the Spirit is with us, and even if its in a really round about way, I'm able to, slowly, express myself and my message

So...the only good thing to eat here turns out to be the desserts, which is not good at all.  Yikes. I've recently discovered though, that the custom wrap/salad bar is rather quite delicious.  Since eating leafy greens abroad isn't the best idea I think I'll try and fill up on my salad fix here in the MTCto cover my next 18 months.  Also, I've had Hermana Allen start limiting me to one dessert a day, which hopefully should help the problem.

Because we're so tired at the end of the day, I've been getting THE BEST SLEEP IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, accompanied with some very interesting and detailed dreams.  Dad said that soon enough I'll be dreaming in Spanish, so basically I'll be starring in my very own Telenovela series!  Woo Hoo :)

Feelin' so fancy with my cool flip phone!
Hermana Allen and I have been assigned to be Sister Training Leaders of our zone, which basically means that we get to deal with everyone's emotional problems, and prevent cat fights from breaking out.  Oh, and we get a genuine flip-phone! Don't get too excited though because:
1). we don't know the number
2). the entire thing is password locked and
3). it only calls the front desk, not even 911. pretty much is useless, but maybe we can scheme and get some Domino's pizza up in here.  Probably not, but it's fine.

So the Zone Leadership positions were all reassigned because the other district left.  Saying goodbye to them was pretty hard, because we realized that we'd probably never see most of them ever again. Sidenote: we had a certain Hermana Nordfelt, who was in fact LARS NORDFELT'S,, DAUGHTER! small world!!!! (Lars Nordfelt was Emily's AP Calculus teacher from High School)

Anywhoo, on the last night we were all together I said the last zone prayer, and after everyone was crying and it was super depressing.  Hermana Walters said something funny and I burst out laughing and SPIT right into Hermana Pula's eye. Oops.  Everyone was laughing so hard, the sad part is, is that nothing is ever really that funny, but it's always funny just because we're always so tired.

Wanna hear something completely bizarre, awkward, and uncomfortable?  So I totally managed to get a stalker, within the first 10 days of being here.  Just to set this story up, in the cafeteria you only sit with your district, and you don't really ever talk to anyone else.  So we're all together sitting at our district table, and this guy who looks familiar sits down across from me makes some small talk, which should be totally normal because everyone is super nice here.  But then he says, "Soooo... I leave tomorrow and I'd really like to keep in touch".  Wait what? I look around, and I'm completely alone, not even my companion is there, and I'm sitting there wide-eyed and completely shocked. "So can I have your email"  I didn't even know what to say, I was so confused on what was happening.  I quickly scratched my email address down, at least I had enough brain power left to spell my name incorrectly.

Seriously that was the most unexpected encounter at the MTC so far, and everyone keeps bringing it up and making fun of me for it.  You're NOT supposed to get hit on at the MTC!! The boys even told Hermano Draut once we got back to the classroom and they kept laughing and asking me, "Hermana Cannon, una coqueteadora??" It took me a solid 10 minutes to figure out that he was asking if I was a flirt! Flirting and being friendly are NOT the same thing. blehhh.  (Mom's question..... well was he at least cute?!" ha ha.  That's my cute Sis oh well !)

On a more important note, Elder Cook (one of the twelve apostles) came to speak to us at the devotional last night! They did a live broadcast to all the 49 MTC's all over the world, it was amazing! He talked about the process of how we get our mission calls and how we have truly been chosen by God to go to wherever we are assigned.  First, our headshot photo and information is up on a big screen, and next to it is a map of all of the different missions around the world.  He said immediately he would get a feeling that this person needed to get sent to a certain mission for the mission president, people, or the language.  Such a cool spiritual and very calculated process, and I truly believe that I'm meant to serve in Posadas, Argentina for all of those reasons.

Thank you so much for all the DearElders, letters, package, especially to Mom who writes everyday, I know that they will be my most prized possessions when I'm sad and lonely in the mission field. Kay, but S/O to Wade & Katie Peabody who sent the box of KrispyKremes! Mondays are THE WORST, and you guys made it 100X better!

Till next week :)
Te Amo,

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