44 days till takeoff

A little more than a month till I depart, and it can't come soon enough, but it probably shouldn't come too soon since I've barely cracked open Preach my Gospel, haven't been studying the Book of Mormon, and can barely stand the idea of wearing garments.

It's really weird not being in school, and not being down in Provo with all of my friends, which just really makes me want to leave NOWWW

As much as I love the male species, my 'pre-mission' self feels much more comfortable staying at a safe distance from them. And that is all I am going to say on the matter...

Shopping for clothing as a sister missionary has been one of the more arduous of the preparation steps, as my mom and I have done everything in our power to avoid any ounce of frumpy attire.  I have to say, we've have done a stellar job, and almost too good in the footwear department as currently there are 10 pairs of shoes I wish to take; only…7 pairs more than the suggested number.  But in reality, I'd say it's insane progress breaking away from the 50+ pairs that inhabit my closet.

Five concerns about the mission:

-public restrooms or the lack thereof
-the water
-fighting the fat and the frump
-ROUS (rodents of unusual size) or spiders, cockroaches, etc. 
-worms in my feet; ever since Wyatt told me about the parasites that his brother got on his mission.  His brother told him that not only could he have a feeling of something crawling in his feet, but he could SEE WORMS CRAWLING UNDERNEATH HIS SKIN! Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. I've decided this would be my biggest fear and I would quite possibly lose my mind if that happened to me.

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